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Hey so Blog #35 remixed for ya’ll, sorry for the confusion. Let’s get things started with tales from my trip to Louisville for Krazy-Fest.
As I literally just mentioned, I was down in Louisville this past weekend for Krazy-Fest, it was awesome. I got to see some amazing bands, hang out with some solid buddies and drink some cold brewskies. I even got in some good running. Shout out to Louisville’s finest Matt Hughes for showing us around the trails (gonna get that NCAA steeple double!). The only bad thing about the whole weekend was Dayton Ohio and Hamvention. According to the little old lady at the Knights Inn, once a year people from all over the world gather in Dayton for a Ham radio convention… Did you get that people? Ham radio lovers from across the globe gather in Dayton!? to celebrate their love for Ham Radios!? What the hell? As a result of the influx of radio nerds to Dayton every hotel in that city doubles in price;
me: How much for a room?
Super8 guy: $90
me: haha, seriously?
Super8 guy: $90
me: umm….suck my balls super8.
We also got our car searched as we came home across the border at 3am. It was annoying, but I was quite haggard, very smelly and barley functioning. The border cop was probably warranted in his suspicion of me being a drug smuggler. My line of  “I’m a runner I don’t do drugs” failed to convince him otherwise. You see, we had to check outta the hotel at 11am on Sunday. Cody and I then put in our 80min run, afterwards we “showered” by pouring bottles of water over our heads. We then went to the concert and got more dirty and stinky. So when we got to the border looking like burnt out crack heads 8 guys came out and started tearing Dieter(my car) apart. It was hard to watch them so thoroughly violate my beloved car. They were checking the engine, door panels, tires, seats, everything was being searched. It was kinda funny when one of the dudes had to search through my bag of dirty, wet, rancid running clothes from the weekend. Some of those clothes had been fermenting in that bag for 3days. It must of kinda sucked for that guy. Those border guys took themselves way to seriously, what a bunch of dinks.
During Krazy Fest there was a band performing named “Frontiers”, they are made up of some old school rockers who have been playing music for a long time. They have never had a big hit, and have not made a lot of money playing music. The singer talked about how he chose to play music for a living because it was his passion and it was what made him feel alive; “follow your heart, and the money will sort its self out”. He loved the music, he the loved the people and he just loved the whole scene. as he spoke I got to thinking that indie rockers and semi-elite runners are kind of cut from the same cloth. We do what we do because we love it, we do what makes us happy. Except that indie rockers are much cooler, get a lot more chicks and probably have better parties.

So anyways, that brings us to now. I’m just sitting in a hotel in Ottawa watching the hockey. Why am I in Ottawa? Well I’m running a 10km road race here tomorrow as part of the Ottawa race weekend.  This will be my first race since Houston. Usually I’d like to start my season with some sorta low key, off the grid race to test the legs. Not this year folks, I’m jumping head first into a shit storm of fast dudes.  There are a whole whack load of fast guys in the 10km tomorrow night. So that must mean I’m fit as hell right? Umm…well ya see…umm…one good thing about training with the speed river crew is that you become pretty good and swallowing your pride and taking your beatings. Tomorrow night will be no different. There is a good chance I’ll be getting jarred pretty hard tomorrow night. But whatever, road races are awesome and I’m sure that it’ll be fun.

So I just got finished with dinner here at the hotel. It was quite good, pasta, veggies, potatoes, random Kenyan cuisine, you know typical pre-race stuff.  They also had a desert table, it had all sorts of cookies and cakes and such it looked so good. I just wanted to eat a whole bunch of cake, but that would be a bad idea the night before a race, I’d probably poop my pants if I did that. It is annoying, why can’t cake make you fast? That would be amazing. Unfortunately that’s just not the way it works. Cake will make you fat, and fat people are generally slow. So instead of delicious yummy cake ya gotta watch your diet and eat all sorts of healthy crap. That’s the way science works. It’s not fair, damn you science.
This is a reoccurring theme in running. Stuff that is awesome/enjoyable won’t help, but stuff that is lame/uncomfortable will make ya faster. Check it.
Ice baths-lame. Hot tubs-awesome!
Core and weights-exhausting. Sitting around watching youtube videos-rad.
Morning runs-too tired for this junk. Sleeping in- hells ya.
Beet Juice-sucks balls.  Chocolate milkshakes- bathe in that shit.
Sports massage- friggen hurt like hell. Other types of bodily rubbing- well, you know.
The list goes on and on. Man, runners are dumb.
Okay, I’ll stop complaining now. I love this sport and I should not speak ill of it. Sorry running.
Okay well, I’m gonna get a massage. Usually I would not do this the night before a race. But I friggen need it bad. Don’t judge me. Love ya’ll.


May 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I had a chance to enjoy blog #35 last night. What if you mix the beet juice with carrots to sweeten it up. Or ginger?

    Good luck in Ottawa,

  3. Dave K says:

    Kick butt in Ottawa! I agree, the border patrol take their job far too seriously.

  4. Jane says:

    I think you should have elaborated on the subject of your original post and named it 'Beet it.' ;)p.s. Good luck tonight! I'll be cheering!

  5. PR> says:

    I was racing home tonight after work to check out your results and those of your mates at the Inferno and this poor little bugger of a raccoon crossed the road at the wrong wrong time. I'm so so sorry to the raccoon population along Hwy 7 between Acton and Rockwood.

    Anyway, I hope you had a great race.

    Sorry to hear about the CBSA probe. yeesh.

  6. Jay Dolmage says:

    Totally agree about the indie rock = running comparison. Well played.
    Have you read "Our Band Could Be Your Life" by Michael Azerrad?

  7. Rob Watson says:

    Hey yo,
    PR, sorry to hear about the unfortunate raccoon accident, little bugger probably led a good life though. It's in a better place now. Speed river appreciates all the support. Thanks man.
    Jay, I have never read that book. I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks for the continued support everyone, ya'll rock!


    • Anos says:

      I’ve got to dispute this on a copule of grounds, not the least of which is that this is a mere gimmick that uses oversimplified information to draw attention.The Sun made a good point (I know, quite a surprise) that even the Sierra Club admitted that the votes that this assessment is based on were all pretty insignificant decisions.Also, this was an environmental report card; not specifically cycling. It is technically possible, then, that they had improved on cycling but gotten worse in all other environmental areas.But most importantly, they could not have gotten worse on cycling, because funding in the budget for cycling for 2007 is at $0, from $400,000 a few years earlier. You simply can’t get worse than zero.Right now, the cycling education and promotion programs are in the 2008 budget (actually, the first time in my memory that we didn’t have to remind council to put it in), albeit tucked away as part of the TDM department.The Ottawa Cycling Plan, which has been in draft phase since 2003, might get passed this year, but even if it is, there is no funding at all to implement it. The budget has a $75,000 item below the cutoff line for educational programs, but development of the cycling network and infrastructure is still entirely unfunded.Cycling infrastructure still gets built, but only if it can piggy-back onto larger road reconstruction projects. There are many missing links in the cycling network between these larger reconstructions that simply will not get fixed/built.

  8. Anonymous says:

    haha love the comparisons of unenjoyable running activities at the end

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