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Ok, this one is gonna be short and sweet. Well, it’s certainly gonna be short, can’t guarantee the sweetness.

1st off, huge congrats to the UVA guys and gals on some great runs at NCAA XC champs. The dudes really got their stuff together after some sketch early season performances and nailed a 13th place finish. I gave a hearty fist pump when I saw the results, great friggen job boys! Gotta send a shout out to my boy Kyle King on his 18th place finish, All American, nice.

This UVA result got me pretty pumped to get back on the grass and mud for some XC action of my own. I’m getting after it tomorrow at the Canadian XC championships here in Vancouver.

I was super excited to have the opportunity to race some cross country again, it sure has been a while. But my attitude may have slightly changed after I actually put on a pair of spikes (for the 1st time in 3 years) and did an xc workout (for the 1st time in 3yrs). Oh dear god folks, I. am. terrified! I suck at cross country. I used to be good at it, but years on the roads have spoiled me. I’m used to nice smooth surfaces with true footing. Last weekend I jumped on that course and within 100m of my first interval I was slipping and sliding all over the damn place. I might come last place, man I sure hope I don’t come last place. So here’s the race plan: get out there, give it hell and beat at least one other poor bastard.

I take solace in the fact that win or lose I’ll still have a cold beer and good friends to celebrate with afterwards. Because after all folks, it is still all about the cookies and beer. Good luck to all whom are racing tomorrow.

Quick little editorial here folks. I gotta talk about something that bugs me. That would be when people start talking times in regards to cross country. I love XC, it is racing in the purest form. Throw out the clocks, lace up the blades and smash each other in the mud, it is glorious. People, time does not matter in cross country! Time means dick all when it comes to cross-country. You know what matters? Place. Place is all that matters. It is a footrace, not a time trial. Chase times on the roads and track if you must. Just chase bodies and try to beat fools when ya get on the grass. Ok, just had to get that off my chest.
Hey, I said this was gonna be a short one. I’m done for now folks. Have a great weekend!


Nov 2013


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  1. Thunderfist says:

    GO Get’em Destroyer !

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  3. Fan of RW says:

    Mill Street Vanilla Porter

    Post XC cold wet racin
    at least try 1

  4. Former Victim of Speed says:

    RC has big run in Japan … will you be head to head with him at any event next year? ….

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