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Hey, It’s been a while, sorry about that.  I’ve been putting this one off, but I guess it’s time to break the news.

Wait! Before I get serious let’s talk briefly about natties XC;  In the slopfest down at the beach The Point Grey team defended their title, Luc pulled off the win and I came 7th. It was a good day, XC is so much fun.

The race was fun, but the weekend left me feeling kinda old. First and foremost I got beat by a whole bunch of friggen 20yr old kids. It was absurd, these young bucks were just flying around in that mud with reckless abandon, while old man Watson over here tried to find the dry spots in attempt to save my ankles and keep my shoes clean (double fail). Gotta give a quick shout out to Cassidy and his Victoria crew, great race by the kid and solid group of dudes all around.

The kids not only handled me with ease on the course, but I also got my butt kicked at the after party. I cannot handle all that beer and alcohol like I used to! I have to apologize to that one kid who bought me a shot of tequila; dude, when you took the shot I discreetly poured mine on the ground and then pretended like I took it by making that weird post shot face and eating the lime. If I had taken that shot I woulda thrown up all over ya. Sorry bud.

Overall nationals xc was a terrifically fun weekend, can’t wait till next year!

Ok, now I gotta get serious on ya.

I have very mixed feelings on this. It is exciting, yet heart breaking at the same time; I’ve switched coaches. Richard Lee is taking over my coaching duties.

In the winter of 2011/2012 I was at a cross roads in my career, I wasn’t super thrilled about this whole running things and I was floundering a bit. I was mentally shot and physically useless. This was when I left the Guelph scene. Guelph was great to me, but I needed a change, I needed to find the fire again.

This is when Pete came into the picture. Despite his full time responsibilities as an NCAA coach and himself going through some big changes (UNC-UVA) He immediately took me on as an athlete. It was a classic big brother move; The little brother was bummed and the older bro steps in to take care of his own. From the very beginning Team Watson was rad as hell. I loved working with Pete (and Kristin, she was always the heart of the team!) With Pete my career was re-vitalized, I ran PB’s, I made national teams and I got the fire back. 2013 was by far the most fun and successful year of my career, team Watson killed it.

Sounds like everything is working just fine right? Why not just keep rolling?  The reason for this change has nothing to do with Pete, he is a brilliant coach and I know that under ideal conditions he could get me where I need to be, but that’s just it; conditions need to be ideal. There are two big reasons why this change had to be made; Training partners & Geography. I need to put myself in that ideal position.

Currently I am a 2:13 guy, that’s decent, but I need to be a 2:10 guy (maybe even a 2:09 guy.) To get to this level I need to get better, much better. There are many examples of people doing this on their own, just getting out there and doing the work alone. I have been on this solo grind myself for the past few years. It is fine 90% of the time.  But sometimes I’m just not mentally strong enough to do it on my own.

When you’re on the 3rd lap of your 6th mile repeat you can start to crack, when you are 25km into a 30km tempo you wish to hell there was just someone there to tuck in with. I may sound like I’m going soft, maybe I am, but man oh man, It’d be nice to just not have to think so much sometimes, just tuck in with a buddy and run.

With the formation of the new BCEP group I have access to a plethora of awesome training partners. Dylan W, Kelly, Luc, Rich, Dylan G, Kevin, all these dudes are great runners and good friends, and it is nice to just roll with the boys and be part of a team again. To utilize these guys to the fullest I gotta do the same workouts as them…just follow that stream of logic to see why I ended up making my decision.

The second reason is Geography. As you may already know, I love Vancouver, I have a massive boner for this city. I will live here until I die. (I will also be renting the rest of my life! Pete has a sweet gig in Charlottesville, he has a great job, nice new house, spoiled dogs and a rad wife. We are both firmly planted in our respective cities…4000km apart. I’m at the point where I need eyes on me, and Rich provides just that. He has a brilliant eye, Richard is a world class coach…once again, follow my thinking…

I should point out that despite the lamness of leaving Pete I am excited to start working with Rich. Dude is a wicked coach and I am very excited to work with him. I have total trust and faith in his abilities. He has proved himself to be top notch and we get on well. It’s gonna be fun.

This whole switch thing made me pretty sad. But in the end Pete is still my brother, I love the hell outta him. Kristin is still my favourite sister, I love her too. I won’t really miss the dogs, but I’ll miss team Watson. It was a rad ride. On to the next chapter folks.



Dec 2013


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  1. Sherlock says:

    That was definitely some emotional writing here, Watson ol’ boy. Although I must say–what a hilarious story about faking the tequila shot. Anyways…super chuffed to read that you and Vancouver are getting on. I’ve made a big decision as well to leave the solo training scene here south of the Fraser River and join with the Forerunners clinic in search of PBs. I’ve got to satisfy my need for speed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Much like Sir Alex at the Theatre of Dreams, Coach Pete will forever be revered here in the reader comments section of Le Blog
    RESPECT, Coach Pete

  3. Thunderfist says:

    You look like a stud in all of your photos. Actor material right there.

  4. peanutgallerycorral says:

    It sounds to me (not that I know wtf I’m talking about, I line up in the slowpoke corrals) like you’re making the right decision. It seems kind of counterproductive to be working out with BCEP and yet trying to do different workouts from them. Get in there and roll with them!

    Team Watson got you here. Now you’re ready for the next thing. That’s not lame. That you’re ready for it is, itself, a testament to Team Watson. Big, big respect.

    Here’s to 2:10!

  5. K Farr says:

    Brillant decison Rob!! Your are making the change for all the right reasons…..foremost development of your career.

  6. […] month, Rob Watson will be officially changing coaches to BCEP coach Richard Lee, he announced in a blog post on […]

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good move Destroyer, you need to be selfish in running and think for the better for yourself. I’m sure Richard Lee will look after your best interest’s as your bro did, this way your not between anyones lifestyle. You’ll get used to it and find yourself a nice cougar that will look after you lol :-)

    Deuce B Male G
    aka : The Stallion.

  8. Fan of RW says:

    But what about the gluten free thing?

  9. confused by change says:

    why do people always screw with success – your strategically scheduled training hiatus’ with your brother obviously worked – leading you out of the marathon wilderness -with so much always going on in your life in Vancouver how will you mentally detach and move into the required training only zone? – Mike Tyson never came close to losing a fight until he decided to make his own training decision surrounded by distractions – he never was the same again and years later admitted it was a major mistake – you had a great coach and the best training partners in Guelph and you didn’t overcome the distractions there so now with a lesser coach and lesser quality training partners and better distractions how is this an improvement?

    • rob says:

      Fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion.
      I think that this is best for my career, and that’s all the justification I need.

      ps. I can still head for the hills and hit up some training camps whenever needed.
      ps #2. That “lesser coach, lesser training partners” comment was ignorant as hell.

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