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I ran the Toronto ZooRun this past weekend. These were the thoughts going through my head during the race;

1st km: *Gun goes off* “Alright, let’s get out nice and hard and then settle in with the group…boy oh boy, Dylan is getting at it! Man, these other guys are flying too! This is insane, everyone is sprinting!…alright ya bastards, guess I’m just keep sprinting as well.”

50m in, right in the thick of things. Anyone's race at this point.

2nd km: “That first km was silly, I wonder how fast we went? Shoulda worn a watch…Man, we are still going really fast, and we’re going uphill! Sure hope we settle in soon because this is already kinda hard… Oh look, we dropped everyone else already. Sweet. might as well just keep up with these dudes as long as I can.”

3rd km: “Ok, let’s just keep contact, relax…relax…relax…Oh man, it burrrrnnnnsss.”

Come on guys, just slow down a little bit!

4th km: “What is going on here? Why are we running on a dirt road? Oh man, I just stepped in a puddle up to my shin! What the hell!?…oh crap they’re getting away again…eff these guys. I’m gonna chill out a bit, just gotta keep it close enough so if one of those dudes falters you can run them down.”

5th km: “Dear god this is uncomfortable…I wonder how fast I’m going…I don’t think I’m going very fast…”

6th km: “Where’d the guys go? I can’t see them anymore…*look behind* There is no one back there either! Did I take a wrong turn? Am I even on the course anymore…this course is weird”

7th km: “I have a big workout Tuesday, maybe I should just coast it on in…umm, you’re in a friggen race right now idiot! Keep pushing! Besides, you’ve been coasting since like the 4th km anyways ya wimp”

8th km: “arghhh….oh look, a Zebra!…arghhhh….”

9th Km: “Can’t believe I gotta run a marathon in 4wks…”

10th km: “Alright, let’s kick it on in, here we go! *40meters later* “Seriously? That’s all ya got? Weak rob, so damn weak…”


Yeah, so needless to say, this was not my finest performance. But that’s ok, It was a fun weekend in Toronto.  Got to see some of my buddies, got in a good workout and saw an Elephant. Can’t really complain. I’ll be ready when it matters.

Congrats to Reid on the win, great to see him back in form. Also big congrats to Kip Kangogo on his 2nd place. Kip is one of the best runners on the scene, I don’t think he gets enough respect. He is always solid and he always runs tough as hell. He is running the Victoria Marathon in a couple weeks. I sure hope he nails it, good luck Kip!

"Great race Kip, let's dance...I'll take the lead here too"

I have been racing against Kip since my university days. We were in the same conference, he was at TCU while I was at Colorado State. Kip plays a pretty big part in one of my favorite/shameful races;

Mountain West Conference indoor championships, 2006. Men’s 3000m. This is one of the last events of the meet, I had won the 5000m the day before and I’m looking to double back for more points in the 3k. The race starts, this is the old days folks, this is when FFTF Rob is in full effect. I was a brash & cocky son of a gun. I get off the line hard, looking to punish fools. By halfway it is a two man race. Myself and Kip.

It should be noted that also in our conference is BYU. The Mormon school, very conservative, very straight laced, BYU were a bunch of angels. I couldn’t stand them! They were also the dominate team in the Conference, they won every damn meet, it drove me bonkers.

Suck it BYU

The race between Kip and I is heating up. We are just hammering each other around that 200m track. With about 1000m to go I come around the top bend and I hear a faint chanting. Next lap the chanting is louder. The entire BYU men’s team has gathered on the bend, they are pounding the track and chanting “kip, kip, kip” in unison. What the hell?!

Maybe I completely forgot the fact that Kip had actually attended BYU for a year. Maybe I forgot that those were his friends simply cheering him on. And maybe I thought BYU was cheering against me, as much as they were cheering for Kip. You see, BYU and I didn’t get along very well. We’ll call it a rivalry, but this wasn’t just a sport rivalry. Also a lifestyle rivalry, sinner vs. angels.

As the race progressed the chanting grew louder and louder. I was working my hardest to drop Kip, I now wanted to win more than ever. 400m to go. Time to kick, but first…I swing wide on the bend out to lane 4 and in I proceed to flip off the entire BYU team as I run by. There is an audible gasp from the crowd as I unleash a furious kick on Kip…He covers, easily, and destroys me over the last lap.

As soon as I finished I knew that maybe I over reacted a bit. Coach comes over, “Nice race Watson, now let’s see if you get disqualified ya bonehead.”

I managed to avoid disqualification, but as punishment for my crude actions I had to go face the entire BYU team to apologize. It was brutal. They immediately accepted the apology with handshakes and smiles. Those Mormons, man they are so damn nice!

Hey, so back to the Marathon stuff. I bounced back from the ZooRun and rolled my best workout in a long time on Tuesday; 3x6mile, 1x2mile w/5min recovery jog. Nailed it. Onward to STWM, 3.5wks to go! Happy training everyone!


Sep 2013


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  1. You KNOW a picture of that moment exists somewhere in the archives. That’s one to frame for grandma.

    Great job in the ZooRun (run run run, the zoo run run – see what I did there?). Hope I get the chance to roll with you again sometime!


    • rob says:

      Hey man, thanks. If a picture of that moment existed I would have it and it would be framed on my wall, but this was before smartphones.
      I’m sure I’ll see ya on the roads in the future. How goes your training anyways?

      • Training is going pretty swimmingly, actually thanks for asking. Most of my workouts don’t end in my wanting to quit running, so that’s bonus. Running the Scotia half, then the Hamilton full two weeks later. Hoping I’ll still have legs by the end of all this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your da man destroyer. I did basically the same thing at an open indoor meet at Western but no middle finger just told the chicks cheering for a western guy to pipe down, it was insane, every lap these broads screaming, unreal. Locknload in T.O I’ll try to come down and watch it.


  3. John says:

    What’s the deal with that? Why do Americans care about the middle finger so much? The blurr it out on tv, too. So uptight. Funny move, too bad you didn’t get the W that time!

    • rob says:

      A win in that race really would make the story, but alas, Kip is really good! Yeah, they’ll censor a finger but go ahead and show ridiculous amounts of violence and such, weird indeed.

  4. Bert in Brantford says:

    What’s with the weird golf trick ad?…. are you foreshadowing a marketing career? …. that ad is really weak! … I’d advertise on your blog (tax service) – what’s the deal?

  5. flawda says:

    Shout out to the haterz. Mormons are the nicest, but it’s hard to trust the lack of vices. Nice job on the races man, more beers, more miles.

  6. […] funny account by my favourite Canadian runner, Rob Watson. I kind of knew he was a bad ass, but flipping out the BYU team is hilarious. I don’t know if […]

  7. Fan of RW says:

    flipping out the BYU is a W in my books.
    see you in T.O. around 25k marker.
    Destroy that shit homie!

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