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Let’s start by talking about something awesome. Something that I am pumped as hell about. I got a new sponsor! Forerunners Running Company. This is the store that I have worked at since moving to Vancouver. They have always been amazing with their support, flexibility and encouragement. Now they have taken it to the next level. They have decided to make a commitment to become an official sponsor to myself and Dylan Wykes.

Peter Butler owns the shop, he is a 2:10 marathoner and one of the stalwarts of the Vancouver running scene, a good dude just looking for an opportunity to give back to the scene. Himself, Karen and Todd have made an amazing commitment that will go a long, long way in allowing me to continue to chase my dreams. I can’t really express my gratitude enough, and I am stoked to have this opportunity to represent a company that I already love and believe in. It is just so friggen ideal! So if you happened to find yourself in Vancouver come by and say hi! and if you are coming by feel free to bring cookies, we always love us some cookies.

Me and Peter Butler, proudly repping Forerunners.

Now let’s talk runnin’. I am already two races into my 2014 season. I’ve got an 8km and a Half Marathon under my belt .

Let’s talk about the 8km real quick. Raced the Pioneer 8km in Saanich on Jan 12th. I wanted to win and I wanted to run under 24:00. I did neither. Initially I was quite bummed. But after letting it simmer for a bit I got over it. I got beat by a really strong runner in Geoff Martinson, and even though I missed my time goal I was able to run pretty hard and was pretty darn close, 24:02 isn’t bad for Jan 12th. If anything this race was a nice kick in the pants, a reminder that this game ain’t easy, gotta work hard to get the desired results.

I recovered well from that 8km, put in a few good sessions and then this past weekend I headed down to Phoenix to race the PF Chang’s rock n’roll half marathon. The goal here was to see where my fitness was for this longer type stuff. Wanted to see how much fitness I managed to maintain after the holiday binge of crappy (delicious) food and beverage.

The tactics for the half were different than the 8km-there we just got off the line and gave it hell. For the half I really wanted to run a controlled and progressive race. With proper execution hopefully I could hit my goal of going Sub 65min.

Before I start let me talk real quick about this Rock n’ Roll series. There was a lot of news last year when the Rock n’ Roll races cut their elite support. There was a tonne of negative publicity, outrage and bad press thrown their way. That was warranted, because it was a horribly lame decision.

When I told people that I was doing a rock n’ roll event they were all like “why you supporting those lame wads?” well folks. Here’s the deal, after that cluster fluff and all the negative press and outrage over the lack of elite support the Competitor group (rock n’ roll’s boss) saw the error of their ways and promptly fired their two head dudes. These dudes were the knobs whom made the decision to get rid of support. So they’re gone now, and slowly but surely Rock n’ roll is re-introducing their elite program.

For example, for this race to Phoenix they paid airfare, hotel and meals. They also offered prize money and time bonuses. Oh yes, time bonuses, always love me a good time bonus; it was $1000 for a sub 65min half. Hence the sub 65min goal.

Now that we cleared this up let’s chat about the race. Race was good. It was an absolutely stunning day for a road race, I would go as far as to say it was as close to ideal conditions that I have raced in for a half. The gun went off and away we went. I got out nice and hard, I quickly realized that this would be a solo affair as I put 50m on the group in the 1st 400m.

I tried to settle in and relax during the early goings on. 1st mile was a bit quick @ 4:49, but after that I chilled and started hitting 4:56-4:58. I was feeling groovy and life was good.

At about 7miles the course started a gradual climb and I felt my first little hint of fatigue. I had to increase the effort to stay on pace, but it wasn’t too bad, I figured that I’d be fine. At 9miles we turned a corner and headed up this big, stupid hill. This hill was a grind, and it just happen to be right when things were starting to hurt anyways. I had to work quite hard on this bad boy, it hurt, but I managed to get to the top feeling decent. I was pumped when I crested that hill, because the course was all downhill for the last 3miles. I figured I would roll from there and crush 65min!

That didn’t happen, that didn’t happen at all! Instead of feeling great and crushing the downhill my body started to rebel. I started sucking. I was starting to suffer pretty good in the legs, but the most annoying thing was that my body decided that it wanted to poop. It happens to us all at one point or another. It’s part of the game, but man what a shitty feeling (lame poop pun win!).

Ask yourself this question folks; would you poop your pants in public in front of thousands of people for $1000? It is a tough question, and one that I had to ask myself at around mile 12…I decided no. No I would not poop my pants in public for $1000. Final time; 65:03. I regret nothing.

Those last three miles were so damn lame. I knew that I was right on the cusp of that 65:00 zone. I tried to relax, and I tried to run well, just didn’t happen. Oh well, win some lose some.

Huge thanks to Dan, Tracie, Jennifer and the whole RnR team for putting on a great show and having us out there. I also got to meet legendary badass Steve Scott, overall great weekend!

Doing work in Phoenix, nice early season effort.

So that’s that for the early season. I would say that it’s been a success thus far. I didn’t reach all my goals, but I have managed to find myself in substantially better shape than last January. All systems are go to attack this upcoming season. Next stop will be the 1st Half, Half Marathon here in Vancouver on Feb 16th. Not gonna lie folks, I am super pumped about 2014, it’s gonna be an exciting year!

So here’s something else new, this is in regard to LeBlogDuRob. I am going to be moving the host of this blog over to CanadianRunning magazines website. But don’t worry they promised me that they would not edit or sensor anything I say. I can still talk about beer, girls, balls and boobs…I really should talk about boobs more, boobs are awesome.

Some may call me a sellout over this decision, and those that do would be 100% correct! CanadianRunning has offered me tens of dollars as my new host. Reality check here folks; in this life on the grind every damn cent matters! It’s gonna be cool though. The Canadian running people are my buds and they are also giving me the opportunity to write some stuff for their print magazine. I have my first article coming out in the next issue. How cool is that?  Can’t wait to tell girls that I’m a pro writer, chicks dig writers.

That’s that, onwards and upwards my friends. Life is good.



Jan 2014


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  1. Michael Krahn says:

    Wrong choice bro. You could have become a worldwide inspiration… now you’re just a footnote. You could have been this:


  2. Jennifer says:

    Happy to hear that your blog is moving to Canadian Running and that you’ll be a regular contributor over there. :) Does that mean some of the vivid language will have to be tempered? :p

    Seriously–it’s so cool to have you so involved in the local running scene here in Vancouver. Here’s to a great year of running in 2014!!

    • rob says:

      Thanks Jennifer! Them CR big wigs better not censor me, I’ll go on strike if they do.
      I love Vancouver and I just feel so lucky to get to be a part of an awesome scene with so many great people!
      Have yourself a great 2014 as well.

  3. Tammie says:

    Congratulations Rob – – on all your successes, but mostly for going to the bathroom when needed! lol

    Will catch ya on the Canadian Running side!
    ps – are you running the Sun Run in April?

  4. portapottycorral says:

    “Ask yourself this question folks; would you poop your pants in public in front of thousands of people for $1000?”

    This may make you one of the most quotable runners on the scene. CR has struck gold and they know it.

    But you know what’s even worse than having to slow down to preserve your dignity? Slowing down, clamping down, gritting it out, and then you get to the finish line and you stop running and you don’t even need to go anymore.

  5. Rob Watson Fan Club says:

    Excellent news about Forerunners! We’ll be buying our next running shoes there based on their sponsorship of you and Dylan Wykes. Good call on the 65:03. Chicks digs writers, but not the ones with poop running down their legs.

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014 season. Look forward to reading about it.

  6. PR says:

    That’s awesome news. I read someplace you’ll be coaching a few for Ottawa Mara! Good to see positive stuff happen for good folks.

  7. Tara says:

    Ah, the thousand-dollar question … I think it’s safe to say you chose the right answer. Congrats on all the exciting new opportunities coming your way, Rob! They are well-deserved, and I look forward to following your progress through another great season.

  8. Sherlock says:

    This is great news, Watson. Congratulations on your victory and the move to CR. Any word on a spring marathon? Boston?

  9. Ian says:

    Great news on the sponsorship. I know all the Foreruners Running crew are excited and following your blog. And yes chicks dig writers, esp the middle aged ones! Best of luck this year

  10. TR says:

    Where did you go..? How about a change of address on the old home page

  11. Bob says:

    So sorry you decided to stop blogging.

  12. Jacob Aliet says:

    Hi Rob,
    Please post a link to your new blog. Canadian Running Magazine doesn’t lead me to it.

  13. Jacob Aliet says:

    Is it the following?
    Man, its just not working. The links dont work! Am I the only one experiencing this?

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