Hey, welcome to the new place. Why has LeBlog moved to a new place? Well the old place up and died, just stopped working. I’m not 100% sure what happen to LeBlogDuRob.com. All I know is that it died a tragic and unexpected death.

Why did LeBlogDuRob die? To be honest I don’t really know, but here is what I figure happened; LeBlog was initially set up by a 3rd party. They signed up for the domain, they designed the site and then they gave me free reign. This third party was planning on making money from advertising and stuff from the blog. However, the business plan based on trying to make money off modestly visited, niche blogs didn’t really pan out, and these 3rd party folk quickly lost interest and moved on to some other venture…

Eventually it came time to renew the domain address, but the third party had all the technical stuff and probably got all the correspondence from the site host. Obviously it was never renewed, and eventually leBlog went into default and everything got erased.

That’s my theory anyways. There is a good chance that I am completely wrong and some other internet phenomenon caused the demise of my beloved blog.

 RIP LeBlogDuRob, I’m really gonna miss that place, also pretty bummed that 116 blog posts are gone! Now I know how Romans felt after the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Oh well, so that brings us to now, and that brings us to the new home; LeBlogDuRob2. Sequels are rarely as good as the original, but maybe we’ll get lucky and have our own Godfather2 here.

That’s that. Let’s get going.

Quick update on my goings on. Slowly but surly I’m getting back into the running grind. My hamstrings are still fairly useless. I am taking it fairly easy and easing into things. My volume is pretty decent, but I am being cautious when it comes to quality work. I’m gonna be posting my training here at LeBlog2, just click the link up there at the top to see what I have been up to. I reckon it will be quite uninteresting until the new year. Come 2015 it’ll be time to get sexy again, all systems go as the attack the Olympic qualifying begins.

Something that I am kinda stoked about is a new PodCast thing that one of my oldest buddies and I started. You can check it out here; PodCast

This PodCast came to be after a bunch of beer and mutual boredom. Eric is really good at the radio and media stuff, and I am kinda a specialist in this running game. We basically just combined forces and created this fun little DIY PodCast. If ya have 30min or so. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Ok, so that there is a little update. I’ll get after a proper blog next week.

Thanks Dudes.


Jan 2015


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  1. Lisa says:

    Hey Rob, if you subscribe to your blog in an RSS reader like Feedly you can view old posts and stories and all your posts come up as archived there. Hopefully that will work for you to rerread those magic moments:) Those were pure gold:) Welcome back and great to read about your hammies holding up!

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