Holy crap, the blog is still live on the web! Bloody hell, feeling nostalgic as hell right now. I sure did love doing this blog.

Should I do it? Should I get back at the blog? I’m thinking yes, yes I should. Why? Because I want to, shut up.

Should I start by writing a post recapping what I have been up to over the last 2years? Nah, I reckon that is unnecessary. Between my podcast, twitter, instagram and all that other stuff anyone who cares probably knows what’s up. But in case you are not, here’s the gist: Still in Vancouver, Failed to make the Olympics…again, got engaged & currently sitting on my couch bored on a Thursday afternoon. I am supposed to be looking for part-time jobs, but that is boring and annoying.

Anyways, this is a running blog, so let’s talk running.

What is up in the running world? Houston Marathon is this weekend. I love the Houston Marathon. It was Houston 2011 when I ran my first ever marathon. That was 6years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Man, I was fit as balls for that race, unfortunately I was also a newb to the event. If I could take the fitness from that race, and combine it with the experience I have now I’m certain I would run 2:12. But alas, I had no experience and thus at around 32km into that race I learned what it was to suffer. Good god did I ever suffer.

On that day in Houston I went through the half in 65:24ish, it was weird, because it didn’t hurt very much and I thought I was good, but less than 30min later I wanted to murder myself. Marathons suck like that. I finished in 2:16:17 at the time I was super bummed, but looking back now I am quite proud of that effort.

pro-tip when you run a marathon be patient. It is going to be easy early on, don’t get horny and do something stupid. Just make sure you get yourself to 32km with some fight in your legs. Those last 10km are going to suck no matter how well you are running, make sure you still have fight in ya.

Shout out to Kevin Coffey whom is running Houston this year, give it hell buddy!

What else is going on? Came out today that Gilly & Hannah are running Boston. That is amazing, such a good choice. Boston is in my opinion the best marathon in the world. I have run in some big races, and while there are many fantastic events I would put Boston as my #1.

I ran Boston 2013. Probably the 2nd fittest I have ever been. It was the best experience I ever had on the race course. That was the same day as the bombs. What an effed up day that was. That Walberg movie about the bombs is coming out soon, I’ll totally check that out.

Back to Eric and Hannah doing Boston. I’m keen to see what they can do out there.

I have a question for you guys. Who in your opinion is Canada’s 2nd best male marathoner ever? Drayton is clear #1. But for #2 it is a close race between Gilly and Reider. Reider has the better times, but Gilly was 10th in the Olympics. It’s close.

I’ll leave you to think that over.

See ya next week when I’ll discuss my running plans and we’ll break down the ManUtd v. LPool game- so nervous for that!



Jan 2017


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  1. Mr John Roberts says:

    Liverpool win, Klopp goes wild. No need to discuss.

  2. lisa says:


  3. PR says:

    nice revival piece!

  4. fandurob says:

    Gilly fer sure

  5. race follower says:

    I believe that definitely Drayton was the best – it is truly amazing that his record still stands after all this time , that said the past 4-5 years Canada has been blessed with 4-5 world class male marathoners Gillis, Reid, Wykes and yourself and your old London mate Lanni has certainly done her share to elevate the visibility of Canadian Marathoning (good looking group with colour and personality)… but going forward as this group naturally ages out where is the next group to take your places? is this apparent void a result of no coaching?, no funding? what is happening?

    your revival blog lacked your old bite …. complain about something or find a cause to hype or a least disrespect something or someone!

    • rob says:

      Thanks for reading and for the insight. The state of Canadian marathoning is certainly odd. I think the Womens side is in good shape. But we certainly need more depth for the men, hopefully we have some dudes gearing up to roll. I’ll touch upon this more next week, maybe I’ll even offend some people in the process;)

  6. Jason Faber says:

    Good to see you back at the blog, Robbie. now fire that podcast back up, I miss hearing Spence whine about everything. Boston is incredible, you’re totally right. I’d go back in a heartbeat. people don’t get it. “Don’t you want to try something new?” they ask. Sure. But Boston is Boston. I will go back as often as I can for the rest of my life.

    Man, what a toss-up between Reider and Eric. Both are incredible runners. I’m a huge fan of Reider and still hope that he can set the Canadian record, but Eric is just so god damn consistent and humble. They both are. Amazing.

    Hope all is well, bud. Congrats to you and Gen and best of luck in 2017!

  7. Craig says:

    Man, good question. Personally a fan of Reid, but as Jason said, both are really steller. Gillis is so incredibly consistent. In some ways though, it’s the way Reid continually bounces back from his various set-backs that makes him so impressive. Hopefully we get some up and comers that can fill their boots as they fade out.

    • rob says:

      Hey man, yeah we are just lucky to have these two dudes and we should appreciate them as they roll out their last few years. I sure hope we have a new group coming up through the ranks soon!

  8. K Farr says:

    In my humble opinion, David Edge should be in the list with Reid and Eric as well.

    • rob says:

      I hear ya, Edge was fantastic. But not quite on the same level as reid & gilly, didn’t have the PB of reid or the performances at major champs as gillis. I put him 4 or 5.

      • K Farr says:

        Agreed, but pretty impressive resume none the less. Seems his name is never brought up in the marathon debate. 4th at Chicago, 6th at Boston, 7 at Fukuoka and a Commonwealth Silver. 9 sub 2:13 performances.

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