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Hey yeah! Big win yesterday for Manchester United over Chelsea. I’m pretty pumped about that. What I’m not pumped about is people who give me a hard time for being a ManU fan. Some have said that liking Manchester United is like being a Yankees fan, and that I only like them because they are the best team. Well,  For myself that is actually correct, but shut up. It all started when I was a little kid.  I was 12 years old  and I loved soccer, so naturally I needed a team to cheer for.  I figured I would choose between an Italian or an English team because they were the only leagues that they regularly showed on TV. And since we all know that Italian soccer is brutal and they’re a bunch of pussies I decided to pick an English squad.  Manchester United was the best back then, so I started cheering for them. They were the shit back then and they are the shit now, so that’s that, haterz gonna hate.
Other awesome news is that Chuck Ragan is going to be playing some shows in southwestern Ontario. June 12th in Hamilton. 13th in London and 14th in St. Catherines. Then he meets up with the rest of the guys for a Hot Water Music show in London on the 16th. I can’t wait, holy balls it is going to be so awesome! I’ll probably go to all 3 Chuck shows then just rock out so hard for the HWM show that I die. Anyone wanna go to some sweet rock shows? I looking your direction DST and Robbie J.  Here is a sweet video of Chuck performing one of my favourite HWM songs. It is acouticized, but not in a pussy way, in a rocking way.  Sometimes when songs get acouticized they loose their balls, Chuck doesn’t roll like that he’s just to hard to let that happen.
So now that we have the awesome stuff outta the way lets touch on some mediocre topics.  Yes, running has been pretty uneventful. I’m in terrible shape and running is quite uncomfortable. But that will pass soon I’m sure. At least my achilles is feeling pretty darn good. I get all excited and pumped that I can actually run on a strong achilles, but then about 15min into the run my horrible lack of fitness kicks in and I just wanna lie down and take a nap. This sport is a sonofabitch. I love it though, the fire is burning hard and I just wanna get out on the trails and start doing some work. Patience, just gotta be patient.
The weather is getting nice also, that is pretty awesome. But do you know what is a negative about nice weather. Snakes, effing snakes scare the balls outta me. I blame my mom for this one. When I was a little kid  every time a snake would come on TV or in a picture featured in the monthly issue of National Geographic my mom would just start freakin out like someone was trying to kill her. Thus I was trained via some sort of psychological way to associate snakes with being the absolutely worst thing in the world. Love ya mom, but ya messed with my head on that whole snake situation. I’m actually okay with the snakes that reside in Southern Ontario, I can deal with them now because the snakes that live in SW Ontario are big pussies, they can’t hurt ya. The Snakes in Colorado are so much bigger and scarier! If there is one thing I don’t like about Colorado it is the damn Rattlesnakes, mudder effer’s are legit deadly. This one time I was out running with my buds on a single track trail when all of sudden there is just this sick *rattle* I look down just in time to see this pissed of snake lunging across the trail at us. Being the third guy in line the friggen thing literally lands at my feet, all rattly and fangy and just evil. I freaked the eff out and just started screaming and jumping and sprinting away. It sucked so bad people, so friggen bad.
Snakes are scary, running is hard and Chuck Ragan is badass. Got it?
Have a great week everyone, good luck to all who’ll be racing the Montreal 1/2 or any other races this weekend. Bye.


Apr 2011


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