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Maybe you have heard about this news story coming out of Toronto. The story about a school that has decided to ban balls. No, it’s not becoming an all girls school! ha! (sorry, that was brutal). This school is banning the use of actual balls, you know, like the balls kids play with. A parent of a kid at this school was hit in the head by a wayward soccer ball and got a concussion. Unfortunate for sure, but instead of just chalking it up as an accident and moving on, the principal of this school has decided to ban the use of balls at school. No soccer balls, no basketballs they even banned tennis balls! Yeah, makes perfect sense, pretty flawless logic there. This is probably one of the biggest over reactions to anything, ever. If I were a kid from that school you’d be damn sure someone would be getting a concussion from a flying textbook pretty damn soon. Get those friggen things banned, they’re dangerous! Clearly this principal is a huge idiot, and hopefully the parents will not stand for this shit and get the balls back at this school. Come on everyone, let’s occupy Earl Beatty PS. get the balls back!
Seriously the principal said that balls are dangerous and that kids keep getting hurt and complaining. Good god, first off it is not the balls fault that these kids are complaining about being hurt. Some kids are just pussies. Whiny little bitches that will find anything to complain about. Balls are not at fault there. Also, balls are dangerous? Get the eff outta here lady! I guarantee you that some kid has fallen out of their chair at this school and hurt themselves, gonna ban chairs? This lady has to stop contributing in the pussification of our kids. This is an epidemic that is plaguing our society.
When I was a kid my school had a decent playground. There were old tires and shit to climb on, the slide was decent and there was some metal stuff to jump around on. Now that playground is a friggen embarrassment. They got rid of the cool slide and replaced it with a crappy boring slide. The tires are long gone and anything metal has been replaced with plastic. There is absolutely no way any kid could have fun on that lame ass playground, seriously,  it sucks so much balls. Everyone is so afraid of kids getting hurt and lawsuits and stuff. That is a damn shame man. Our kids are missing out on valuable life lessons, kids are supposed to get hurt, it’s part of childhood. You learn from that stuff. A kid will fall down and scrap their knee, they will cry for a minute or two then realize that it isn’t too bad, suck it up and move on. I was by no means a tough kid, but I probably had a scab on my knee constantly from the ages of 6-12 and that was just the way things went down.
And balls man, kids need balls! Ball sports teach kids teamwork, leadership and it triggers their competitive instincts. I swear man, we just keep getting softer and softer. Kids are also getting fatter and fatter, but that is another rant all together,  although I’m pretty certain that there is a pretty close relation to the fattening and the pussification of our kids. I’ll save that for another day.
Anyways, this story is so friggen stupid. It makes me sad. As a dude who loves history I think it is safe to say that at this current moment our society is the most pussified that it has ever been.  It’s not even just kids, our entire society is soft man. It’s just an attitude that people carry, everyone feels so entitled to shit. And when stuff is hard instead of just biting their lip and giving it hell we complain and whine and call lawyers. We hit the friggen jackpot by being born when we were and living where we do. Listen! Sometimes shit is gonna happen. Some really shitty shit for sure, but that is life. We can get through it, to take our lumps and move on, learn from the shit, get stronger from it. But remember how much it sucks and be there to help people when they are going through it themselves. Less complaining, more grinding.
We can learn a lot from old people, because old people are hard as hell. Anyone who lived during the wars is inherently tough as nails. Think about this, there were people who starting at the age of 18 went and fought in WWI, they survived that hell, came home and worked their balls off, then suffered through the friggen depression, then those damn Germans started shit again. So they took off for another war across the ocean.
Can you even comprehend that? That was the life that so many people had to go through. Those people are friggen hard! They are the reason we live in such an awesome country. Remember that people! Remember that when we are complaining about stupid, minute things. Old people are awesome.
I get the irony here that I am doing the exact thing that I am ranting against with all this complaining and whining. But whatever man, at least I know I’m a whiny bitch. So many people are oblivious to this fact.
What’s going on here? I don’t even know what I’m talking about any more.
So running is awesome eh? Right on. Okay some logistics. Hey don’t ya’ll love Nature? Nature is awesome (just covering my bases here, don’t ask)
You all should follow a few running friends of mine on the Twitter. Lots of new twitter action recently from the river crew. We have Milne on the twitter; @taylorpmilne, Coach is on there @realdst, Hilary is pretty awesome follow her  @hstellingwerff, John the Farmer has a fantastic blog and is now on the twitter also @jwmquality, and last but not least, my favourite female runner and blogger is rocking the twitter @shoelesscoolis.
Huge congrats to the Guelph Gryphons for dominating everyone out there in Quebec City at CI’s awesome stuff there. Nixon takes the win! I love that guy, so happy for him.
Bye Love ya’ll.


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