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Yeah! the Green Mile is on. oh man wait, this movie is actually sad as hell. Holy crap, I feel as though I may cry, yet at the same time that one guard is such an asshole that I just feel mad. This movie is causing me to experience to many emotions, I’m going to have a breakdown, I can’t watch it anymore, I’m changing the channel. Nice, Star Wars, this is better. Okay I’m centered, lets get this blog going.
Actually not to much going on this week so this will be a short little blog. Alright, once again if you don’t mind please glance to your right. Yep, the mighty New Balance is still rocking over there.  You will also notice the PowerBar logo.  Just wanna take the opportunity to say thanks to the folks at PB for all the support and such that they give to us here at the River, fine folks over there.  Quick recipe for ya’ll. Grab a blender and add the following; one scoop chocolate PowerBar protein powder, some ice, some yogurt, spoon in some peanut butter, frozen banana and maybe a little milk. Blend that sucker up. It’s pretty much amazing. (This recipe is also approved by Dr. Stellingwerff to be an ideal recovery beverage.)
It has been officially announced that Reider, Gilly-boy and Myself will be racing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I believe that Oct 16th is shaping up to be a historic day for Canadian marathoning. If we get a few more fast Canucks out there then holy balls folks, it is going to be a battle, yeah a mudderfunking battle is brewing up! We have a long time until October, that is probably a good thing because oh me oh my folks, I just finished my first “real” week of training since the marathon and good god I have some work to do.  It can be quite humbling out there on the roads with the boys sometimes. I don’t like getting hammered on workouts, but shit man, what can I do? Milne is just doing work, that guy is fast. Reider and Gilly are handing it to me pretty good also. I gotta get fit.  The first thing I have to do is loose these man-boobs that I have grown. These boobs are heavy and not nearly as sexy as girl-boobs.  Okay, step one to regaining fitness, de-boob. The Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off is 4weeks from today.  I figure I can get fit enough to get out there and give it a go.  It will be fun to race again, I love racing, it is so much better than training.
So any other runners out there read about or watch Yuki Kawauchi at the Tokyo Marathon? Does anyone else feel like a huge pussy after reading about and or watching this guy in action? I sure do, that guy is hard as hell. Unbelievable! Yuki Kawauchi is my new favourite runner, Steve Jones 2011.  Kinda shows just how mental this sport is.  That guy has learned how to suffer like a damn pro, it is very inspirational. I want to be able to suffer like that.
So besides some sweet road race action coming up this spring I am also looking forward to this: This festival is going to be effing’ amazing.  I am finally going to get to see Chamberlain and By The Grace of God. Hot Water Music is playing as well. I pretty much have a boner just thinking about how much fun this is going to be.  Running may be my wife, but music is my sexy little mistress. I think going to a good punk show with some buds may be one of the best things ever.  I often run with an mp3 player. People say that real runners shouldn’t do that.  I say that those people are stupid and they should shut up. umm…I’m going to bed.


Mar 2011


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  1. Andre LeFort says:

    I love PB but I just can't bring myself to adding it to protein shakes. Maybe that's the only reason you're a 'semi-elite' and I'm not? :D

  2. You should put links to their websites, too, not just logos. Love the blog, keep it up.

  3. Rob Watson says:

    The PB may also be why I have man-boobs right now. Just try it Andre, you'll love it.
    Thanks for the tip Montreal Endurance, I like your sight as well. Keep it rolling.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Good post Robin Big Breasts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great read.

    Impressive too is Kawauchi's marathon progression:

    2:19:26 – 20th, Beppu-Oita, 2/1/09
    2:18:18 – 19th, Tokyo, 3/22/09
    2:17:33 – 13th, Fukuoka, 12/6/09
    2:12:36 – 4th, Tokyo, 2/28/10
    2:17:54 – 10th, Fukuoka, 12/5/10
    2:08:37 – 3rd, Tokyo, 2/27/11

    I found it here:

    Do you still have that job as an engineer, Rob?

    What about almond butter if you get tired of PB? That's also good tasting.

  6. Rob Watson says:

    Kawauchi's progression is really cool to see, thanks. with hard work and consistency great things can happen eh?
    I still do have my job as a shop tech at an engineering firm, definitely not an engineer, those guys are way smarter than me!
    I do enjoy the occasional change up with Almond butter or cashew butter, but I don't think I could ever get tired of peanut butter. I love that stuff.

  7. Johnson says:

    I can't understand anyone that would exercise without music. I've been on the streetcar on the way to the gym before and my iPod died and I seriously considered just not going to the gym.

    Sidenote: Your blog's pretty bitching. You're getting a lot of traffic these days too, eh? Nice stuff. I monitor where my blog traffic comes from and a lot people are clicking over from here, so thanks for the traffic! You got yourself some followers. I'd just like to remind you who was first *ahem*.

    I hope Powerbar and New Balance are paying you or at least giving you some free stuff for all this advertising…

  8. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Johnson, indeed the 1st follower. How far the blog has come since way back then. Glad some running folk are heading over to your blog. It's good stuff, I dig the delivery, Honest, funny and vulgar, great combo.
    and yeah, Music is very key for exercise, probably has something to do with the fact that us old south kids listen to good music, that shit they play in the gym makes me want to just kill myself sometimes.
    And those fine folks at NB and PB have certainly earned the advertising.
    Keep at it man.

  9. PR> says:

    Your Blog's Cool. Johnson's cool. PB's cool!!

    Try this PB recipe. Its probably not going to be endorsed by Trent, but its delish! (my wife thinks its gross and one of my kids is possibly allergic to peanuts, therefore its an indulgence enjoyed when they're away from the nest and there's lots of time to clean the stuff up good.)

    Here goes: PB Slurry!:
    In a small microwave-safe container place 3 generous tablespoons of PB (Smooth/chunky, doesn't friggin matter)., drizzle 2 table spoons worth of one of the following: Honey, Maple Syrup (tabarnaque!) Corn Syrup or Aunt Jemimah's syrup. If you have a swet tooth, include a blend of those, or mix with Nutella, whatever suits your fancy.

    Then put said microwave-safe thingy into "micronde" and zap for 15-25 seconds. Stir that sucker up and use it like a dip for crackers. Vinta, Melba Toast, Christie, whatever that Guelph Ultra Mart/Metro has on sale. Then follow up with some milk. Delish! I wouldn't recomend having this before a run. This is comfort food for when Tom Hanks gets grabbed in the cohonnies or something.

  10. Rob Watson says:

    man, that does sound good. PB & Nutella is one of the best combos ever. I am most certainly going to try that "dip" this weekend. Not going to help with the man-boobs, but hell it'll be delicious.


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