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Before we get to the blogging this week I gotta give a huge shout out to my speedy french friend Alex Genest. Alex rocked an 8:19steeple in Barcelona last week. Friggen right! I watched that shit on the Internet and basically blew my load in my shop down here at work. After training and racing the steeple with Alex over the last couple years I could tell after 3-4laps that he was having a huge run. It was awesome watching him rolling through the field and then finishing with his patented blistering last 600. No matter how a race is going Alex will always finish strong, always! He is quick man.  At nationals 2010 in the steeple I was leading coming into the final two laps. I looked back and Alex was probably 40-50m behind, I immediately knew I was screwed. I was right, Alex thoroughly and brutally destroyed me over the last two laps. I think he beat me by 10sec. Eff that, he basically ran me outta the steeple and into the marathon that day. anyways, 8:19 unreal! He just had a baby as well, Alex is pretty much having the best month ever. Good job buddy.

Okay, as for myself, I’m not quite that awesome.
Couple conversations I’ve had with myself over the past couple weeks;

During 160mile week:
We should probably go to the gym.
You should probably shut up.
But we gotta get in our supplemental training.
Shut it, ya nerd.
But it’s important.
Hey dick, listen! We’re running 160mile weeks, I’m tired, I’m sore, hell I don’t even have the energy to whack it let alone go to the gym. Not gonna happen!
hmm…ok, good point, what’s for dinner?
Peanut butter.
Mmm…Peanut butter, I’ll get the spoon.

During 130mile week:
We should probably go to the gym.
Hell ya man, let’s effing do this.
Yeah supplemental stuff is important
No shit, I’m not running as much so we gotta do everything we can to maximize fitness. I’m talking plyos, drills, core and all that shit.
I like your moxie.
I think you’re handsome.

So yeah, I’ve cut back my volume and I feel like a new man. I actually have energy and bounce in the ole’ legs. I just couldn’t handle the real man mileage whilst doing these long ass workouts. I was friggen useless and life was not fun. I’m just chilling out a bit more on the recovery days now and things are much better. Marathon training is fun again. I’m happy about that. I’ve got 10weeks of pretty big mileage in the bank, so I think 130-140 will be fine.
Another reason for this happiness is the fact that I have really good teammates and a really good coach and a top of the line support crew. Everyone knows about Reider, Gilly and DST, but we have a few other dudes in our crew that I think you should meet. There is Wild Bill and Farmer John. I’m gonna introduce you to these fine young chaps.
Wild Bill is a pretty unique character. No one knows his age and no one knows where he is from. All we do know is that he is burly as hell and can wield a chain saw like a sonofabitch. He is working diligently towards his statistics masters, even though I’m pretty sure he hates stats. He’s almost done though, good job Bill. Bill is a great guy to have around, I dig the wild man.
Then there is Farmer John, I like John, but he makes me feel lazy. This guy is blue collar as hell! He just gets out to practice, gets work done, then builds stuff outta wood and rides bulls the rest of the day. If you live in Southwestern Ontario and need some shit built call the Farmer, he’ll build ya something pretty. I also like John because he feeds me after runs, he brings delicious dried cranberries and his mom makes one damn delicious date square. John is a good man. He also bought me a cheeseburger once.
Yeah, so those dudes are pretty solid. Cleve is also around somewhere, but I haven’t seen him in awhile. Hey Cleve, if you’re out there I love ya man! We have decided to grow beards together. Beards are pretty manly, hopefully by the time our 10miler rolls around here in a few weeks we’ll be sporting some serious beard action.
Hey, so I have decided that I want to learn how to play an instrument. I have a bit of down time here and there and I figure I should do something productive with it. I have narrowed it down to a Violin or a Guitar. What do you think? I can’t read music and I generally suck at instruments. I played the clarinet in 7-8th grade. I sucked so bad that one day the teacher literally grabbed my head and shook it because he thought I was sucking on purpose just to mess with him. So I fully expect that I will really suck at the guitar or violin, I will become frustrated and quit within the first week or so. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I hate sucking at things and my patience is lacking. Usually when I do suck I become a huge baby and quit.  This is why I hate golf and think video games are lame. I suck so bad at video games. I was always that kid who’d get like 2 kills in James Bond or Halo. It’s okay though, video games are for fat people anyways.


Jul 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your unbelievable Rob I thought I was off the wall. Let her rip in the 10 miler like you did in the hammer lol:)


  2. learn the banjo. all the old hardcore kids now play banjos

  3. Coolis says:

    this is the convo with myself right now:

    my legs hurt
    then stop beating the crap out of them, einstein!
    i'm so friggin tired
    go to bed
    nope going to run again
    what the hell is wrong with you
    it hurts so bad, but i have to keep going
    that's what she said

    glad the backing off is leaving you rejuvinated. i think you should rekindle your relationship with the clarinet. and perhaps debut your talents at the start of the STWM in october. that would be amazing.

  4. Desert Dirt says:

    Rob – nice work with the training. Keep it up, and stick it to your other-conversation-self from time to time. The guy sounds like a slack unworthy of a beard.

    For instruments, guitar > violin. Especially if you're going for the man-beard, guitar might be the way you want to go. If you chose violin for some reason, be sure to call it a fiddle unless you're trying to impress a woman, then maybe go with violin i guess. Cheers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob…
    I've been reading some of your blogs .. very entertaining + you offer some running/health advice.. tks .. how's the beet juice going??
    …would it be worth us slowpokes choking it back?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Electric violin…fed through pedals and the works.

  7. Anonymous says:

    listen to the original 8 minute version of Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' … that's what a violin is all about!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob,

    Still got a bit of a trick leg from tiling , gonna need some some help. Any physio/running gurus in Guelph you would suggest? Don't care if its downtown or at the University. Thanks. PR.

  9. Rob Watson says:

    Brenda Scott-Thomas at SpeedRiver Physiotherapy. She's the best in town.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Rob. I thought you had mentioned her someplace in your blogs before. Off toward Imperial Rd I will go…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob,

    Sorry this is completely irrelevant to your blog but I am looking to touch base regarding the Run 2 Fit program you helped with in Guelph last year. It was recommended that I get in contact via your blog, are you accessible by email for some follow up?

  12. Rob Watson says:

    Hey there, you can e-mail me;

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