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Random Thoughts that went through my head during the Zoo run today;
Coming up to 1km;Oh man, I sure hope this is a 2:55.
Guy with watch: “3:01, 3:02, 3:03…
3km; “what the hell? Joesphat is sprinting, that bastard is straight up sprinting, holy shit!”
Guy with watch: “8:55, 8:56, 8:57″
5.5km: “Where did Reid and Gillis go?”
6.5km: “Oh look a Zebra…hey, cool a Giraffe…why the hell are we racing in a goddamned zoo?!”
8km: “alright, go get those bastards!…”
8.1km: “never mind”
10.01km: “ughh that was rough…If I ever meet the dude whose idea it was to race in the zoo, I’m gonna punch him in the dick.”
So I raced a race today. It was the Zoo run and it was hard. That is a fairly challenging course and my legs were pretty heavy and tired from the get go. That was kinda expected 3weeks out from the marathon though (someone let Reid and Gillis know that, geez man, those assholes killed it!) I ran pretty hard and I it hurt pretty good. That was pretty much the goal, just an all out race effort before the big boy in 3weeks. I would have liked to place better and I didn’t really like getting so thoroughly destroyed, but I’m satisfied. It was much better than the Acura 10miler and my hammies felt pretty good. Onward to Scotia 3weeks!
I had the opportunity to meet a few people who read the blog today, that is always really cool.  Thanks for the support dudes!  And once again thanks to the CanadianRunningSeries crew, good show.
So yeah like I said Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon coming up in 3weeks. I’m getting pretty excited about it. My build up has not been ideal, but things have really come around in the last 4weeks. My hammies have been better and I’m feeling pretty good fitness wise.  Unfortunately I don’t think that I am fit enough to go after my initial goals, but I think I am fit enough to get some solid work done.
I went down to Toronto early on Friday for a pre-Scotia press conference.  It was a good event and there was a pretty good turn out. Reider and Gilly were in high demand, but as one of the slower guys I really didn’t need to be there. Good thing Gillis and Reid have already destroyed my ego in workouts over the past 10weeks, because no one wanted to talk to me and I essentially just sat there and got a free meal.
Come on WVU! I am watching the West Virginia-LSU college football game right now and WVU is playing terribly. Did you know that I went to WVU my freshman year of university? Yeah, sure did, I’ll prove it.

sweet action shot

So anyways, like I was saying watching some WVU football. Even though the WVU athletic department is horribly, horribly incompetent, and they cut the track program forcing me to leave I can’t help but cheer for WVU sports. They love their Mountaineers down there in the mountain state. When I was there the football team won a big game against Virginia Tech.  It was an away game, but a bunch of students broke into the stadium, tore down the field goal posts, and then proceeded to parade them through downtown Morgantown as everyone set fire to all their furniture. It was chaos, and it was awesome.
I roomed with a dude named Ben freshman year. I want to give a shout out to Ben, he’s a Marine now. That is pretty damn cool. Good job buddy! Protect the shit outta your country.
So I may have told this story before, but it is relevant to this topic of freshman year stuff.
One night we were partying at the track house. It was fun. Some random dudes showed up. They sucked, big douches indeed. My buddy kicks the douches out. They start talking trash and all of a sudden my buddy is fighting this guy! Douches friend jumps in and it’s 2-1 against my buddy, so I jump in and start fighting douches friend. I don’t really fight very often and I’m pretty little, but I was doing really well in this fight! I was just hitting this guy and all of a sudden he screams out “aghhh! Stop hitting meeee!” so I did and just told them to go home.
It should have ended there, but during the melee we had spilled out into the middle of the street. We were blocking traffic and all these cars were honking and shit (understandably). We decided they were being assholes and proceeded to start yelling at the cars. All of a sudden 4guys and a girl jump outta this SUV and come at us. These dudes were significantly bigger than us and one dude came right at me. I immediately went on the defensive. I grabbed his arms and tried to make sure he didn’t punch me in the face. So I’m just swinging around with this guy and he throws me to the ground. He is just about to pounce and start pummeling me when one of my teammates goes all ninja and just comes flying in out of nowhere, kicks this guy square in the face. It was sick. There is shit going on everywhere, pandemonium,  there was even two girls fighting! So I get dragged inside to cool off. And I did, I did cool off. I even decided that I would try to play peace maker. So I went outside and was all “ok guys, that’s enough lets all just settle down. blah, blah, blah” But in my stupid drunken stupor I wondered over to kickfaceguy, he was all bloody and just screamed at me then punched me in the face. So. Friggen. Hard! It sucked. I was now bleeding quite violently and was dragged back inside.
Fast forward 1hr.  The party is over and I’m still at buddies house nursing my mangled eye. My friend was at the hospital because his girlfriend broke her finger in the fight.  It was just me, another dude and his girlfriend. we hear this mumbling outside; “is this the house?”
“yeah, that’s the one”
*BANG, BANG, BANG* “get out here you motherf**ers”
me: “ohhhhhh shiiiiiit”
SUV fight crew had gone home and assembled their entire frat army to come and counter attack.  If they had gotten through that door I’m pretty sure that I would have been beaten to death that night. It was terrifying. We friggen booked it downstairs and hid in the laundry room and called the cops. The frat boys hung around a bit then decided to leave. We watched them drive away. They were then promptly pulled over by the police. It was awesome. My run the next day was not very good.


Sep 2011


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  1. Chris Winter says:

    College…i miss college

    • asdas says:

      By August 14, 2008 – 8:05 pmYeah, LOVE it when people (that suck) taotlly ignore the point and argue something taotlly irrelevant. So Truth, since we lost to UM that means Richie isn’t looking for a million recruits? Heck, I can use that logic too. As a response to your stats: ND has more national championships, more all-americans, more Heisman winners, higher avg SATs, a bigger endowment, and is much more likely to make a student rich than UM. According to your logic, then the last 2 years’ scores don’t matter, and we win’. Moron.Thumbs Up/Down: 0 0

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great story, eh!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff!

    Hey cool a giraffe, and one more switch back, oh no! one more…

    It was a real pleasure to chat with you post-race yesterday.
    Try to stay out of any fights in the next three weeks.

  4. Jonas says:

    Was gonna say hey after in the finish area of the zoo run but you looked pretty in the zone.

    Anyways, you win with best blog :)

    Good luck tapering for Scotia

  5. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Bob, it was good to catch up with ya, best of luck with your taper.
    Donald, glad ya enjoyed it buddy. Good race last weekend.
    Jonas, sorry I missed ya man. Come say hi next time, did you race or were you volunteering?

  6. Jonas says:

    Hey, was racing – just a 40:56 though nothing special compared to you guys but it was a pretty all out effort until my lungs felt it.

    Going to race Scotia too so I'll give you a shout out then.

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