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Hey, I’m gonna do the standard year in review here, but before I start with that let me share two quick short stories.

First off, I managed to sneak in one last race before this year came to an end. I headed up to Hamilton for the boxing day 10miler on the 26th. I have done this race twice now, and it’s safe to say it’s one of my favourites. This year was the 93rd edition, I dig all the history and tradition that this race has. I also love going back and racing on my old stomping grounds. Always fun to re-connect with old friends and to get the opportunity to meet new ones.

This race also gave me the chance to chase a win, I have run a whole whack of races this year, but I only won one of them- my first race of 2013, the Vancouver 1st half, half marathon.

So I headed up to the hammer with the moms and pops, t’was a brisk winter morning and sadly I was battling a nasty migraine (I get these bastards every so often, they are friggen terrible!) Fortunately though  my legs were fine and I was ready to give it a solid roll. The goal was a hard effort and the win. Managed to accomplish both objectives. I hit 49:52 for 1st place. Hopefully within the next 12months I will be able to roll that pace for 26.2.

Thanks so much to the organizers and volunteers for providing yet another fantastic racing opportunity. Shout out to Stallion for hooking me up with a comped entry! Cheers.

This other story has nothing to do with running. It is all about beer, buds and Brian Mulroney.

I made a trip up to Guelph this past week. Plan was to catch up with my Guelph crew over a bite and some pints. Was planning on keeping it pretty low key…that didn’t happen at all…Not. Even. Close. The beers started flowing and they didn’t stop till the houselights came on and we were $526 in the hole.

There were shenanigans folks. I’ll spare the details, but a few things stick out; A guy name Lloyd owned at Karaoke. One of the dudes hit on a girl with braces. One of the dudes sang backup to Lloyd in Karaoke. And then there was Brian Mulroney.

Seriously there was a guy at the pub whom looked just like Brian Mulroney, and he was hammered! He also happened to have a walking cast on. It ws weird, I was curious. I sought out answers.

“ Hey Brian Mulroney! What happened to your leg?”

“eh? You talking to me?” Mulroney had a pretty thick French accent.

“Yeah man, you look like Brian Mulroney!”

“eh? Me?”

“Yeah dude, what happened to your leg?”

French Mulroney was not impressed, not at all. He probably got this all the time and he had had enough, he snapped! “Eh, F**k you” Our belligerent ex-prime minister exclaimed as he reared back and unleashed a mighty front kick in my direction.

Despite being old as hell, drunk as a skunk and on a broken leg, I’d be damned if that kick didn’t connect! Brian Mulroney kicked me folks. He kicked me hard and he caught me flush… right in the dick. Gosh darn Brian Mulroney kicked my wiener.

The dick kick certainly hurt, but I couldn’t really be mad. It was hilarious, and I was just having too much fun with my buds. Man, what a night. When you are having good fun with good friends not even a kick to the dick can get ya down.


Okay, so anyways let’s do a year in review.

2013 was friggen rad, I loved it. I have been blogging pretty consistently, so I don’t figure that I need to go into too much detail here. Let’s just do a list of my top 5 running highlights;

5. Impromptu Ottawa Marathon; Went there to run a 10k, ended up racing the Marathon, and had a blast doing it. The Ottawa marathon is a very cool event. A world class event in one of our finest cities. Always great to win a national championship as well!

4. PB in Toronto; Great way to finish up a very busy year. I was tired heading into this one, both mentally and physically I was just holding on. Luckily we got a glorious day and I managed to hit a PB. It was a small PB, but still faster than I have ever run that distance before. And like I said before, if you complain about a PB you are an ass.

3. World Championships; Great trip overall. Team Canada was brilliant. This was my favourite national team experience to date. I also had a good race. It was a performance that I was very proud of. I ran smart, controlled and tough. My best race execution to date.

2. Vancouver scene; Stuff is coming together here. We have talent, organization and support. I can’t wait to represent my city in the coming year, things are gonna get very fast out here!

1. Boston. To this day the highlight of my running career is leading the Boston Marathon through Wellesley College. Absolutely surreal experience. Ok, ok, I blew up and finished 11th, but my time in the front, holy crap man- I can’t articulate how much fun that was, how exciting that was and how damn terrifying that was! The last 4miles of that race was absolute agony, but I regret nothing!

The events after Boston would fall as the low point of my year. The confusion, shock and fear that accompanied the attacks was terrible. But despite the tragedy, it was uplifting to see the power of the human spirit persevere in the end. It was inspiring to witness people came together in a singular effort to help and support their brothers and sisters. There will always be evil out there, but as long as we stand together, love each other and hold each up, we will never be down for long.

I could easily list another 10 highlights, but this is all in the past now. It’s time to focus on 2014. I gotta move forward and get better, I gotta get faster. 2013 was a success, and I have a feeling that 2014 is gonna be fast.

Top 3 goals for 2014;

1; 2:10:59. I gotta run a fast marathon. 2:13 is pretty good, but 2:10 is just sexy as hell. I want that!

2; 62:29. I need a faster half marathon time. I love the half distance. I wanna go to the NYC Half on March 16th and roll me a fast time.

3; Win! I gotta win more races. I race a lot, but I don’t win enough. Winning is fun. Girls dig winners.

Ok, so that’s that. No wait! Not quite. I gotta say thanks so much to all of you whom read this blog. I receive a tremendous amount of love and support from you guys. It is really friggen cool. I absolutely love this running community. It is always great to meet new people and chat with fellow runners. I dig that we can share our experience and work at this grind together. So let’s get out there folks, let’s hit the roads, let’s hit the trails and let’s own 2014! Onward to fast my friends!





Jan 2014


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  1. cindy says:

    haha, the Mulroney dick kick was awesome!! it was great to read about your experiences and following you throughout 2013…good luck in 2014!

  2. Tim says:

    Dude I spilled my drink laughing about the Shenanigans in Geulph! That’s awesome! If I ever run into French accent Mulroney, I’ll be sure to heckle him from beyond dick kicking distance!

  3. Faith Madden says:

    Marathoners… a special type of obsessive.But you are also a terrific writer.Some people labour hard to sound natural..You have that special natural quality and from time to time I check in because you have a philosophical outlook to complement the trials and tribulations of your life as a runner..Best wishes from Australia and New Zealand.Happy New year from Down Under !

    • rob says:

      Hey Faith, thanks so much for the kind words. Thanks for the continued support and all the best in the new year to you!

  4. Mila Mulroney says:

    Re missing husband …. please send Brian home – he sometimes forgets that his campaigning days are over? On behalf of my family and the PC Party of Canada we apologize for his physical outburst. Were you wearing red? or making Liberal or Socialist comments? or perhaps are you from the Press? …. please put him on a bus back to Quebec – he has a lifetime pass ( a present from an old German contact)

    • rob says:

      haha, maybe he thought I was press with my inquiry about his leg. I also may have mentioned something about GST.
      He may be in the custody of Guelph police right now, the waitress was threatening to call the cops on him as we were leaving, I think he grabbed her butt.

  5. dean nicholson says:

    Hey dude,

    Vancouver’s gain is Guelph’s loss for sure. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy living vicariously through your writing. Your spirit will lead you to all you desire through hard work and determination. You have it all and I thank you for sharing.

    Looking forward to keeping up with your exploits in 2014.

    Wishing you nothing but success and happiness,


    • rob says:

      Hey Dean, thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. I love that this blog allows me to connect with fellow runners like yourself. We’re all out there grinding away at our own dreams, but we are all connected through our love of this amazing sport.

  6. Fan of RW says:

    “Thinkin Of a Master Plan”

    Bro, Kara Goucher’s House is on the Market for $2.5 Million a Custom-built 6,815-square-foot house in Portland, Oregon.
    WTF is up with that? WE HAVE TO GET YOU SOME KARA MONEY you are way cooler than her.
    she’s cute and all and had a baby but damn man we have to get you paid in full.

    cue music Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full

    • rob says:

      haha, I appreciate the sentiment man. She’s got a few things on me; She’s faster, prettier, american, a women and part of the nike machine. Not a bad combo to bring in some big money!
      I’ll settle for my peanuts…I like peanuts.

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