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Hey there friends.  I’m going to start with a little story. This story is exotic because it takes place in France.  This story is also sexy because it involves a prostitute.  Well, actually the prostitute is not really an integral part of the story, she’s kinda just there as the main events are occuring. and prostitues are not very sexy either.  Anyways…
Back in 2008 when I was much younger and a little bit cooler I made my first trip across the pond.  I headed over to France, Montpellier to be exact.  Montpellier is a beautiful city, but I was staying in the dirtiest hotel I had ever seen.  When I went for a run my room was broken into and my camera was stolen ,and the lady in the room next to mine was a prostitute.  Well, she was either a prostitute or just a big ho-bag because random french guys kept coming over for “dates”, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was at least making a buck or two for all this activity.  My room had a little bed and a sink, that’s all. I shared a bathroom with other folks on the floor, including the Prostitute and her friends, it sucked. 
I was out strolling the streets of Montpellier feeling a little down, mourning my stolen camera, lost passport and lost innocence thanks to the prostitue and her vigorous shenanigans. I also hadn’t talked to anyone in 2days because I can speak french about as well as I can twitter (horribly).  So, I’m out being all emo on my walk when I hear some english speaking folk! I got so excited I ran over and introduced myself to these fellow anglophones.  My new friends were two students from Ottawa, not only were they english speakers, they were Canadians, it was pretty special.
I can no longer remember these ladies names because our promises to become facebook friends were never fulfilled, but these girls introduced me to one of the most amazing and pure and radical things in this crazy little world of ours.  With these girls I experienced my first crepe!  And since then my life has never been the same.  A Nutella and Banana Crepe is probably the best thing ever invented, I lack the vocabulary to express how I feel about them, so just take my word for it. I effing love those things. 
Now 2years later I want this story to come full circle.  I want to introduce a generation of young Guelphians to this treat I hold so close to my heart. Therefore I am opening my own Crepe stand at the Guelph Farmers Market.   If you’re in Guelph this or next saturday come on by my stand and grab a crepe, they’re gonna be yummy. and even if I mess up, a poorly made crepe is still better than an awesome anything else.
Okay gotta go for a 12miler, out!


Aug 2010


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    post #4???

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    haha, funny write. I want a crepe, NOW!

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