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So it was father’s day was yesterday. I love my father,  pops has sired 5boys, we all love him very much. Wanna know something funny about us 5boys? If you take the first letter from each of our names, you can make a funny/relevant word. Scott, Pete, Erik, Rob, Mike, haha, well played mom and dad,you guys are funny.

Headed out to Vancouver this weekend for the ScotiaBank Half Marathon. Pretty excited about it. I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver, well maybe a little less excited now that it turns out that Vancouver is full of huge losers…okay sorry not going to get political here, but seriously Vancouver WTF? ahh…anyways, I’ve always heard about how nice it is out there on the west coast, should be a fun trip.
I’m pretty excited for this race. I have never run a half marathon and I think my fitness is coming around decently. This race is part of the Canada Running Series and those dudes always put on a top notch event. 1000km June had been abandoned in order to focus on sharpening up for this half. But for the record, as of June 15th I was hammering 1000km June, it was gonna be conquered for sure. But I guess the reason for doing all this hard training is so that I can race fast, so I might as well be somewhat fresh for this sucker. I don’t really have a time goal, I just wanna beat some people and make it hurt.
Few random thoughts here; I think loofahs are pretty nifty. They may come across as kinda girly, but when ya get down to it and you’re looking for one hell of a satisfying lather, loofahs are the way to go.
I don’t like golf. I golfed last year and had a lot of fun, but that was only because I was drunk the whole time. I had fun drinking with my friends, but the actual act of golfing sucks. I don’t like golf because I am terrible at it. I don’t like sucking at things, but what makes it worse is the fact that old people and fat people are way better than me at golf. Any sport that you can be good at despite being old and fat is not a sport, it’s a game. Golf is a game. I don’t like the game of golf.
I got a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk. I was pulled over by a cop in an SUV, it was weak man. Any cop driving around in an SUV pulling over cyclists is a wiener. Seriously, you have this big ass, rough looking cop truck and ya pull over a dude on a bike? Cops in SUV’s should be ramming shit, busting drug dealers and being general bad asses, busting cyclists is not bad ass at all.
In Guelph if you don’t have a bell on your bike it is a $110 ticket. That is bullshit. Why is a bell so absolutely crucial that not having one is worth $110? What does a bell do? It rings. It makes a noise to alert people of your presence. Do you know what else can do that? A human voice. Our voice can act as a bell, a natural bell. It can be argued that the human voice is even more useful than a bell at alerting pedestrians of your whereabouts. A bell goes “ring” but I can be much more particular with my voice and say things such as;  “excuse me”, “on your left” or I could even just scream incoherently, exact same result as the bell; People gonna know you’re coming. Guelph take your bell law and shove it, that’s bush league man.
Good luck to the river crew out there at nationals this weekend, really looking forward to following the action. The 1500 and Steeple should be particularly awesome. Milne vs. Nate in the 1500 and Alex vs. Hughes in the steeple. Good stuff going down out there in the Calgary.
Yup, so that’s why I havn’t blogged in a little while, really had nothing to say. I’ll get back at ya with a race report and such next week. Love ya internet.


Jun 2011


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  1. runperryrun says:

    Hey Rob I saw you hammer the boxing day well done. When you do 1000 km in a month is all done at 7 minute pace……like 12miles in the morning 8 miles at night? Can you give me a month breakdown?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Always great to get a blog from you. I want to get a loofah now.

    Good luck in Vancouver. I was just telling a friend this morning that when the Blue Jays won the World Series back to back there was no rioting or violence — it was like a big love-in on Yonge street.


  3. Rob Watson says:

    Hey guys, ya I usually just calculate @ 7min pace unless I wear my Timex GPS and know the exact pace. I gps workouts and long runs. Each month and week is unique based on season, goal race and time out from said race.
    I'll give ya an average week in my training life;

    mon-am: 45easy
    pm: Workout, 1:40total
    pm:light workout, 90min total
    pm:Workout, 95min total,
    Sat-Easy Day! am:65very easy!
    pm: 75very easy!
    Sun-Long run; 2hr30 @6:15avg,

    week; 13runs/150miles

    This is pretty standard, There is also drills, strides, core and other supplemental work thrown in there. down weeks we'll go easier and sometimes we'll go higher, but this would be "average"

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your a running bestia Rob. Good stuff man. As for the ticket, what a chump cop giving you a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. They have the power when in uniform. I was jamming one day and just about to climb a steep 700m avg 10% climb when behide me i didn't realize a cop was trying to pull me over. As I looked back i preceded to attack the climb totally ignoring the cop bestia but eventually came to a halt, unbelievable lol:)


  5. fyi cops were ticketing jay walkers in downtown Montreal today. I don't know if you've ever been to downtown Montreal in the middle of the summer but let's just say that's some low-hanging fruit…

    More importantly, what is the distinction between "chill" and "relaxed" on Tuesday? Clearly this kind of precision training is what is making you fast.

  6. Rob Watson says:

    Stalliono, nothing worse than a cop making you stop mid work out, that is just inconsiderate!
    I can't stand it when cops get lazy and just start writing tickets for BS. Such a waste of tax dollars. Ever watch cops and they have like 10cops working sting operations to catch people with like 2grams of pot? such a waste of time, money & man power, so weak.
    Anyways, Chill and Relaxed are actually different. Very subtle, yet important.
    Chill-feeling good but holding back and just cruising,
    Relaxed-feeling good and going a little faster whilst focusing on good bio mechanics and smooth running.
    and when I'm tired I just run "easy" and put in the time on the feet. I do lots of "easy" running during the grind.

    Have a good one John,


  7. PR> says:

    Let me put it out there before either Alan Brookes or Mihira Lakshman do;
    Delete the word "Semi" from the wording in your blog title. You've earned the respect of your peers and readership a long time ago! Fantastic work out west.

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