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FFTF (fade from the front) is kinda something I tend to do in races. I like it, it’s fun. Usually people who are involved in the sport of running tell me that it is a stupid idea and that I should probably be smarter. I usually ignore these people and tell em’ to suck it. I then proceed to go out, FFTF, and lose the race whilst suffering greatly. It’s all good though, it’s just what I do. But now science has chimed in on the FFTF debate; Alex is a very smart guy, and he’s using science to bring down the FFTF race strategy. Science people! you cannot mess with science! Basically science is saying that my race strategy is on par with that of a 4th grader.  You know when you go watch an elementary school XC race and all those little bastards take off like crazy, and then are reduced to walking and crying to the finish? Yeah, that’s me. Damn. science makes a pretty strong argument as well, there are charts and everything.  I still believe FFTF is all good though. I just need a solid rebuttal against science. Hmm…how can I argue with science? Science usually provides a pretty darn tight argument. Backed up by research, logic and physical evidence. Man, there must be something I can use against it? Oh, hey got it! People, don’t worry FFTF is just fine, it’s not bad at all. You just gotta believe in it in your heart, have faith that it will work. Ahh yeah, the good old ‘faith’ argument, thank you Catholic Church. Suck it science.
Alright, little running update. umm…running is hard, I’m not very good at it right now. I have been humbled by the heat, mileage and most brutally by my teammates. During my last marathon build up I averaged 140miles a week, and was able to roll pretty well. So I figured what the hell, more is better right? So I bumped up the volume. Well folks, I was pretty off with that decision. I bumped up to 160mpw and now I am useless, 160mile weeks have kicked my ass. So I’m going back down. You win this round 160mpw, but I’ll be back when you don’t have 30degrees and humid as shit to back ya up.  It’s not actually going that bad, and I’ll be rolling here in no time.
Quick little aside here on food and nutrition. When you are training hard you gotta fuel properly. One of my favourite sources of fuel and nourishment in chocolate, milk chocolate to be exact. I friggen love chocolate. Apparently though it’s not that good for you. So when I read an article that said dark chocolate can be a healthier alternative to milk chocolate I was pumped. I envisioned myself eating all the yummy chocolate I wanted, just as long as it was of the pretentious and expensive dark chocolate variety. Well folks, dark chocolate sucks balls. Basically to get dark chocolate you simply take all the best parts of milk chocolate; the sweetness, the creaminess and the melty awesomeness and get rid of em’. Now you’re left with dark chocolate; bitter, brittle and dry. Dark chocolate? No way man, get that shit outta my face.
One last thing this week. Yesterday my childhood officially came to a close. Yeah, I went and saw the final Harry Potter movie. I really like the HP. I have read all the books and now I have seen all the movies in theatres. It has been a long journey with the HP and his crew of lovable sidekicks.  I have watched the movies in theatres all over the globe and can remember all the fine people to which have accompanied me to these films. I have seen the movies with no fewer than 4 different beautiful lady friends and some pretty cool dudes, so yesterday it was pretty pathetic that I finished out my HP career alone there at the theatre. Yep I solo’d that sucker. I arrived late, tripped walking up the stairs then sat there slightly embarrassed to be ‘that guy’ at the movies. But man, that movie was great. It was probably for the best that I was alone. There was no one there to witness a 28yr old grown ass man crying during the sad parts (I literally shed a tear at one point) also no one had to witness me giving slight fist pumps and getting goose bumps at the awesome parts (suck on that Bellatrix LeStrange, you skank!). Oh man, Harry, what a guy. Good times with the HP.
Okay, see ya.


Jul 2011


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  1. René says:

    Okay, the whole dark chocolate thing? You must be doing it wrong :O Dark chocolate is awesome! Of course, that could just be me…

    As far as the FFTF thing goes, I do that all the time. On accident. I always end up with my toes at the starting line, when my 5k pr is with a 12:46 pace. Yeah. So. It's fun, though. Feels like you're going backwards :D

  2. Jay says:

    FFTF is the only way to go! Those runs where you manage not to fade too much and feel like you suck at life are worth it!

    And how bout white chocolate?!

  3. Erin says:

    your blogs are always a joy to read. thanks for the amusing stories!

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Rene, glad I have some company in the poor racing tactics department. Don't worry though, one day the fade will not happen and the massive PB will come, just like Jay said.
    As for white chocolate, love it. Hersey's Cookies and Cream bars are delicious!
    Erin, glad ya like the blog. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. I race the same way, for the same reason- one day the fade will not happen! haha, overall I'm still pretty slow though, you are not.

    Hilarious blog, keep it up!

  6. Hey Rob — whatever you do, don't change that FFTF tactic. I'd shed many tears if you changed it. Think of it this way: racing like a 4th grader is a brilliant tactic that messes with the heads of all the people who expect everyone to race like a 10th grader. You tricky bastard.

  7. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Dr. Delanghe, thanks for visiting the blog. Keep fighting the good fight with FFTF! There will be that one glorious day when you outrun that damn fade. Keep at it man.
    Alex; don't worry man, I'm now determined to keep pushing the FFTF. I must prove science wrong! And it is a fun tactic, fun to mess with people…well not really anymore, they know I'm coming back.
    Love your Blog man, it's brilliant.


  8. Anonymous says:

    FFTF rolls off the tongue, but "inability to anticipate exercise demand" cracks me up big time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Theoretically FFTF leads to WFTF (or at least finishing in the money – it's a lot harder to move from 7th to 4th than from 1st to 4th) ….FFTB or FFTP offers no short term distinction or sense of accomplishment (plus bad things happen to those who run in packs and who ever remembers that nameless faceless creature that spent his truly forgetable running career running in the pack – thanks for your entry fee) … invaribly the winners of marathons, 10ks & 5ks come from the lead pack (very) rarely (virtually never) do you ever see WFTB or even WFTP.. Every Kenyan worth his ugali is a FFTF runner

    Science gave us a millenium of flat earth, blood letting and thalidomide… so time will correct bad science

  10. Rob Watson says:

    Well Said! This guy…this is the guy! Love it.

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