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Hey everyone! With this post my blogging experiment will officially become more successful than that stupid twittering escapade. Pretty neat right? So what do we have to talk about this week? Well, currently my legs are very sore. Why? Because I am running quite a lot. Why? because I’m trying to get in shape quickly. Why? Because I’m going to help pace my buddies run a smoking fast mararthon. How fast you ask? I will not divulge that information. But trust me it’s going to be pretty cool. 
I quite like running lots of miles, I would much rather go for a 2hr run than do a quick little track session.  The track is for fast people, I’m not fast. The road is for grinders, I’m more of a grinder.  So therefore I’m going to test my chops on the roads for a while.  I need a break from the steeplechase.  The steeplechase has been very, very good to me.  It has taken me through university and allowed me to travel the world. But this year the steeplechase was a real sonofabitch and we just didn’t get along, so we’ve decided to part ways.
Okay, so that is a little insight to the running side of things. 
I wanna talk about something else now. This involves beer kegs.  I’ve noticed that in Canada everytime a keg of beer is finished it is proudly hoisted in the air and passed around amoungst the conquering drinkers much like the Stanley Cup.  Every. Single. time.  It is a joyus occasion for sure, and we’ve earned that celebration, but are Canucks the only folk who do the Stanley Cup pass around?
I have done the Stanley Cup celebration in the States a few time, and people don’t really get the Stanley Cup reference, they think I’m going to throw the keg at them like Donkey Kong or something.  At the CSU Track and Field winter formal I tried to do the Stanley Cup keg celebration, but unfortunetley for me the keg was not empty.  The beer had meerly just frozen at the bottom of the keg.  As I swung the keg up over my head,  I quickly realized that it was not in fact empty. I failed to stop the momentum of the keg once it reached its apex, the keg just kept going, I was helpless to stop it.  The keg came crashing down onto some poor bastards table.  The table was destroyed and I was embarassed.  Maybe that’s why Americans thought I was going to try to Donkey Kong them? hmm…
Well off for run #2 of the day, got a ball buster of a workout tomorrow, balls will indeed be busted.


Aug 2010


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  1. Kirkpatty says:

    You are the man Rob. I feel like when I read these last four blogs that you visited Fort Collins, just for a moment… Like I just had one beers worth of conversation with you at Surfside. Alas, I'm convinced that you're never visiting Fort Collins again, so keep blogging for my amusement. =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should put a little doodle post of donkey kong breaking a table for those who have trouble staying focused for an entire paragraph. Crink

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great blog!

  4. amy says:

    I think you should have added a photo of your 'endurance' tat just to prove your "grinder" status…

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