Hey everybody, let’s talk about running. Where shall we begin? Oh I know. How about that Eric Spence eh? Some of you may not know who Eric Spence is, so let me introduce him; Spence is pretty much my best bud. Okay, so that covers that. Why is Eric so special? Well Eric ran his 1st ever road race this past weekend at the Toronto Yonge St. 10km, and he was quite brilliant.

Spence and I started doing a running PodCast this past year and as part of it Eric agreed to train for a 10km road race. Eric has never been much of a runner. He is more of a drinker/floor hockey type. Under the guidance of Dylan Wykes, and his Mile2Marathon training program Eric started chipping away at this running thing. He managed to make it through the truly horrible Toronto winter as his fitness slowly but surely began to take form. This past weekend was the big test; Eric had his big debut race- He friggen smashed it! Dude ran 43:20! In his first race ever! Needless to say I was fairly shocked, and super pumped. I am very proud of my buddy, that run really made my week.

Our hero triumphantly displays his well earned finishers medal

Our hero triumphantly displays his well earned finishers medal

As for myself, I’m just stuck into this training camp pretty good. I ran me a 10,000m race on the track this past weekend. Pete and I figured it’d be good to get in a solid race effort to see how the fitness is coming around. I laced up the ole’ NB’s and gave it a go at the UVA Challenege (brilliant meet by the way- Justyn Knight, don’t even get me started on that guy, calling it now- We’ll see him in Rio) . I was pretty nervous before the race, I hadn’t run a track race since 2010 and I really didn’t know how the legs would feel after hitting 150miles the previous week. It was a beautiful night, there was a great group of guys to run with, and it ended up going pretty well as I rolled 29:27. Not amazing, but I can definitely live with that.

the 10,000m crew. Great group of dudes, lots of PB's on Saturday night!

the 10,000m crew. Great group of dudes, lots of PB’s on Saturday night!

5weeks until the Ottawa Marathon and it is all good folks! I am in substantially better shape than I was last year at this time and the body is really coming around. Next up is the BMO Vancouver ½ marathon on may 3rd. Ok, let’s get to the training log;

Last two weeks;

April 6-12

Mon- 11miles w/ 2miles straights/curves, 9:50 (4:51, 4:59) ran too hard that first mile and kinda blew up. Who blows up in a 2mile workout!?  Stride feeling good though, legs are coming around.

Pm. Easy hour. 9miles.

Tues- Workout; 10mile on the road, cutting down to a bit under 6:00min/mile pace. Right onto the track for a 6mile tempo; 30:41(5:10, 5:09, 5:09, 5:09, 5:03, 5:01). 10min jog then 3xmile (800m jog) 4:44, 4:45, 4:43. 3mile cool down. Pretty good session! A lot of good work done here. Tempo felt controlled, but that 3xmile on the end was gnarly- Legs were pretty fried by that point. Nice having the UVA kids for the tempo & Sean was great to follow on the miles. 23miles total.

Wed- 10.5miles easy on the treadmill. Doing a thing where after a hard session I’ll just jump on the treadmill for my next run-less pounding and also flat (Charlottesville is hilly as balls!). Hoping that saves the legs a bit.

Pm. 10.5 easy with the dudes down at riverview park.

Thurs- 8miles chill

Pm 13miles nice and relaxed, legs feel pretty good.

Fri- 14miles w/ 12x100m strides. w/UVA.

Pm. 8miles nice and chill-got caught in a big ass rainstorm!

Sat-Workout; 3mile warm-up, 3xmile (800m jog) 4:32, 4:31, 4:30/ 12x500m (100m jog) avg 86-87, had to take a longer rest after #7 to avoid blowing up. Great session, legs felt really good on the miles, 500’s stung pretty good. w/UVA. 15mile total.

Pm. 7miles on treadmill

Sun- easy 8 before watching ManUtd destroy City!

Pm. Nice 13 to celebrate ManUtd destroying city!

Week; 150miles. Awesome week, got in some really good work. Solid volume and also some good quality sessions. Nice.

April 13-19

Mon- Workout; steady 16miles @ Keene (nice rolling 7mile loop, fairly challenging) 2miles chill to get into it and then started progressing, down to 5:20/mile by mile 7 and held I there for rest of run. 1:29:50 for 16, last 10 in 53ish. Good run, legs were pretty heavy from the start but was able to find good rhythm.

Pm, 7 easy on the treadmill.

Tues. am. Gentle 8mile run- my legs are tired.

Pm. 12miles, again, tired legs. Gonna take a few chill days before this race. I don’t wanna suck.

Wed. Just one run today-73min for 11miles. Felt better.

Thurs. 13miles w/8x200m thrown in. 200’s in 31-32 (200m jog rest) felt quite good, nice and relaxed.

Fri. easy 8miles

Pm. 6chill. Ok, feeling lazy, time to get back at it.

Sat. am easy 5miles shakeout

Race! 10,000m @ UVA Challenge, 29:27 (5th) 14:39/14:48. Felt decent, 2:56km felt super chill, but had no gears or any sort of pop in the legs, just settled in and rolled. Tried to roll the last km but as soon as I tried to pick up the pace I blew up! That last km was lame. 20min jog then 2xmile (400m jog rest) 4:46, 4:45- Felt pretty good. 17 miles on the evening.

Sun. am. 8miles on the treadmill. Felt fine.

Pm. 13miles-eff this run! Legs were sore as balls and it poured rain the entire time, least favourite run in a while.

Week; 124miles. Another good week. Needed to take a few chill days in the middle because I was starting to redline the training a bit. Helped quite a bit and was able to give it a solid effort for the race. This time last year I only managed a 30:30 10km, so fitness is obviously much better! Onward!

Apr 2015


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  1. Traci From AL says:

    I always listen to your podcast while I’m running and I always WILL so tell what’s his face to “suck it” :P

    Congrats on some good training. I love your positive attitude and hope you reach your goal of 2:12


  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for sharing, always a great read. Congrats on the 29.27. Thats killer.
    Ran the YS 10k as well so congrats to Spence for finishing that in a great time.\
    Awesome training log, keep at it.

  3. Mark says:

    Forgot to mention the mighty Toffees destroying United?

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