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Good news, I am now back and running. I even got to do a workout yesterday! 1x (3km/2min/1km). Bad news,  three weeks of non-running and extensive biking are essentially the same as three weeks non-running and no biking; once the running starts again one finds themselves sucking. Outta shape, but happy to be running, lets get this season going! But seriously, that little workout was hard as hell. I ran the 3km as hard as I could, hit the wall at 2km and rigged it on in. I kinda recovered then managed to barley survive the 1km. It was funny. One of those workouts that you wanna dropout of, but if you dropout then the next one will suck just as bad.  You have to suffer through some pretty bad work before you get fit enough to start suffering through quality work. The suffering stays the same, but the speed and distance you cover whilst suffering improves. Eff it, I know the fitness is in there somewhere, hopefully I can find a little bit for the 17th. Get at it!
Alright, alright one last time I swear. Look to the right. Yeah, there’s the mighty NB, the delicious PB and now they are joined by the king of compression; CEP.  Folks, if there is one thing I don’t argue with it’s science, and science tells me that CEP make the best damn compression sock on the market. If you are not rocking CEP socks then your basically just wearing long socks.  I helped out at the CEP  booth at the Around The Bay expo, and I think it’s safe to say compression socks are a sensation that is sweeping the nation. Do it.

Anyone here remember Blog #2? Yeah, way back when this blog was just a little guy. Anyways, back in Blog #2 I talked about my attempts to grow blueberries.  The blueberry farming ended up being a huge failure. I had ordered these berry plants from a TV infomercial, this was a big mistake.  Ever since doing this I have been receiving the stupidest crap in the mail. So much junk mail for the lamest crap, It sucks. Well it did suck. Now it is awesome. I have started to get money in the mail. Just straight up cash money homie. And it is the most beautiful money out there. Yeah, somehow I have been enrolled in this $2bill collection club. Every month I get an American $2bill in the mail. Each bill follows the theme of American national parks. They even sent me a sweet binder and some beautiful pictures to help display said bills. I am quite proud of my $2bill collection. I am also pumped that I know what I’ll be leaving my grandkids in my will. One of those kids is going to be pumped when I die and they get a sweet $2bill collection. It’ll probably be worth several dollars by then.

Oh man, I have to tell you a funny/awesome story. This story is kinda adult themed, so any kids out there reading this you gotta leave. Sorry. Okay, so I was in the cardio room at the UofG athletic center.  I was doing a nice little session on the bike, just hammering away on that damn bike.  So then this girl comes over and starts doing core on the mats that are located just in front of the bikes. She’s doing her planks and sit-ups and such. I’m not really paying to much attention. She rolls over onto her hands and knees and starts doing leg lifts and such.  I just briefly glance over. Now this girls shorts must have been to big, or old, or something like that. Because when I glanced over BAM! VAGINA! Every time she did a leg lift there it was, her lady parts all up in cardio room.  It was actually kinda weird, I couldn’t help but laugh. But yeah, 3x10sets of vag flashing made my bike session a little more bearable. Kinda makes up for all the old man wang that is constantly all over the change room.
Okay, internet friends have a great week.


Mar 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That's great news — you're running again! But won't you miss the vag flashing now?

  2. KJRunner70 says:

    Nice to hear you're back running. And take heart. I've found that when I've biked while being injured, it still sucked when I came back to running, but the comeback was much quicker.

    Liked the last little story as well. :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm curious about the CEP compression socks? What's the protocol after a run? Wearing the compression sock directly or icing first then wearing the CEP compression sock?
    And which is better: CEP Running Progressive Compression Socks ( or the CEP Running O2 Compression Socks, or are they the same?

    Thanks for your help, and my calves thank you too.

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Guys, I'll take running over vag flashing anyday (well, most days at least).
    Bob: If you can I would ice first then compress with the CEP. I would actually run with the CEP's on, take em off and ice, then put em back on and continue to recover.
    As for the Progressive vs. the O2, their compression and other benefits are identical. The Progressive just has a bit of a lighter/thinner material on the calf. Can't go wrong either way.
    Take care doods.


  5. KJRunner70 says:

    I've actually heard that compression and elevation are more effective for recovery than icing. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I heard this, and can't find any information to back up this claim either.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Kyle. I've already ordered some CEP compression socks and I'll try elevation too.

  7. Rob Watson says:

    elevation is good also. But you can wear the socks all day and carry with your life whilst getting that sweet,sweet compression. The CEP's are ideal for recovery, also some Powerbar recovery drink to get in there and fix the muscles. Man, I sound like a whore.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love it.

    I'm getting some Powerbar recovery drink too. I gots to get this calf better.

    No less than the great Haile calls this "god's drink" :;=USD


  9. Rob Watson says:

    Injuries can be frustrating, good to see you're being proactive Bob. Good luck dood!


  10. BBB says:

    haha, I love the chronicles of Rob, always a chuckle! I hear ya man on that first run/workout back from a layoff. I always go by the rule that after a lay-off if you can run your same easy run pace comfortably as you did when you were fit then you did you're job with all that cross-training, as it's a sign you're not starting from zero fitness

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like CEP socks didn't hurt Eric Gillis' effort in the park:

  12. Rob Watson says:

    Gilly Boy loves his CEP's, he's a smart lad. Congrats to him and his domination in the park.
    BBB- Thanks for the perspective, my easy run pace still feels good so I guess that is a good thing. time to start building up on some quality.

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