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In 6th grade I had a hippy teacher, her name was Ms. Morrow. Our class was supposed to go on a whale watching field trip in Quebec. I was very excited for this trip because whales are majestic and awesome. Our class embarked on a rigorous fund raising campaign. We seriously must have raised thousands of dollars via raffling of goods and bake sales. One day she said that we had not raised money enough to go whale watching and that the trip was not going to happen. That sucked, I was very excited to see some sweet whale breaching action. But something I have always wondered is what the hell happened to all the money we raised? I seriously think that bitch just pocketed our whale watching money. Usually hippies are cool…and ethical, she was most certainly neither. I really did not like her. 6th grade was weird. I also got chicken pox that year. I went back to class before I was fully healed and I gave like 12kids chicken pox. Sorry about that other kids. The only thing cool about grade 6 was our class play in which we adapted Dr. Suesses’ The Lorax into a theatrical masterpiece. I was part of the chorus, I wasn’t much of an actor. I did however star as the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk in 4th grade. We were in charge of making our own costumes for the play. Guess what my giant costume consisted of? Yeah, a New York Giants football team sweatshirt/sweatpants combo…nailed it!
So anyways, I would like to take the opportunity to announce that I am coming out of retirement and will continue to pursue my running career. In case you missed it, I retired from running at the 7km mark of the Acura10miler a couple weeks back, I believe my exact words were “fuck this stupid sport, I quit.” I have had time to re-evaluate my decision and figure I’ll keep at it.
Yeah, so I dropped out of the 10miler, it was a miserable experience. I have had chronic hamstring issues for years and they have been acting up quite a bit over the last few weeks. By 7km at Acura it felt like I was being stabbed in the leg every step I took, it was lame as balls.  It was pretty funny though because as I was dejectedly jogging back to the start line some guy ran past and yelled “I love your blog” I had literally just dropped out 5min prior to this and I was basically in melt down mode.  But this fine young mans words made me smile. What a guy, thanks to whomever that was!
I went back to my hometown of London Ont. for a 10km road race this past weekend to try to get some redemption. Brandon Laan of Runnersfeed organized an excellent event there in the Rock the Road 10km. It was better than the 10miler for sure. I utilized FFTF pretty solidly. I had done a 40km run with tempo on Friday so I knew that I’d probably be a little flat on Sunday, I just hammered the shit outta the first 5km hoping to build a big enough lead before the full weight of the 40km workout hit me. It went pretty much as planned, I was rolling along pretty well and then during the 7th km the dam broke and a deluge of lactic acid and other random shit flooded the legs and I got pretty damn tired. Luckily my lead was big enough that I could back off and cruise on in. I finished in 30:08, I was happy with the effort and the fact that my hammies were somewhat decent.
Wanna give a shout out to our awesome physio BST, she popped this and cracked that and now my hammies are feeling a bit better. Let’s keep going people! onwards to Scotia!
Hmm…anything else going on? Oh yeah, I bought a fiddle. Yep, went with the fiddle over the guitar. Why? Well the guitar is cool as hell but I’m afraid that if I play the guitar then people will also expect me to sing. I friggen suck at singing, seriously just horrible. When ya play the fiddle you can’t sing, that is ideal for my situation. I suck really bad at fiddling, but it’s pretty fun. I named my fiddle Seamus.
World Champs start soon. Wanna say good luck to Alex and Matt, those dudes are gonna rock the steeple for Canada out there in the Korea. Oh, that reminds me of something kinda funny. So when I was at World’s in Berlin in 2009 we had to fill out these forms for our uniforms, just telling them sizes and such. I asked for a medium sized distance singlet. I got an e-mail back saying that they didn’t have any mediums and if a small would be ok. It wasn’t a big deal so I got a small distance singlet and a medium sized sprint singlet. Anyways, we were at a training camp, and before we left camp we singed some team Canada stuff for the fine people who worked the camp. We had to sign a team Canada singlet. Yeah, so guess what singlet we signed? A medium sized distance singlet! It was pretty funny yet kinda annoying at the same time. Hopefully Alex and Matt got the proper uniforms and they are ready to roll.
Okay, back to work everyone!


Aug 2011


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  1. Dave K says:

    Pop this and crack that, ha!

  2. Adam says:

    Hey Rob, totally random question. I just moved from Waterloo to France to do my masters. This fall I'll be running cross again, then some road races in the spring. I'd love to be able to rock a Canada signlet for the road races… any idea who to contact to get my hands on one?

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