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Hey, I’m watching Top Gun as I write this. I better be quick, because if I’m still writing when Goose dies I’m going to get all sad and depressed, and thus this blog will suffer. That is one of the saddest movie deaths of all time. Give me a minute, I’m going to think of another tragic movie death…okay yeah, this one is a real heart breaker. Remember when Artax (the horse) dies is the Swamps of Sadness in the Never Ending Story? Holy balls that sucks.

Well I hope ya’ll are not to sad now, let’s get some positivity going here.  Do you know what is positive? Running. I’m going to get into the weekly running update now.  Last week was a much needed down week, and it was nice. I had some hard ass workouts, but my easy days were nice and chill, I really needed that.  I finished off the week with a little race in my hometown of London Ont. It was a 10km in Springbank park, it went quite well and I won. I was quite happy.  I also got to see my Grandma, she is a hell of a lady so that was pretty awesome.
13 weeks till the marathon and things are going well thus far.  My only concern is that I will probably lose my job during this process. My morning runs are much longer than before, but I don’t want to get up earlier, that’s simply not an option. So I keep going in later and later each day.  I’m also leaving earlier than usual because I want to sneak in a nap before practice. Then there is the whole leaving for 5 weeks to escape the hellish winter we have up here in the great white north. Damn, that was a good job, I really liked it. Oh well.
Okay, so we have covered running and sad movie deaths, what else should we talk about? Let’s talk about…oh shit…Goose just died…oh god…man this is sad…Maverick is so sad…this is terrible…;=related

Okay, focus! Yeah, lets talk about scars. I have lots of scars, and in most cases they are the result of me being incredibly stupid. For example,  I’m going to tell you about how I got this scar on my right eye.  Like a few of my other stories there is alcohol involved.  I’m sorry, I’m not a drunk, it’s just that sometimes interesting things happen when people get drunk. Why? Well drunk people are generally idiots, and idiots often make stupid decisions, and stupid decisions sometimes result in hilarity and/or injury.  So anyways my freshman year of university I went to West Virginia University.  I was really slow and crappy my freshman year so I didn’t get to go on a track trip to Tennessee, my very good friend and companion Matt P. also was not on said trip.   We decided we were going to be manly and drink beer and watch hockey while everyone was gone.  We went to the beer store and picked up a couple mini-kegs, Wolfsteiner to be exact.  Matt and I decided to race and see who could finish their mini-keg the fastest.  I was dumb when I was younger, I mean the entire plan for the night was to basically just drink as much beer as possible as we sat there watching hockey.  No going out after, no ladies to hangout with, just beer and hockey, actually wait, I wasn’t dumb I was awesome. So we sat there just hammering our mini-kegs as the game was going on.  Sometime in the early third period I finished my keg, boom. I crushed him.
me: “Hey Matt!”
matt: “what?”
me: “I’m done, I win mothersucker!”
matt: “no way, let me see.”
I casually toss my keg to Matt
matt: “What the hell man, I’m only half done!”
me: “haha, suck on that”
Matt then proceeds to chuck the empty keg right at me.  My reactions are painfully slow and I fail to raise my hands to protect myself. Keg smashes me in the face and I am knocked out of my chair.
me: “ahh man, what the…? oh man, I’m bleeding!” 
The keg has opened a gnarly gash over my right eye.
matt: “oh shit, man are you okay? sorry!”
Matt runs over to my assistance.  I then return the favor by sitting up and punching him square in the balls. He drops.
matt: “ahhh man, ughhhshhsh”
me: “ahhh, my face, ughhh”
At that exact moment Matt’s girlfriend happens to come into the house to find Matt and myself lying on the floor each in our own little world of hurt. I’m covered in blood and Matt has a nice bloody fist print on the balls area of his jeans. It was a weird night and now I have a scar on my face.
Alright bye everyone!


Nov 2010


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  1. Dont forget the one on the left side of the Ribs. Mine is beautiful. Shark attack is the only story i give when explaining how i got it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on your sick run in london!

  3. Johnson says:

    Artax was definitely a tough loss.

  4. paulmichel says:

    God, that is funny stuff. Please tell me at some point you are going to blog about flipping off the Mormons at Conference.

  5. Rob Watson says:

    Paul, check out blog #8.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What's the job that you are quitting?

  7. Rob Watson says:

    I'm not quitting, it ia actually a really good job. I'm just afraid they're gonna fire me because I'm pretty tired these days and dragging ass.

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