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So picture this; You’re in a small LasVegas wedding chapel. You are there for your best friends wedding, you’ve known this guy since you were 4, but then when the wedding starts he’s not your best friend…he’s Elvis! and also, the preacher is Elvis! You’re caught kinda off guard, taken aback a bit. Then you glance to the left, you see that the groomsman is dressed in a full on velour suit, he’s a pimp! and the maid of honor is actually a dude! Now look down, you’re the best man but you’re not even wearing a shirt, just really short shorts and flip flops. What the hell is going on? Oh wait, music is playing now. Elvis starts singing Love Me Tender, he has a beautiful voice, quite angelic. In comes the bride. She is stunning, very pretty indeed. But the “father of the bride,” something is not quite right there… he isn’t wearing pants! Now all of a sudden the bride strips down into a Hooters waitress get up! and that’s when shit gets weird…That shit happened folks, that was my weekend. (video of ceremony;;=feedlik)
best wedding ever
 So yeah, I had a pretty awesome weekend in Vegas. Was there for the North American version of my best buddies wedding (original was in Korea). It was so much fun. So good to see the dudes. Especially Eric (Elvis) we’ve been buds since Junior Kindergarten when we both had to go to speech therapy. Apparently neither of us could speak properly. I escaped pretty quickly, but Eric was in ST for a while, he really had trouble saying “Telephone booth”. His English is now quite advanced, so advanced actually that he teaches it to people for a living.  He can also speak fluent Korean! Suck on that person who sent him to speech therapy, homeboy speaks mother effin’ Korean now, he don’t need no Engrish. 
Yeah so the social aspect of the weekend was top notch, but you know what wasn’t? Yep, the running, running in Vegas is the worst damn thing in the world! I had to get my long run in on Saturday. I woke up bright and early (just as my friends were coming in) and headed out to get that sucker over with. I decided to ask the front desk folk if there were any decent places to run. The dude at the front desk had three suggestions; The treadmill in the fitness room, up and down the strip or around the track at UNLV. I asked if there was anything else as I had to put in 20miles. He said no. Thanks for nothing Carlos. I headed out the hotel and just hoped for the best. A little over two hours later I returned to the hotel after literally the most brutal run I have ever been on. And folks I have had some brutal runs. This was worse than that 28km I did in Kingston a few years ago when I was so hungover I threw up 3times in the first 20min. Worse than 10miles of loops around a 150m indoor track. Hell, it was even worse than that run I did with my parents when I was 11 and I pooped in my pants.  LasVegas is a horrible city for running. Vegas is actually terrible for anything other than partying, getting married or gambling away your 401k. 
Seriously though, why the hell does that place exist? It is just a massive pile of concrete and sin in the middle of the scorching desert. Who was the genius who arrived in that hell hole of an evironment and decided it would be a good place to build a bunch of whore houses and casinos. It only exists as a place for people to come to and throw away all their money…Well, actually that is a pretty solid plan, and clearly it has worked out. I don’t know what I’m arguing about. Vegas is awesome!  
Okay, but you know what city should definitely not exist? Laramie Wyoming. That city is the coldest, windiest, lamest place in the whole gosh darn world. There are no whorehouses or casinos either. Just a brutal windswept wasteland. I wanna talk to the guy who stopped there with his wagon and was all like “Yeah, this will do.” It’s possible that maybe, just maybe that dude got there on a nice day, and maybe for a week or so Laramie gave the illusion of being hospitable.  But eventually that wind was going to pick up, and that temperature was going to drop.  When that happened that asshole should have gotten the hell out of Laramie asap. Why didn’t he leave? Why did he stay? I’m so confused by this. It’s like homeless people in Winnipeg. Why the hell are there homeless people in Winnipeg? That place is cold as hell, go be homeless somewhere warmer. Anyways…
Alright Folks, we are less than two weeks away from the Scotia. Man, that came fast. Training for this marathon as been all over the place. Luckily though I have managed to rock the past 5weeks pretty well. I hit up my last hard session of miles on Friday before I left. I averaged 4:26 over 5miles. That is pretty solid for myself. It was my first time in that VO2 zone in a while. It felt like I was sprinting the whole damn time and it hurt quite a bit. I got exactly what I needed from the workout, I was happy.
We are now in taper mode. We’re working into the taper slowly. I get to do a decent amount of work this week, so I haven’t gone too crazy yet. Next week though, man next week is gonna be rough. I’m gonna need to pick up a hobby or something to kill the time. Oh well, we’ll worry about that later. I’m going for a jog now, beauty of a day here in the Guelph.  Have a great week everyone!

Oct 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I ran in Vegas for almost 2 years and all i really did was put in 70 mi weeks in 1 mile grass loops in parks…and summer running was nauseating

  2. Mark says:

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  3. Mark says:

    amazing post rob. good luck at scotia bank!

  4. PR> says:

    I remember when I 5, my twin brother and I were given Wayne Gretzky basebaLl hats. He became our idol. We wore them until well after they were faded. We also loved playing hockey behind our farm on our rippled skating surface, we wanted to be hockey superstars like Gretzky.
    I think there should be Speed River hats for today's kids. There could be school yard fights over things like
    "Watson's the fastest!. Screw that! Its Gillis, (teacher's pet) . Shut up! Coolsaid (…kids still go to ST now).
    Anyway good luck this weekend. Kick some arse!

  5. Anonymous says:

    One more blog before Sunday for the Loyal fans?

  6. Rob Watson says:

    Hey ya'll. Running in Vegas for two years! No way man, I'd kill myself.
    Thanks Mark!
    PR, I like that Idea. I'd totally buy a Taylor Milne jersey, Milers are the coolest.
    Anonymous, check back tomorrow evening (thurs) I'll get a blog out.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Good luck on Sunday Rob.


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