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 I have to make a public apology here. My parents have made their way to this blog and I may have said some things that have offended them.  So here we go. Dad; I love you, fade from the front is awesome and I should never have doubted it. You rock. Mom; I love you too, Robin is not a bad name at all, I actually like it. you rock just as hard as Dad. Now to make it up to you guys, I’m going to give you something you’ve always wanted. I’m going to get out there and make mom and dad a grandkid. Ladies of the internet beware, my parents want a grandkid and being the #1son I’m going to make this happen! Babies, babies, babies, oh yeah, here we go!
Anyways, so being injured is lame as hell, this stupid Achilles is really being a bastard. I hate it. But I did get to go on a sweet bike ride today with the new roommate. Scull is a triathlete and he was going for an easy ride, I hopped on the Rocket and gave it a go.  The Rocket is my old ass road bike that I bought for $50 last year.  It has two working gears, a wobbly tire and no brakes. But I made it 46km in 89min, and only almost crashed twice. Then I hit up the weight room and threw around some serious metal. That there is some successful cross training folks.(If anyone out there in the internet has any leads on a better bike for sale hit me up.) So I figure if I can get back to running here in a week or so then I’ll still give the 13.1 in Montreal a crack. That reminds me, friggen Reider and Wykes hammered that sucker in NYC, well done boys!
I went to London this weekend to drink some beer and listen to old tunes with some buddies.  The mission was pretty awesome.  My buddy Todd has the best record collection in the land, we rocked some awesome stuff, but our go to is always Hot Water Music.  Holyballs people, I love HWM.  They are that band that when I listen to em’ all sorts of cool memories and emotions from back in the day come rolling in, sends the shivers down the spine.  As a young lad my favourite thing to do was to hit up punk and hardcore shows with my buddies, high school was all about going to shows and having fun. Damn, I’m rambling here, sorry. So I got a HWM tattoo on my arm, that’s what I was getting at.
I like tattoos, I wish I had a lot more.  I got my first tattoo when I was 19.  I was a freshman at WVU and they gave me some money to buy text books or something, I decided to get a tattoo instead.  It was awesome. Then the next semester WVU gave me more money, so I got another tattoo. I got a couple more but then took a break for 7years. I could never figure out what to get, and I lack the creativity to just make something up. Some people give me a hard time about having some tattoos, those people are dumb.  First off, tattoos are very unoriginal these days, everyone has them, who cares? Then they say they’re going to be all saggy and blotchy when I get old. Once again, who cares?  When I’m an old man everything else is going to be saggy and blotchy as well, it’s not like I’m going to be trying to pick up chicks with my hot body. Tattoos are fun, and they are a lot cooler than those two stupid brands I have given myself.
hmm…hey everyone out there who reads this blog. Thanks for coming by, I appreciate all the views and such. You guys are rad. I love you internet friends. Okay, core-o-clock then bed, nightynight.


Mar 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I paid for one of your tattoos! It was a hundred bucks and you never paid me back! But i don't even want you to pay me back because i consider that piece of your arm my property. and one day i will collect.

  2. Rob Watson says:

    You also branded me you bastard!

  3. Branding was a bad idea.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great stories.

    Get over that friggen Achilles. But the cross-training is inspring.

    What is core-o-clock? Is it a core workout like Team Indiana does here:


  5. When did you get a HWM tattoo? Post a pic.

  6. Rob Watson says:

    core-o-clock is basically just a bunch of core work I do before bed. Milne does it right in front of the TV, so I do it as well because I can't watch anything. We have a bunch of different excercises.
    Hevey, got it Monday, I was bored. I'll post a pic when it is healed, it's all gross and chunky right now. You should come to Guelph on Friday with Todd, gonna drink some beer…in Guelph!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fade From the Front(FFTF)… when did you last see anyone other than from the 'front' group win any kind of a race longer than the 1500? … if your kick isn't the best in the race what are your changes of winning from behind? … taking a hard pace lead and pounding the competition into submission (mentally and physically) will provide you a much better chance at success than negatively accepting that you aren't the best in the race and joining the disrespected pack -'the thanks for coming extras'- (you have to be in great shape (mentally and physically) to FFTF… when was the last time you saw anyone accidentally win from the back?… FFTF is a great strategy for younger runners who have mental toughness and endurance before they develop speed and technique … as runners age they don't always lose their speed first, quite often it's their 'but I wanted to win'additude and competiveness (mental toughness) that is lost and leads to their diminishment.

    If you hadn't FFTF at George Mason back in your Big East days where would you be today? and FFTF sure worked on those Mountain West dudes!

  8. Rob Watson says:

    I love you Dad! I agree, FFTF has made me the man I am today. I'm back on the FFTF train.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did you see that guy from Arizona (or Ethiopia?) FFTF in the New York half marathon? He finished pretty respectably too ahead of Dylan and Reid.

    Sisay Ezkyas M22 35 WSX Flagstaff AZ ETH 10 10 2 1:01:56 0:15:02 0:29:31 0:43:51 0:58:49 04:44 1:01:54 10 95.67

  10. Rob Watson says:

    man, that bike would be perfect. It's a little small though. I need a 60cm frame for my lankyness. Thanks for the heads up!

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