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Blog #11, sock it to em’! To start things off today I’m going to give a couple shout outs. Here they are. Hey Guelph XC! yeah rob? Good luck at the CIS champs this weekend, punish some fools up there in French Canada, the land of Poutine and hockey goalies. Special shout out to that one chick on the team, get on it! Alright that went well, another shout out.  Hey UNC XC! yeah rob? Good luck at regionals this weekend, crush some people, crush em good. Especially those punks from state, yeah, run your footrace slightly faster than those bastards run their footraces.
Yeah, big cross country weekend, love it. I’m such a running nerd it’s unbelievable.  Anyone watch the NYC marathon? Yeah, it totally didn’t live up to the hype. moving on.
One last bit of running talk. I’m going to touch a little on my own running here if you don’t mind. I had a really good week of training, it was great. Alright, that’s it on the running front.
So the last couple blogs have basically been me talking about getting drunk and hurting myself, while this has been a reoccurring theme in my life, it is certainly not what I am all about.  I am going to touch on my softer, gentler, sober side. For example, this one time I bought a lady friend flowers, and with the flowers I attached a charming little card with a personalized message.  It was quite sweet if I do say so myself. And there was another time when I did something similar, just it was chocolate instead of flowers, and it was a different lady, anyways, I pretty much have a heart of gold. So there ya have it, I’m not just a drunken fool I also have a heart, a big one, and it is quite efficient. My heart probably works twice as well as the average heart, yes, my heart rocks. I love you heart.
Let’s talk for real now. I’m going to write about a subject I take very seriously, Women in Politics. Do you remember that week when Canada had a female Prime Minister? Yes folks, you may have forgotten but it did happen. It was way back in 1993, and it was a great step forward for Women in Canadian Politics. This ladies name; Kim Campbell, Sure she wasn’t really elected by the people or anything, she was selected by her party after Mulroney decided to retire (Who retires in the middle of their term as Prime Minister? seriously bud, suck it up for a year or two). Also not a big deal that she didn’t even have the opportunity to live at 24 Sussex like every other PM had since 1951. We can also overlook the fact that Campbell never sat in Parliament as Prime Minister as her term was filled by the summer break and the election, an election in which her party was crushed and she failed to even win her own riding. This doesn’t take away from the fact that Kim C. ran this ship here for a brief stint…and she bought a bunch of sweet anti-submarine defense helicopters to protect us all while she was at it!  We should put her on money or something. 
Quick story about me getting hurt as a youth, don’t worry no drinking this time, Just a little nudity. I have no idea how or why this happened, but it did and it sucked…bad. Anyways when I was like 3 or 4 years old I had just gotten out of my aunts swimming pool and inbetween changing out of my wet swim trunks and  my dry other clothes I was distracted by something. What you may ask? It was a pogo stick. I threw away my clothes and ran over to the pogo stick and proceeded to try to pogo on that sucker. I was naked, and it was probably a weird sight to see. So there I was pogoing away in all my naked glory when probably the worst thing ever happened to poor little Rob.  As I was jumping on the pogo stick the spring ended up compressing on my little dink. It was pretty terrible and to this day I fear pogo sticks. ouch.

Nov 2010


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am crying laughing about your pogo stick story!


  2. Johnson says:

    That hurt to read. <3 the word Dink.

  3. Keith Mills says:

    good god. this shit is as entertaining as the low class, broke ass no cash bar rejects that spill out of the club next door to my apartment at 2am…. although i used to be one of them, i'm not sure how many more times i can wake up long before a run to "you F___ing homewrecker"

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