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So post #21 was pretty damn lame, pretty damn lame indeed. Sorry about that.  It was essentially a glorified tweet. I will try to make up for #21’s lamness by making #22 awesome(ish). Okay #22 lets kick it.

I was hoping that over the course of my 2400km drive from Guelph to Fort Collins something hilarious and/or awesome would happen. Unfortunately neither anything hilarious nor awesome really happened. I saw a bunny rabbit get annihilated by a car, that was sad.  And I drove the wrong way on a one way street in Gary Indiana, almost causing numerous accidents, that was scary. I did go somewhat insane somewhere in Nebraska at 4:30 in the morning, after 17hrs of driving, this song came on the radio. I was convinced that it was the best song ever and I started kinda dancing, then all the lights seemed to go blurry and floaty and I almost crashed. I promptly pulled over and took a nap in my car. After an hour I got really cold, so I hammered my 6th coffee of the trip and finished up the last 6hrs in a zombie like state. But I made it to the Foco and by that evening life was good again.

That is a picture of me at my favourite bar, The Surfside 7. We made a beeramid and ate delicious pizza, but the best part about the surfside is their jukebox.  That juke box is quite friggen awesome, for $1 I got some Propaghandi, Chuck Ragan and Gaslight Anthem. The Surfside makes me happy, Some things never change.

This is me at the Surfside back in 06′, notice the beeramid and I’m assuming the Jukebox was blasting some Face to Face, Hot Water Music and Screeching Weasel.  I think after I post this I’ll go back there and construct another beeramid.
      So here I am in beautiful Colorado, I am staying with my bud Kirkpatty.  Since the last time I was here Kirkpatty got married and bought a house and acquired a puppy. He’s a real person now, good job kirkpatty, I love you. Wanna say hi to Ann Marie, thanks for the pancakes and pasta. That Ann Marie is a fine lady. Good stuff. My Buddy Dave-O also lives here, Dave is a hippy, he just bought a Prius. I love Dave also. We’re going to brew some nutella flavoured beer this weekend. Gonna be delicious!
     So since I don’t have any good stories from my drive out here, so I’ll tell ya’ll about another trip I went on. This is a trip I went on back in the summer of 04′. I was spending the summer in Fort Collins.  I was jobless and not really running much, essentially I was bored as hell. I was dating a lady from South Dakota at the time, so I figured that I’d go visit her. I didn’t have a car so I decided to simply borrow her roomates bike and make the trek up to see her.  It was a girls mountain bike. I’m 6’3 and the bike was for a 5’8 female. It was a horrible idea.  I threw a bunch  of crap into a duffle bag and hit the road.  The lady I was dating was kinda confused by my plan. But it was fairly straight forward.  Ride my bike in the general direction of South Dakota for 350miles and eventually I’d make it to see her. It took all of about 10miles to figure out that this trip was going to be hard and that I had a pretty good chance of dying en-route. But I had my head set on the plan so I would be damned if I backed out.  I was riding down the side of the interstate (quite illegal) up towards Wyoming, cars were flying by at 80mph and the wind was brutal, I was averaging maybe10mph at this point. 30mins in I just started sticking out my thumb at passing cars as they blew by me. It only took about 5min until some old hippy picked me up. It was awesome. Hippy drove me about 20miles to Cheyenne Wyoming before he had to head west to Salt Lake City, he gave me $20 and wished me luck.  Unfortunately I left my bike helmet in his car, my chances of dying increased just a little more with that little mistake.
       I kept plugging away and rode the bike for about 60miles, it wasn’t so bad, I was in the middle of nowhere Wyoming but things were fine and it was kinda pretty out there. But then I rolled around this corner and the wind hit me like a sonofabitch.  There was this huge downhill and I could barley even go at all, it sucked. I figured I’d just start hitchhiking again because biking was useless, but like I said before, I was in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. There were no cars to be seen.  I was in a bit of a predicament, every so often a car would roll by, but these folks were certainly not interested in picking up some dirty tattooed Canadian. I just kept waiting…and waiting. Finally after god knows how long some straight up legit cowboy picked me up in his truck.  He was on his way to his buddies ranch to help birth some baby cow, he was pumped about this and proceeded to fill me in on all the ins and outs of ranching. I don’t remember much about what he said, but I do remember that those little bastards are worth $600 a pop as soon as their bell hits the ground(?) Cowboy Jim took me all the way to Lusk, Wyoming.  I was about halfway and in good spirits. Little did I know that Lusk is pretty much the stupidest place in the world and Wyoming is evil.  I hopped on my bike and made it about 2miles outta town before this freakass, biblical (old testament) like storm just rolls in and attempts to murder me.  First the wind tries to blow me into oncoming traffic, I loose the bike as any attempts of biking at this point are futile.  Then it drops about 30degrees and I start to freeze my balls off.  I’m here on the side of the highway wrapped in a blanket with socks on my hands fighting off hypothermia when finally this storm just starts firing bullets of hail at me at 50mph. Man, it sucked so bad.  I did some quick math in my head and figured I had 5min to live before Wyoming killed me. I was getting seriously worried when finally from the heavens this elderly couple stopped and rescued me.  These were a couple of the nicest people I had ever met.  I curled up in a ball on their backseat under as many jackets and blankets that I could get my hands on, these people even managed to get me some hot chocolate.  I was delirious for a little while, then I came to my senses. These folks were awesome but they had it in their heads that I really liked to ride my bike, at one point they dropped me off at a trail head so I could get in a few more miles, I wanted to tell them to shove it but instead suffered for a few more miles on the bike as they drove beside in the car and took a bunch of pictures of me. Thinking back on it now, it was actually kinda weird.  These folk drove me all the way into South Dakota where my lady friend met me and took me to her house.  It ended up being a pretty sweet trip. Her little brother took me to shoot guns and I had some decent runs in the black hills. That trip was more eventful than a solo drive through the midwest indeed.
Okay, so hope everone is having a good week.  Bye!


Feb 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a legend

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow what a crazy story! Great stuff. Wyoming, man!

  3. Nixon says:

    That's an awesome story Watson, hope you're having a great time in Foco dude

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did Cowboy Jim teach you ranching in a Brokeback sense?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The word Epic comes to mind quite a bit while reading this story.

  6. Dave K says:

    Haha! "Old testament".

  7. Jane says:

    that's a pretty awesome story.
    btw, i catching up on your blog today, i think one of my new favourite quotes is: "Running hard reduces me to the emotional state of a 16yr old girl watching the Notebook." – Rob Watson

  8. Jane says:

    and congrats on the mara – like the others, i have nothing but positive things to say. it's your first, and you're only going to improve from here…that is, if you stop with this fftf nonsense

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