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Hope everyone has had a good time celebrating their holiday of choice. Okay, now that we have that out of the way go here; This is a new music oriented blog by some hip youngsters here in Guelph, I did a guest blog, it’s mediocre at best. After you are done there come back here, I’m not done with you yet.
So I am a big wuss and I hate winter, that is a well known fact. Unfortunately for me my parents live in a city that has been bent over by winter this year, London Ont. Oh god, I went home to celebrate the holidays with the family, and that whole damn city is under like 4feet of ice and snow. Not cool at all. Luckily I was on a down week and only had to a few runs there. My evening run on the 24th was the stupidest run of the year, partly because London sucks for running and partly because I am a gluttonous bastard.  My moms extended family came over and with them they brought a plethora of delicious food. I went ahead and ate pretty much everything I could get my hands on. I knew full well that I had to run after dinner but I just kept stuffing my face. I tried to give myself time to digest but that was just not happening. I finally dragged my fat ass out the door at 10:00pm for an easy 45min. I made it 17min before I proceeded to throw up everywhere, over and over again. I couldn’t help but laugh, I knew it was going to happen. and it sucked, but it was my own fault so eff it. The rest of the run was a little better.
I ran a race today in Hamilton, it was the Boxing Day 10miler. It went quite well.  I utilized FFTF today and luckily the fade was manageable and I ran 48:39 for a course record. That course was kind of a pisser though. Couple big ole’ climbs over the second half of the course. Moulton rode his bike around and offered some solid support, that Moulton character is top notch. Moms and Pops and brother Mike also came and watched. Dad was pleased to see his FFTF plan was used effectively.  My mom yelled “go Robin” and I secretly cursed her. It was cool that brother Mike came out to support, he lives in BC and was in town for the christmas activities. Thanks Mike.  I have this one brother, Erik, he’s a bastard. When I made world’s back in 09′ my parents wanted to take him to Berlin with them to watch. Little asshole decided not to come so he could stay home and smoke pot with his buddies, what a dink.
So I’m off to North Carolina here in a few days for camp with some of the river crew. I can’t wait it is going to be fun. Then I am going to stay down in Chapel Hill with brother Pete until Houston. Pete is the UNC coach, he is quite a good coach. I love watching him coach and interact with the kids, he is very serious about his work, but deep down he is just a hipster doofus.
Well this was a very family orientated post, but I have left out brother Scott. I should probably say something about brother Scott. I love brother Scott, he is a year older than me and was such an asshole dickhead as a teenager that I could never do anything as bad as what Scott had done, so I never got in trouble, thanks Scott.  Honestly I love my family, they are the greatest group of folk in the world. I should probably get a tattoo to let the world know of this fact. I’m gonna go get on that. out!


edit* Shout out to sister in law? (don’t know if that is the correct term) Kristen, looking forward to having her take care of me down there in NC. She is Feisty, but she likes me most the time so I should be safe.

Dec 2010


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Big congrats on fast win in Hamilton!

    Figures you're heading to North Carolina when they've announced a state of emergency.

    I hope you find good weather eventually.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That Old Rules song by HWM would be great for a run fuck yeah! I think I love that Calm Americans song that plays right after even more

    Good times on the 10 miler win! Does this mean FFTF might be utilized in Houston?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome run! Hopefully it bodes well for Houston. Keep blogging, your posts are too funny

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks folks. Anonymous #1, the weather is suppose to get better by the end of the week. If it doesn't I'm just going to drive south until it is warm.
    Anonymous #2 Glad you liked the tunes. The race plan for Houston is still to be determined, so FFFT is certainly an option. Though I'm sure Dave will not allow such foolishness.
    Anonymous 3# Thanks, I'll keep the blog rollin' whilst down south.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your posts are hilarious.

    I want to see Dave ask for some FFTF in Houston.


  6. Anonymous says:

    FFTF is easily the most sophisticated racing strategy ever developed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fade From The Frikkin Front

  8. Jane says:

    lol, your posts are hilarious robin. you don't mind if i call you robin, do you?
    congrats on a great run.

  9. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks, Robin is my name, so I guess it's okay. Good run to you to at the boxing day run.
    Cal; DST has made it quite clear, FFTF has no place in the marathon. He's the boss.

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