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Do you know what I realized this weekend? I realized that I am not very good at public speaking, not very good at all. I kinda suck at public speaking.  I went down to the hometown and did a little talk for the LondonRunner track club. Great group that LondonRunner crew. I was asked to do a little talk and maybe help inspire some kids. Instead I just babbled incoherently and essentially called a bunch of high school kids pussies for not running enough.  It was brutal, these kids were just looking at me like I was some friggen weirdo.  I don’t even think they knew who I was or why I was there.
I figure there are several reasons for my crappy public speaking.  First off I do absolutely no prep, I am scared of this kinda stuff, so I just try not to think about. Then when it’s go time I wing it and hope for the best. This is a terrible approach if you’re looking to have a successful public speaking experience.
Mom: “so you ready for your talk”
Me: “yeah, I guess”
Mom: “so what are you gonna talk about”
Me: “running, it’ll be fine. Can I have some ice cream?”
Another big problem I have is not taking my audience into account. I’m speaking to a bunch of high school kids here. Some of them are serious and some of them are actually quite good. But man, I wasn’t even close to being on their level. I was just talking about a bunch gibberish about running lots of miles, and them being wimps for not working hard enough. Geez man, when I was in 10th grade I spent more time playing with my wiener than running. I’m a hypocrite. I should of just got up there and said; “hey guys, have fun with your running, respect you parents and don’t smoke crack” That would have been perfect. That’s what I’m doing next time.
Aside from that public speaking debacle things have been rolling smoothly.  I am rocking the callous training right now. Just running a lot and working hard, building the callous so that when the real work starts I’ll be ready for it.  The only problem with callous training is that it makes you tired as balls. Man, before every workout I just gotta swallow the pride and give it a go. Reid and Gillis are also both very fit and very good, this makes the kicking of my ass even worse. I keep telling myself that I’m doing this for the greater good and I’m looking at the bigger picture and so forth and so on, but man oh man, This is rough. My ego, my poor ego  is taking a beating. Maybe I’ll go yell at more high school kids to make myself feel better.
Speaking of yelling at high school kids. I was out for my run last night, I’m just running down the path, minding my own business. I run past these four high school aged kids, aged 16ish I’m guessing. As I run by one of the kids calls me a “fag”, his little punk friends then proceeded to laugh at this righteous insult. I’m a 27year old dude, and I should have just shook this off. But I didn’t. I responded with a slightly more mature comeback (slightly) and thus the verbal battle was on. Each side took turns trading insults and threats and such (hey NewBalance, these kids think your running pants are “gay”. There’s some market research for ya) finally I just had to continue with my run so I carried on my way. About a minute later I looked at my watch and realized that it was time to turn around. But I couldn’t, those young street toughs were back that way on the trail! what was I gonna do? I was screwed. I had to just keep heading out further from home until eventually I came across another route I could take to get home. Turned an 80min run into a 90min run, eff’ those kids.
Quick note here, I’m racing a 10km road race next weekend in Ottawa. The race is quite stacked with international and national talent. I’m looking forward to lacing up the NB205’s and giving things a go. I hope that I can go sub-30, that’d be a decent start.
Alright gonna talk quickly about fruit. I just grabbed an orange to snack on.  I love oranges. They’re great, so juicy and tasty. But oranges are risky because sometimes they are dry and sucky. It is very frustrating when you go through all the work of peeling an orange and it turns out to be a dud orange. I got a dud orange earlier today and I was very disappointed. I yelled at the orange and threw it in the garbage. I settled on an apple instead. Apples are quite good. I think that apples are better than oranges because they are easier to judge. The bruises are clearly visible and you know what you’re getting from the get go. Apples are more dependable than oranges. Apples are safe.
So I’m going to Louisville Kentucky this weekend for Krazy-Fest. I’m going to try to behave because I am pacing a 5000m on Tuesday and racing that 10km on Sunday. But having said that, I also hope some silly shenanigans go down because then I’ll have some stuff to blog about. That’d be sweet.
Bed time.
Have a good one internet.


May 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greatest post ever.. Keep on rockin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo!!! Oranges do suck and they are a bitch to peel.

    • Camillo says:

      Mahusay talaga ang paruts sa nagdadalangtao. Fruits are the most pure food that man can eat. In fact, they were the first food designated by God that man can eat at the garden of Eden. You can either eat the fruit or make juice out of it. Either way, it’s good for your body. Fruits and their juices have been proven to cure many diseases. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yup .. love the silliness

  4. lesliesexton says:

    You were spot on. Sometimes in this sport there is too much "omg you won your age-group regional such and such" when at some point we all need to understand the cold hard truth that we are slow and lazy and we need to work a whole lot harder to be good.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rob, lovin' the post and the one-liners too!
    "Geez man, when I was in 10th grade I spent more time playing with my wiener than running." So sad, so true…
    "I yelled at the orange and threw it in the garbage." Glad you gave the orange what it deserved … lol

    Best of luck in Ottawa – should be a good race!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob… you're the guy… you get it… and many will listen to you … get the message to coaches … tell them that kids should be having "fun" with their running … keep them in the sport for the long term … that's the goal… the cream will rise to the top in time…

  7. Dave K says:

    We love market research from Canada's youth… I wish I had read this before your trip. You could have checked out a wonderfully designed running store in Louisville called Blue Mile owned by a guy who's run fast a couple times – Bob Kennedy.

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