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One night when I was in University I was out socializing with a couple buddies.  It was winter and we were at the Surfside.  We drank some brews and ate some pizza, it was a fun night. On the walk home buddy #1 decided to start throwing snowballs at cars. It was funny and we all joined in the activity. At one point buddy #1 picked up what he thought was a chunk of snow, it turned out to be a dead pigeon. He threw it at a car anyways. We were walking down by our campus when buddy #2 threw one last snowball, he hit a car and we rejoiced in a well placed toss. Unfortunately this particular driver did not find it funny. He slammed on his breaks. Randomly at this same time a cop was driving by. The driver flagged down the cop and sent him after us. We instinctively ran for it. We ran on to campus, buddy #2 and myself hid in some bushes. It was a pretty solid hiding spot. Buddy #1 just decided  to lie down in a field. It was a terrible hiding spot. The police immediately shone a huge spotlight on him and used a megaphone to tell him to stay put until they could come over and arrest him. Little did the cops know that buddy #1 was a 4:01 miler. He verrrrry sloooowly rose to his feet, then he just took the eff off! Man, he ran so fast across that field!  The whole time he was running away the cops were yelling at him to stop. He didn’t. He made it across the field, across the road and into freedom. It was pretty awesome and hilarious.
So then there was just buddy #2 and myself left hiding in the bushes.  There was now three cops circling the area looking for us. Buddy #2 looked me square in the eye and said “Rob, I’m going for it”, before I could reply he just busted out of those bushes and started hammering across the field. The cops caught sight of him and starting yelling at him to stop. Well, buddy #2 is a 1:49 800m runner,  he friggen dusted those cops, just made em’ look silly. Buddy #2 used his gazelle like speed to earn his freedom. It was very inspiring. So there I was left all alone in the bush, scared, confused and drunk. At this point in my life I had never broken 2:00min in the 800m and I lacked confidence in my footspeed to try to out run the po-po. I decided to wait it out in the bushes. after a few tense minutes  the cops kinda  figured out the general area in which I was hiding. They started to move in on my position. One cop car came to a stop about 50ft from my hiding spot, then another came and stopped about 30ft away. I was starting to freak out, I didn’t want to get arrested. What would happen to me? my coach would be so mad…my mom would be so mad, oh crap! would I get deported?! Then my phone rang, oh shit! I picked it up- it was buddy #1;
“Rob, where the hell are you?”
“Dude, I’m in a friggen bush!”
“Oh…umm…what are you gonna do?”
“umm…yeah, I’m gonna make a run for it”
I swear to god people, in my head this is one of the most dramatic and epic moments in my life. I just exploded the hell outta that bush and easily dropped a 24sec 200 on those cops asses.  I could hear them yelling at me as I hauled tits across that field. *sprint, sprint sprint* I cleared that field. *giv’r, giv’r giv’r* then I crossed the road. Safe! Friggen eh! It was exhilarating. To this day I still laugh thinking about how confused those cops must have been having all these tall skinny dudes just flying out of random bushes at 2:30am…actually now that I think about it, they probably thought me and buddy #2 were boning in the bush or something…crap.
Hey! I want to give a shout out to a good friend of mine; Paul Michel. Paul just scored a sweet job at Flotrack. Paul’s pretty little face is now gonna be all over the internet keeping us up to date with all things track and field. Oh yeah,  Paul is also buddy #2 from that story I just told!  Pretty neat eh? So thanks to Paul  leBlog is now featured on Flotrack, but I can’t help but think that my brother has something to do with it also. All part of his master plan to have more UNC coverage on Flotrack. UNC is a great school, I like UNC.
So yeah, the blog is now on the Flotrack, that is pretty awesome. Hopefully I can meet some new internet friends via this Flotrack connection. That is one of my favourite things about being in this sport, ya get to meet all sorts of good people and make new friends along the way. When we are at meets over in Europe we usually get roomed with other random athletes. Sometimes they are a fellow distance runner, and sometime they are not. Sometimes they speak English, and sometimes you have to communicate via hand signals and grunts. It is always entertaining and generally they are good people. I was racing in Barcelona one time  and I got roomed with a 400m runner from Africa somewhere, I’ll call him Rick (not gonna give his real name). All weekend Rick was on the phone with his wife, they were all kissy face and smoochie-smoochie and such, basically he was pretty lame with all this wifey-poo shenanigans. Fast forward  6weeks to the banquet after worlds in Berlin. I run into Rick, now here he is, Mr. Kissy-Kiss super husband, and he is trying so hard to wheel this hot German chick! He calls me over;
“Rob, hey Rob, tell this girl what a good guy I am”
“umm, okay, Rick is a good dude”
Rick turns to the Lady “See baby, I’m a good guy”
“Wait, Rick aren’t you married?”
Rick gives me a mean look, and I walk away. I think my friendship with Rick ended at that moment. We didn’t even get the chance to become facebook friends and then never communicate with each other again.
Little running update here I suppose. Had my first decent week of running in a while last week. I hit 124miles and got in a decent 20miler on Sunday. My long run was actually helped by the fact that I got a migraine mid run.  I get migraines every so often and man do they suck balls. This bastard migraine starts to come on at about 7miles, it is so annoying. First my vision gets all blurry and I can barely see. Then my tongue and hands get all tingly and I turn dumb as hell. Essentially I’m running whilst having a minor stroke. The migraine is painful and stupid but luckily my legs are unaffected so I ended up kinda hammering the second half of the run just to get it over with. I needed to get done so I could lie down in a dark room as soon as possible. I went 62:30/57:10 for my 20miles, so from a running standpoint it was actually a pretty good run.
Hey, check out my profile on the NewBalance site:
Great picture eh? Like I always say, I don’t photograph well, I’m better in person.
Alright I suppose I should head off to work now. Have a great week everybody


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