Tuesday was a big day folks, for the 1st time in 6wks I attempted to do some fast running. The last time I ran fast was at about km 22 of the Toronto Marathon. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive as I jumped into a fartlek workout with Dylan Wykes.

I usually don’t get anxious before workouts, but man I was stressing before this one. I was scared that my hamstrings would fail me, and I was nervous that my fitness would be non-existent. Essentially I was just really scared of sucking. I am lacking running confidence right now, I really wanna stop being slow and get fast again. I haven’t had this much pre-run anxiety for a long time. I almost took a dive and chickened out last minute.

We met out in Richmond and jumped on the dyke. The dyke is flat and soft, not a bad place to ease back into things. We did an easy 5km warm-up jog, to be honest the pace felt a little quick, but I was committed at this point. The goal was simple, just get 20min worth of hard running in the legs. No sucking out allowed. I used to be a pretty tough bastard, easily an 8 out of 10 in my ability to suffer and grind. Last year that dropped to a 5 at best. I am currently a fairly large wimp and I have become accustomed to sucking out, it’s embarrassing.

We started the 1st interval, a 6min pickup. I really had no idea what to expect, I was just hoping to keep Dylan close and not to blow up. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to fall into stride with DW, and just let the running flow. We finished up that 6minuter with minimal damage done.

We jogged a little rest and then got into a 2minuter followed by a 1minuter, the pace was a bit quicker, but my stride felt alright. The 1st set was complete and I was feeling pretty happy.

Set 2 started with a 5minuter. Dylan got off the line a bit quicker on this one, and by the 2nd minute things were getting burny. Pride was quickly swallowed as the 2:10man ran away. I just focused on relaxing and letting my stride flow. That 5minuter hurt, not gonna lie. Couple minute jog, 2minuter and a 1minuter. 2nd set complete, damage had been done. I was drooling a bit.

I was still breathing hard and in some discomfort as we started the 3rd set. 4minuter, my last interval. I tried to get stuck in and finish it up strong. I looked at my watch when it first started to hurt…54sec. Oh man. I definitely ran harder than I should have for a simple farlek run. I finished up that 4min with hands on knees and a foggy head.

21min should not be that hard, but Eff it man, gotta start somewhere. My hamstrings felt fine, my stride felt smooth and I had fun out there.

There we go my friends, the comeback has begun. We’ll build on that 21minutes, nowhere to go but up. 2014 was a disaster. 2015 is gonna be fun. I can’t wait.

Quick shout out to all those whom busted balls at Natties XC last weekend. Props to Chris Winter for a brilliant run for the win, Great job buddy.

Be good folks.


Jan 2015


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