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So I write this blog here, and in my head pretty much only my buddies and a few other people read it. But in reality, there is a whole bunch of fine folks out there who have ventured to this here blog. It kind of freaks me out when random folk mention that they read the blog. When this happens I immediately get this blank look on my face and I have an internal panic.  I quickly scroll through my memory and make sure that I have not written anything that may have offended said person. It’s scary. But I guess that’s what happens when ya post stuff on the internet, that shit is out there for the whole world to see, it’s the world wide web after all. (except maybe in North Korea, they have a weirder more facist type of internet, I don’t think they can get the blog over there)

Yeah so recently the I’ve come to learn that a few folks I work with have stumbled upon this blog. I definitely know that I have mentioned the Syntec on here before. Actually I believe that a few times I have made light of the fact that I was blogging whilst at work…uhh…yeah, so I was totally joking about that…haha…right?
Update! Since I wrote that last paragraph a few days ago my work/blog situation has taken a pretty severe twist.  The blog has been mentioned on an office wide e-mail, they all know know! So I guess that’s that. I can’t blog anymore. You see, my secret plan is to eventually move up and run that whole damn company. But now that they have access to this blog, they can find out about all sorts of stupid stuff I have done. They may use it against me once I start my full on, gloves off, relentless rise up the corporate ladder. I wanna be the boss, and when I get to the top, watch out man, heads are gonna roll!
I’m coming after Todd first, he dressed me up as Katy Parry for Halloween, it was humiliating. Next I’m coming after you Rowlands, make me stand in a friggen fridge for 15min taking air quality readings. The air was fine! I was freezing! The only person who is safe is Dave B. he’s my boy.
Actually my job is awesome and unfortunately I am about 5 academic degrees short and I lack the basic understanding of what the hell these people are actually doing all day to be anything more than the shop guy. That’s cool though because I get to use power tools, and power tools are manly as hell. I really gotta start using them more often. For now on every job I gotta do I will figure out a way to incorporate power tools. Recycling some boxes? gonna grab the power saw, cut that shit up. Gotta put together a fielding kit? gonna convince the field tech that they need a power drill, then I’ll have to make sure to test said drill by drilling holes in various things. I’m gonna grow my beard back and use power tools on shit all day.
So work people read my blog that’s cool. They’re not gonna fire me because I get drunk and do stupid shit. But a problem that I may have is the fact that parents can read this. I can now only date ladies who don’t have parents or who have really old parents that can’t use computers properly. The way things work now a days is that people are always googling each other. Ya meet someone, then ya google em’. It’s standard social practice. This is what’s gonna happen to me; check it. I’m gonna find a nice young lady and it’s gonna be great, awesome even. We’ll get along great and have fun and so forth and so on. Eventually though I’m gonna meet said ladies parents, I’ll be charming as hell and make a decent impression, it’ll be alright. But then they’ll google me, they’ll stumble over here to the blog. They’ll read a few posts and I’m done. That’ll be it man, I mean I use bad language and I talk about my balls. Dad’s may find it funny, but mom’s man, mom’s will not dig it. Hell my own mom who has known me for 28yrs is disgusted by some of this stuff;
“Hey mom did ya read my blog?”
“Yes, Robin, you are obsessed with your penis!”
“It’s not funny Robin!”
I’m friggen cock blocking myself, lame.
Running update. I’m gonna go to Japan and run the Chiba Relay, gonna be rad.
See ya!


Nov 2011


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  1. Tim says:

    Maybe you could find a chick with an awesome mom.

  2. Pops says:

    Japan and rad seem to go togeather these days…. as in radiation

  3. Anonymous says:

    where do you work? and how many blog hits do you get? Who gets more blog hits.. You, Ried or Gillis?

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Tim, an awesome mom is a viable option as well, hopefully I can swing that.
    Pops, nice one! I see where I get my sense of humor from
    Anon, I get a couple blog hits. I assume that Reider gets the most as he is the friggen man and he blogs much more frequently than gilly boy.

  5. P&P says:

    You can make your blog unavailable to search engines by going to Settings on your blogger dashboard. This Blog is too legit to quit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob, yes I am a random read your blog via trackie. Don't change man. When people paint a false reality that is b.s., your blog is real. All the best. Ray in Iqaluit from St. Catharines.

  7. I'm surprised you have not come up with a scheme to use the blog to meet women.

  8. Rob Watson says:

    Evan, thanks for the tip. I just gotta find a "no mom" option and we'll be good to go.
    Hey Ray from Iqaluit, I googled where Iqaluit is. Man, that place looks manly as hell, ya gotta be rugged as shit to survive up there. Thanks for stopping by.
    Montreal, hey man. I'm better in Blog form. But maybe I can swing some stuff.

  9. Johnson says:

    So people at your work and your mom read your blog? I just found out that people at my mom's work read my blog. Now that's weird.

  10. Rob Watson says:

    Just as long as my Grandma stays the hell away we're good to go.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'm a mom. It's all good with me so don't block the Moms!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i think it's obvious that you and shoeless coolis are meant to be.

  13. Rob Watson says:

    Anon #1, I think I may have underestimated moms. Moms are awesome. Bring on the moms! Actually, maybe I should date a mom!
    Anon #2, Coolis is way outta my league. Besides, I only date moms now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    don't date a mom!!! …that means she has kids and I don't think a mom's kids should read your blog (they don't need to know about your balls etc) … well maybe? but that's really complicating the overall place or purpose for your blog (maybe?)… didn't it start with running and runners? …. now you have moms' kids reading your blog about your privates etc …. wow

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rob, lmao, Iqaluit is not Jackass 1,2 it's Groundhog day and Shit show all in one. My friends say I should blog.. (Ray Lazure on the FB)Some good reads about what happens up here. Hit that 3rd Marathon berth fella…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thats funny! Hey Rob that first mom was right. Don't cock block the moms. Use your manly power tool skills to fix stuff around their houses. Then you will be golden!

  17. Anonymous says:

    hey from another random that reads your blog… seems like it's mostly a guy-audience. but guess what i'm a girl that thinks it's good. for my own blog i tend to follow the "grandma rule." cause my grandma legit reads my blog. but i respect that you don't really care, keep it up.

  18. Tim says:

    "Maybe I should date a mom" probably one of your best lines yet.


  19. PR says:

    Another great blog, bonhomme! I also started reading your training buddy, JWM's, blog. I like the cut of your jibs. That and your tough as nails work ethics. I'd mention that to JWM but his blog does not accept comments from non-bloggers.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You have hands down the best blog out of ALL runners out there. F*$k, the best blog of 'em all. You have no idea how many random people you make laugh until they piss themself. You rule buddy. Rule.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Another mom fan of the blog!

  22. Rob Watson says:

    Good to hear from all the supportive moms out there, good stuff.
    Man, the comments section has become my favourite part of the blog. Ya'll are good folks.
    "don't cock block the moms" by anon up there may be the funniest thing ever written on this blog.

  23. I enjoy reading the blog–keep up the entertaining work.

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