This post is essentially just going to be a training update. I wrote an actual post with original content and such last week, buuut I am really dumb and I managed to erase it. I was pretty enraged over this. I said a bunch of swear words and spent a good 30min pouting about. It was pathetic.

I’ve been in Virginia for four weeks now and things really couldn’t be going much better. Pete and Kristen have been amazing (as always), the dogs have been manageable, and I have myself a great group of guys to run with- My man Sean K. is a pretty gnarly training partner, dude is a 13:38 5000m guy and he just recently ran a 62:50 in his half marathon debut. He is getting ready to drop a sick 10,000m here soon, thus I have no shame in getting hammered by him out there on the trails. There is also a great group of Uni kids kicking about, shout out to Zach H. for dropping a very nice 29:08 10,000 at Stanford- I’ve been chasing him around a whole lot as well, dude is quite fit he’ll go 28:40 next time out.

I have gotten my off track situation sorted pretty well as well. Pete managed to score me a free membership to the student rec center (eyes down Watson, those girls are only 20yrs old!) and I am back on my stretch therapy routine with Robin at TruPilates. I love the stretch therapy, it’s so good for my hips and hammies. I’ve also enlisted the help of this dude named Getty to help me work through the little aches and pains that are bound to pop up during this cycle. Getty is trained in Airrosti- a tremendously uncomfortable, yet very effective form of treatment. Between him and Robin the body is feeling pretty good. Getty is also a big Manchester United fan which is a plus, I don’t think I could let a Liverpool supporter work on me, can’t trust em!

Team Watson 2015.

Team Watson 2015.

My initial goal when I got here was to simply survive the first 3week block. Upon my arrival I was not very fit at all, we kinda just adopted a “Throw Caution to the Wind” training approach and gave’r hell from the get go. Not gonna lie, that first 3weeks was a grind! I spent, most my time chasing the crew around whilst trying to force some fitness to come about. At first I was fairly useless- I blew up in literally every workout! I would start with the crew and try to get stuck in, eventually I would crumble, but not before getting in some quality work and experiencing a good amount of suffering- I gotta re-learn the fine art of the suffer, the ability to suffer is one of a marathoners most important skills.

Finally though as the end of that 1st block approached I started to feel my legs waking up and I started feeling like a real runner again. I am not killing it on the stop watch yet, but I can feel the fitness developing and this excites me greatly.  I am friggen stoked to get into the meat of this marathon build-up. Onward to Ottawa! (did I mention that I am doing the Ottawa Marathon on May 24th? Well yeah, that’s the plan!)

Last 3weeks Training;

March 16-22

Monday; am easy 6mile shakout

Pm: Fartlek; 7miles of 3min on, 1 off. Felt good through 3miles, decent through 5, then struggled last 2miles. 37:15 for the loop. Decent session, 13miles total @ Keene.

Tuesday; am easy 7miles followed by 1hr of stretch therapy

Pm 12miles in 1hr18, felt alright. 20min plank routine after.

Wednesday; am easy 6mile jog, 40:00.

Pm; 11miles w/ 2miles of straight/curves in the middle. 2mile in 10:20 (5:10, 5:10) kinda stung!

Thursday; 17miler, was supposed to be a progression, managed to progress a bit, but man I felt kinda shitty today. Ran at PineyRiver, it’s hard to run fast out here (soft) did 13.5 before getting dropped by the group, backed off and reloaded, ran another mile hard…and then blew up for good! 1:45total, got in about 6miles @ 5:30ish.

Friday; am; 9miles on treadmill, legs were kinda achy so hit the ole’ mill. Trying to get the volume up- I’m gonna use the treadmill to help in that process, it’s so soft and relaxing!

Pm; 65min, nice gentle 10miler. Legs felt better!

Saturday; am hour easy, nice 9 nothing much to report here.

Pm; 11miles, again, fairly uneventful.

Sunday; 1hr38, just one run today. 15around town and some drills/strides at the track.

Week; Solid week. Not a whole lot of quality, focusing on getting the volume up to a proper marathon training level and getting the legs accustomed to all that pounding. Managed to hit 125, which is a good start. Next week we get sexy again!

March 23-29

Monday; Big sexy track session. 3xmile (200m jog rest)/2mile jog/ 10x500m (100m jog rest)/1mile jog/ 2x1000m (400m jog rest); 4:39 (61) 4:38 (64) 4:41 (ouch!)/ avg 88-89 and 28-30 for rest/ 2:57 (2:02) 2:57. Good hard session! Was redlining pretty hard, tipped on mile 3 & after 500 #5 (took 400m jog). 1000’s were good- legs were jello! 18mile session after all was said and done.

Tuesday; am easy 8miles at riverview, legs were pretty blah.

Pm; 10miles, 1:06 legs felt better.

Wednesday; am 14miles at keene, 2 looper, start chill then workdown a bit. 5:50 by end of loop one, 5:30 avg for loop 2. 1:23 total time. Felt pretty good!

Pm; easy 7mile treadmill roll. 45min

Thursday; nice little 7mile morning jog, felt good.

Pm; 13miles 1:26. Last two miles I was dragging ass

Friday; 12miles w/2miles straights/curves; 9:56-458, 4:58. That is a tricky little 10min, gets quite uncomfortable.

Pm; 9miles on treadmill, 60min

Saturday; am 92min around Washington DC, such a cool city! Love this place, so much history. 14miles.

Sunday; Long run w/ Progression, 11miles chill then 6mile cutdown on the track; 5:21. 5:19, 5:13, 5:10, 5:05, 4:52. 3mile cooldown. That was awesome! Very happy with how that went, smooth and controlled on the track, last 800m got kinda hard. So much better than 3wks ago. Progress! Survived the first block! Pretty knackered now though. Looking forward to a few chill days coming up.

Week; Great week to finish up the 1st block, some solid workouts and good volume-132miles. Good stuff, body is coming around and mind is happy.


Rolling a 6mile cut-down on the end of a long run.


March 30- April 5

Monday; 8miles, 54min. That’s it, that’s all for today. Couple easy days here to let the work settle in the legs.

Tuesday; 67min, nice little 10mile jaunt.

Wednesday; 11miles w/10x30sec strides worked in. 72min

Thursday; 72min, 11miles. Well those 4easy days were very nice. Back to work tomorrow!

Friday; 6mile tempo+ 4xMile, @ riverview park. 6miler-30:00 (10min rest) 4xMile (800m jog rest) 4:41, 4:41, 4:41, 4:44. Good session. 6miler was harder than I woulda liked, but was happy with how the miles went, although my life did come crashing down the last 800m of mile 4, ouch! Good effort today. Rolled w/Sean, Trevor and Thomas. 16miles total

Pm 4m; 46min treadmill shakeout

Saturday; 8miles, 53min. Legs were tired

Pm; 12miles 1hr19, legs were tired.

Sunday; Early 8miler before watching the soccer game. ManUtd won again, they are playing great right now. Top4 is looking very possible.

Pm; 12miler, went exploring up to ragged mountain reservoir, very good run, quite hilly though.

Week; Started with 4nice relaxing days and then hammered a really good session. Good week-Block 2 has begun! 103miles.

Apr 2015


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  1. Chris says:

    Hey Rob – that’s some serious work. Just curious if you have any real down time planned between now and your Ottawa taper. Although you had four “so called easy” days, you still ran 100 miles and had a hammering workout in your down week. Any bigger rest weeks planned or is that as easy as it’s gonna get? Just curious. Take care.

    • rob says:

      hey Chris,Thanks for the question; Those little 4day rests are as much all we will take before the taper. We are pretty full on the next 5weeks.


  2. fandurob says:

    Sissy Inlaw hooking you up with her friends yet? yoga class friends are best.

    • rob says:

      haha, she tries man. I have put the kibosh on that and have grown a really gross scraggly beard to ward off all females- it’s time to train!

  3. dean says:

    Nice to read that you are back at it. These updates are excellent and you fill them with real info as to how hard you are working and how you are really feeling and that is very interesting.

    Keep it up, keep happy, be ready.

    dean (guelph)

  4. Drew says:

    Amazing work, very impressive running. I always wonder how the true elites train so thanks for sharing.
    All the best for the rest of your build up.
    Drew ( whitby)

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