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Alright, I suppose it’s time to get on it with another blog.  I have been waiting for some sort of inspiration or something cool to talk about.  But that hasn’t happened, so what you will be getting here is a fairly generic and somewhat uninteresting blog.  I am determined to keep this blog going, even if the quality drastically drops off and no one reads it, I will not have another twitter like failure!
Lets get things started with a running update.  Two weeks ago I ran a whole bunch of miles and got in some really good quality tempo work, it was fun. Then last week not so much mileage and some fast stuff and a 5km road race.  My body is confused, it doesn’t know what the hell is going on. But that is okay, just letting the body know who is in charge.
Gonna talk a little about my race.  I asked to get elite status from the race director, she shot me down.  I don’t have a huge ego or anything but I figured that for a 5km road race in Toronto I could maybe get a little respect. No dice. The race had a special area for the “elites” to line up, right there at the front.  All the fast people were assigned bibs with numbers between 1-20…I was 379. I was a little annoyed, and I decided that I just wanted to smash some people and make the race director feel silly.  I snuck up to the front of the starting area with the fast folks, then I basically sprinted off the line when the gun went off.  Now I am not the most conservative racer, I kinda like to get after it.  But sometimes man, sometimes these Kenyans cross the line from aggressive to just plain stupid. I was hammering pretty good for the first 800m when these two little guys just go flying by! I mean they were in a dead sprint. It was funny, I knew I was going to win at that point. I did.  It was a pretty good event overall, the Yorkville Run 5k is okay in my books.
There is something else here I wanna talk about. I’ve thought about this a little bit in my day, maybe someone out there in the world wide web knows the answer.  This thought originated when I was in France.  I was in Paris at some little hotel watching french TV. The movie Biker Boyz came on.  This movie probably sucked really bad in english, but it was kinda awesome in french. The people doing the french voice overs were so crappy at their jobs it made it entertaining, the French Ice Cube was so street it was scary. That combined with some sweet motorcycle action made Biker Boyz mildly entertaining . Anyways, the question I had was; do they have one voice over guy who does all the work for a certain english speaking actor?  Does the guy trying to do ghetto french for Ice Cube in biker boyz do all the french voice over work for ice cube?  I’m just curious if there is voice over actors out there whose whole careers are dependent on the success of their english speaking counterpart?  Like when Mel Gibson turned into a crazy racist nut job was the french Mel Gibson voice over guy just like “oh, merde!” Yeah so, I’ve just wondered about that a little bit during my days.
Okay, got 11miles to get after, bye!

Check out the sweet pic, that’s me being all smug after the race.

Sep 2010


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Based on my own experience, it's usually the same person who do the voice over for the english-speaking actors-sometimes different person- and their success depends totally on the number of movies the actor the are linked with does. They are usually good and their tone of voice sounds like the original voice. Somtimes they are really bad and this why Mel Gibson's french voice changes over times. This is sometimes really weird and french people like me get really confused and just think that Mel Gibson has different personalities!!!
    Awesome blog, mon rob!

  2. Rob Watson says:

    good to know, thanks!

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