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Hey Dad, You’re a jerk! Yeah, I just called my dad a jerk. Why did I call my dad a jerk? Well it all goes back to when I was in 11th grade.  You see, that was the year I started to take running somewhat seriously, don’t get me wrong, I was pretty slow, but I started to actually like the sport.  I would jog a few days a week and do the odd workout.  So one day before a cross country race my dad asked what my race plan was, I had no clue what my race plan was, what 11th grader has a race plan? So I was kinda just like “I dunno, do my best I guess” and pops says “what place do want to come?” I didn’t know what place I wanted to come, but using some basic rational I figured the lower the better, so I says to pop “I dunno, top 10…I guess?(shoulder shrug)” Quick note here, this was just a dinky little high school XC meet but there was no way I was going to be top 10.  So then my dad gives me some advice, a race plan if you will, a race plan that I have used in pretty much every race I have run since that day, here’s what my dad said to me; “Well, if you want to finish that high, you should just go out hard and fade from the front.” I was pretty naive back then so I figured that was as good a race plan as any. At this particular race I utilized my dads revolutionary new race plan and finished about 15th, but 15th was awesome for me back then. So I figured, “yeah that fade from the front strategy is great!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a race and heard my dad yelling from off to the side somewhere “faaade frooom the froont!” God, what pain and suffering those 4 little word have caused me over the years, fade from the front, damn you dad! you fade from the front ya big dummy, that is a terrible idea!
So that brings us to the present. Yesterday was the Canadian XC champs here is Guelph, and once again I unleash ole’ faithful, yeah, good ole’ fade from the front, nothing beats the fade from the front. Conservative and smart running? get that shit outta my face, I do one thing and one thing only. I get to the front…and I fade.
I must admit, I executed FFTF quite well, I mean I got to the front all right and I friggen hammered. Honestly though, I am in quite good shape and even DST gave me the green light to just get after it. I figured that by the time the fade portion of the fade from the front race plan came into effect I would have the thing won. Yeah, so ever hear of this guy Cameron Levins? Man, he would not go away!  I was trying to drop him so hard. 3km @ 8:39? nope, 5km @ 14:27? no dice, 8km @ 23:20 how’s that for ya Levins? oh hell no! Yesterday the fade portion of FFTF was replaced by “hit a giant wall and barley finish the damn race staggering like a drunken hobo as this Levins fellow puts 20secs on you in the last km.” Screw you dad.
So I came 2nd at XC nats, I’m pretty annoyed by that. But Cam ran a great race and he really deserved it.  The Speed River boys did work, Reider was 3rd,  which is pretty good considering he had 5weeks of training after his marathon and then an extensive 3week taper.  Derek Snider also ran great finishing 9th. We won the team title, as did the senior women.  This was the last year that Guelph will be hosting the event, it has been a great run as DST and Moults along with the rest of the Guelph running community have done an amazing job. Good job doods, congrats.
So that was a nice down week, time to get back to work with a steady diet of 150mile weeks and solid tempo.  I swear to god, if at any point during my marathon I hear my dad mention anything about fading from the front I’m gonna punch him in the face.


apparently I got really drunk between 8k and the finish

Nov 2010


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  1. Keith Mills says:

    dude you look uber fit….

    cam levins rolls from out west here and dropped a sub 4' mile last year in a race where sonisky and rupp erupted off the front and ran 3:54/3:55ish.

    he's got some wheels.

  2. P.R. says:

    Bravo!! Great Race!
    The mademoiselle in the photo, with the white hat, looks ready to give you a hand. But maybe not her phone number.
    Your blogs are a riot, keep 'em coming.
    P.R.- Eramosa River TC (Ok, I know, I know.. There is no such club, but with all the accolades for Speed River these past several years, the Eramosa is being neglected.) On. On!!

  3. Keith Mills says:

    that should read "solinsky" not sonisky

  4. mpdelmonte says:

    just spent 30 minutes watching an epic race. awesome run!

  5. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Doods, Thanks for the support.

  6. Anonymous says:

    what marathon are you training for?

  7. Clive says:

    At least give your dad an egg and a pair of boxing gloves first! Your blog is the best, keep it up and hope training goes well.

  8. Anonymous says:

    lol at that last comment about Dylan.

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