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There are a two things in this world that will make me do weird things, cause me to venture outta my comfort zone. One is obviously alcohol, and the other is girls. But that is not really saying much. Pretty much any dude does dumb shit under the influence of these two awesome, awesome things. So I’m not alone when on occasion these two vices combine forces and lead to strange/interesting/awkward/hilarious/awesome situations. Case and point, on Saturday night I found myself in Toronto at a DeadMau5 (Deadmouse) thing. For those of you out of the loop (like I was up until like 5days ago) Deadmau5 is a guy who dresses up as a mouse and then plays computer music for the masses. Apparently he is good at it because thousands of people take strange drugs then flip the hell out when they see him do it live. I don’t know exactly what to call this thing I went to. It is a concert? rave? performance? whatever the hell that flashy, loud and confusing fiasco was, I was there, it was…interesting. Now if ya don’t know me very well than this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, and if you do know me well you probably think I have lost my mind. Once again, it comes back to those damn vices of mine; alcohol and girls. I’m weak, but I regret nothing.
This was my first time attending an event of this nature. Apparently these events pretty much revolve around  listening to really loud computer music and dancing.  I kinda run into some issues here, because well, I don’t really like computer music and boy oh boy, I do not dance.  It is very unusual for this guy to dance. There are the rare occasions when I find myself deep in the bottle and a lady will trick me into dancing with her. But often about half way through my awkward shuffling and half assed fist pumps the girl realizes she has made a huge mistake and escapes, I will then drag my ass back to the bar and everyone will pretend that it never happened. Therefore I was way outta my comfort zone when I arrived at the deadmouse thing and the plan was to just listen to computer music and dance…for 5hours! good god, I was awkward as shit.  It was hilarious and actually pretty fun.
Then there is that whole thing about the computer music. I am a huge music fan but I tend to lean towards guitars and drums and such over robot music.  I’m actually not gonna rag the computer stuff too much though because it was kinda cool. I did however witness one of the lamest things that I have ever seen at a live music show. So here is this DJ guy (not the Deadmau5, some other dude) just playing his music, he’s having a good time and such, just dancing away and slamming whiskey. People are digging it and it’s all good. But then this DJ reaches down and grabs a knob on his computer. And what does he do with said knob? Well, he starts to turn this knob. I think maybe this DJ was electrocuted or something by that knob, because all off a sudden this dude just starts rocking so hard, I mean he was flipping the hell out man! it was like he was Jimmy Hendrix and he was shredding the most epic guitar solo ever…but this actually wasn’t the case at all. He was literally just turning a knob, on a computer. The amount of rocking that was associated with this knob turn was completely unnecessary. Weak man, so weak.
Yeah, so that was a weird night, girls and alcohol, what are ya gonna do man?
Lets talk a bit about running. I’ve been back at it for a couple weeks now and things are actually going quite well. People keep asking me if maybe I’m coming back to soon after running a marathon. The answer is no, because I didn’t run a marathon. I ran part of a marathon then stopped. It was lame. Mentally I was tore up as hell, but physically I was fine. So as my brain is slowly recovering my body is good to go. The brain will come around soon, but what better way to fix the brain then by just getting back at it and givn’r hell all over again? Hey brain, we’re gonna do this, so get on board and man the eff up!
Actually going to Japan next week to run a leg on the Chiba Ekiden Relay team. The Chiba Ekiden is a road race in which teams of 6 (3dudes, 3chicks) cover a marathon distance relay style. It’s an international event with teams coming from all over this fine planet to partcipate. I think that it will be a fun trip  The River will be represented strongly with Milne and Snides going as well, Moults is also the coach. I’m gonna roll a 10km leg for the squad, go team! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan so I’m pretty excited.  I’m also pumped to drink a beer in Asia. I have a life long bet with my best bud about who can be the first to drink a beer in every Canadian province/territory, US state and on every continent. Asia is a big one to strike off that list. I am winning this bet so far as I have a big lead in the USA with 30 states covered, (road trip to Montana anybody?) but I still have a long ass way to go. I plan on using running as a way to get to as many of these locations as cheaply as possible. I gotta run fast then get invited to a race in Australia asap!
Alright, have a good one everyone. Keep at it.


Nov 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Tim says:

    Good luck in Japan man. Kick ass in that 10K. Any goal time you're going for, or are you just gonna run fast and see what happens?

  3. Rob Watson says:

    haha, sorry DeadMau5, I knew that but "Mau5" is a confusing way to spell "mouse". That was disrespectful on my part.
    Tim, Thanks man. no goal time. It's all about racing. Just gonna get out there and roll.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You should run the Las Vegas (Half) Marathon in December. The after parties alone are worth the trip.

  5. Eric says:

    My standings in the bet –

    Nova Scotia
    New Brunswick

    New York

    North America

  6. I'm not that surprised. Grabbing knobs gets some people very excited.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob – you gonna conquer the Boxing day 10 miler again this year?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob…congrats on the budding relationship with shoeless! You scored a hottie…treat her well…or else! Booya!
    p.s. try the hot coffee in a can at 7/11 in Nippon! You'll love it.

  9. Rob Watson says:

    Anon; Vegas race would be nothing but trouble, I'd get there the night before and immediately get hammered and suck come race time.
    Spence man, I didn't realize how thoroughly dominating you have been in our great country, this is closer than I thought.
    That is a dirty joke MtlEnd, there is no place for that sort of immaturity on this here blog.
    Anon; Thinking of hitting up Hamilton, that was a fun race. Hope I can get after it again.
    Anon; Thanks and I will most certainly look for coffee in a can, that sounds like to much fun to pass up!

  10. Jane says:

    Good to know I've got some backup! Ha

  11. Rob Watson says:

    You sure do Jane. I most certainly do not want to find out what the 'or else' is that anon is talking about. From what I know an 'or else' threat is rarely a good thing. Better just play it safe and be nice to ya.

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