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Hey there boys and girls.  Kozi said my blog was lacking, I agree with him. But I figured it was time for blog #2.  I don’t want to lose my loyal audience.  Alright what kind of exciting things have been going on. umm, lets see here.  Yeah, okay so my bike was broken, and then I got it fixed! awesome! What else…I went grocery shopping and bought a huge thing of blueberries, man blueberries are so good. Lets talk a little about blueberries. A couple months ago I saw an infomercial for these amazing blueberry plants.  I mean this commercial was great, these damn blue berry plants were exploading with blueberries, I was promised a non-stop blueberry party all season long. These plants basically grew themselves, I just had to sit back and reap the benefits.  I ordered three plants and anxiously waited for them to arrive.  So the day comes and the plants arrive, they came as baby plants, just little guys.  I was expecting a big ole plant already bursting with delicious blueberries. So I was a little annoyed, but it was okay I just put em’ in a pot in my backyard.  When the plants first arrived there was one that was kind of sickly, it was the runt of the family…it promptly died.  Then I went to Europe for 3weeks.  I came home expecting my plants to be all grown up and producing mad blueberries.  I was wrong, they were dead. Needless to say my blueberry plant experiment was about as sucessful as my twittering. Yeah, an effing disaster.
In other news, I’m back to training which is good.  Gotta get fit and fast again.  Track 2010 was also like my twittering and blueberry experiment-horribly dissapointing.  Going to put that season behind me and move on, looking forward to trying some new things.
Going to watch the food network now. Bye.


Aug 2010


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  1. Chris Winter says:

    Damn I was looking forward to various food stuffs prepared with your home grown blueberries…now what am I to do?!

  2. Max says:

    haha, now this is a sweet blog, keep them coming robbie. I enjoyed that a lot!

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