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umm hi, just want to go on record and say I completely agree with Lucas here;
Okay, I suppose it’s time for a new blog.  I have been slacking here recently, sorry about that.  I’ve basically been  a useless human being for the past couple weeks. Why? Because I’ve been running a shit tonne and have essentially become a zombie, well except I don’t feast on human brains for sustenance.  Speaking of zombies, that new show “The Walking Dead” is awesome. I like TV, I watch a lot of TV. I watch TV and run a lot, man I am a lame wad.
Know what isn’t lame? The Guelph XC teams, they beat the crap outta the rest of the CIS and won some more national championships. It’s just what they do. Back to lame things, more particularly me being lame. So at the CIS after party I got kicked out of the bar, literally kicked out! I had done a 24mile workout the day before and a 23mile long run the morning of the show, so basically after 3beers I couldn’t see straight nor could I walk properly.  So there I am at the bar and I’m being obnoxious (I think, kind of fuzzy memory but generally this is when I get annoying) and I ended up getting in a fight with some random kid (sorry random kid, I was probably being a douche), sometime during the altercation I got tackled by a guy whilst I wildly flailed my limbs trying to hit someone…anyone.  Big props here to Patty Pat for putting my assailant into a headlock and fighting for me, well until he realized that he had attacked a bouncer, Patty Pat immediately released the bouncer and ran away as to not be kicked out with me.  The bouncer then put me in a headlock and started to drag me out of the bar. I then did something I am truly not proud of, but find kinda funny at the same time.  In an attempt to escape I punched the bouncer square in the balls, man I got him good . So I sack this guy but then fail to escape. He holds me up against a wall and is about to kick the living shit out of me.  I realize here that I’m effed’ and plead for mercy.  Being an understanding francophone with a kind heart the bouncer takes it easy on me and instead just walks me to the door.  As he opens the door to throw me out I had a few choice words for him, and he proceeds to give me a solid kick right in the ass to clear me from the bar.  Man I am getting to old for these shenanigans.
This weekend is Canadian XC nationals.  It is our last year holding it here in Guelph so hopefully the River can take home the team title (4 in a row) and one of our boys can take the win. Kip Kangogo will be here (see blog #8) hopefully I can beat him, man I want to beat him pretty bad. But anyway, should be a great time and I promise to behave at the after party.
Okay, lets have a little vote here. From these two truly heartbreaking scenes, what movie death is more sad;
or b);=related
I personally find B to be more sad because it hits pretty close to home. It reminds me of my childhood, this is how my brother Marvin was killed.


Nov 2010


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  1. Kirkpatty says:

    Three things: "A" has my vote for more heartbreaking. Beat Kangogo. And nicely done with the punch in the balls.

  2. Reid says:

    I can't believe I didn't hear about the CIS aftermath at workout on Saturday…

  3. donald says:

    just saw this after doing my own blog post. disney really sits with people, i guess.

  4. Anonymous says:

    B…it's how my brother died.

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