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Alright here we go. It is time to flick the switch. We are officially going from “dicking around” to “doin’ work”. This past weekend has put the fire in the belly. Reid and Gillis were awesome at the sporting life 10km, hammering the field, and each other to take 1-2. Dylan dropped a very impressive 28:12 in Cali, and Simon probably did something sick on the trails out there in Portland. These guys are friggen studs, awesome runners, all of em’. And well shit folks, I gotta get to work so I can beat those bastards! Well actually, they’re not bastards at all. I have enjoyed a beer or two with all these guys. Reid and Gilly are my mentors of sorts, I am lucky enough to train with these guys and they are always there to provide leadership, encouragement and guidance. Great guys, love em’ both…gotta beat em’. I have been on a few national teams with Dylan and we have always gotten along great, Dylan is an awesome dude, gotten drunk together a few times…gotta beat him. I don’t know Simon super well, but he has always been a runner that I have looked up to, hard as hell and fast as fudge. We shared a few beers after cross national a few years ago and he was a solid chap…gotta beat him. Then there all those BCMP boys and a couple other BC guys out there looking to rock it as well. Man! 24weeks is a lot of time, but geez louise I’m behind! So here we go, flip it- it’s effing go time.
It is a very exciting time for Canadian marathoning.  I’m gonna say it folks, making a prediction here if you don’t mind. The Canadian marathon record will not survive past Oct 16, 2011. I’m not saying that I’m gonna break it. But someone will. Eric, Reid, Dylan and Simon are just to good and there is just to much on the line. I’m going to get down to business and work my balls off so that I’ll be ready to roll through the streets of Toronto with those guys. Can’t wait.
Well we have 24weeks to go, so maybe I shouldn’t get to horny about the marathon yet. But I can’t help it. I’m constantly thinking about it, I’ve already run that damn race 50times in my head.  I’m gonna have to put my focus on other things until July. Oh July, the real work will begin in that glorious month. Okay, until then lets start work on operation media whore. Operation media whore is my attempt to become one of those runners that is not actually good but has tricked people into thinking that they’re awesome.  As a 2:16 marathoner I qualify as kinda good but nothing special. If I could just do some clever self marketing and throw in a bit of trickery I think I can get people to think that I am much better than I really am, and then they’ll give me money and women will flock to me.  First and foremost I will now refer to myself as Canada’s #1 ranked marathoner. Sure Reid, Gillis and Dylan have all run faster than me in the past 6months, but according to 2011 rankings I’m #1, so there ya go, I’m #1…bitches. Also, I also have to make a point of letting people know that I am an “Olympic Hopeful” or  “Aspiring Olympian” something along those lines. Anything with the word Olympic in it will do. It doesn’t really matter if I actually have a shot or not. Most people won’t bother to check that out, just by using the term “Olympian” they’ll immediately assume that I’m awesome. Also I may have to do some sort of cheesy running related publicity stunts. Maybe some sort of treadmill record attempt or super long jog across Ontario or something. People love that shit. Dean Karnzanes has made a living of this kinda stuff, dude sucks balls running wise, but people think he is amazing. I hope that OPMW is a success because being a shitty runner who is good at taking advantage of the naiveness of the general public may be easier and more lucrative than being a kick ass runner who works their balls off for scraps. Okay, so I’m gonna go and get to work on that.
Have a great week everyone.


May 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    how about putting it all together,
    you could say "Canada's #1 marathoner and olympic hopeful" it doesn't imply that you are truly the #1 olympic hopeful also, but some people might interpret it that way…. and heck that's a mistake you don't have to correct them on.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Canada's #1 marathoner, CEP compression socks salesman, Olympic prospect and Teff specialist.

  3. Rob Watson says:

    Yes Guys, I Like it! Great point Bus, I'll work it that way for sure.
    You bring up an interesting point Anonymous. I gotta get some Teff brand behind me as a corporate sponsor. I need to trick a big company that isn't really running related to sponsor me. Hmm…who should I trick into sponsoring me?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What's the Canadian 1 hr run distance record? You could probably take that down and then call yourself a Canadian record holder. Alternatively, I bet the indoor 2000m steeplechase national record is probably soft (note: yes the event exists-the world record was broken in Feb in Sheffield by Koech with a time of 5:13).

    In short, use Josh Cox as inspiration to become a national record holder-I recall Josh running 8K on a track after running through the finish line of a marathon to break the US 50K record.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Careful Rob, or you'll upset the posers! Good point, what about a company throwing their support behind a hard-working-2:16-and-improving runner. Not a bad time, eh? Work honestly, get paid nothing. Cheat and you'll get paid millions. But then again, the Feds won't be happy with you. ;)

  6. Rob Watson says:

    Gally, excellent ideas. I have seen video of the indoor steeple. It's nuts! Random distances are certainly the way to go.
    I should let it be known that I have a lot of respect for Ultra runners, those guys are hard/crazy and I dig that. I just think Dean is douchey as hell.
    Thanks for the comments folks.

  7. bnpro says:

    Nice post good to see some Canadian content on flotrack, even the stereotypical winter scene.

  8. PR says:

    Sure, Flotrack's gonna up your exposure, but we gotta get you on TMZ. Get some goofy big sunglasses and go prance around an airport or two. You'll become a household name.

  9. Rob Watson says:

    I dig it, so much easier than all that hard training and other nonsense. Thanks for the help everybody, you guys rock.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm looking to interview some runners on run commuting. Do you run commute? Or know other runners who do?
    Let me know.

  11. Anonymous says:

    News on your favourite Japanese marathoner Yuki Kawauchi doing three 5000 m heats as a progression workout with 25 minutes recovery all under 15:00 – 14:58, 14:48, 14:21.:


  12. Dave K says:

    Carry around a really tiny dog and get the runner paparazzi taking pics of you at the beach. Then you gain instant media attention.

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