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Alright, so I get to start training hard again! I was super pumped about that on Monday. Now it’s Wednesday and I’m tired and I don’t really wanna play anymore. I laid in bed for an hour today before finally getting my lazy ass up for my morning run, my 7miler was a painful 49min shuffle, and when I got home I laid on my floor for another 20min just because it seemed like a good thing to do. I was very late for work today. This stuff is hard…and I’m only three days in! I blame this new strength and mobility routine that I just started doing. This routine in quite difficult and very humbling. All sorts of squats and lunges and balancing and jumping and other shit. It is really exposing how pathetically weak and uncoordinated I have become. I used to fancy myself as somewhat of an athlete. I was clearly delusional, because man, if it is not running in a straight line from point A to point B then I am friggen useless. I am now even avoiding running on tracks because the turns make my hips tight. Tight hips from gradual turns! Oh god,  It is depressing. Not only has this routine made my athletic shortcomings painfully obvious, it has also caused me to be in a near permanent state of rigour mortis for the past two weeks. I feel like an 80yr old. Last but not least it has apparently also turned me into a whiny bitch. Sorry.
So the Marathon eh? back at it for another go. Third times a charm. Yeah that is a saying that I have been hearing a lot lately. People will be like “you running another marathon?” and I say “yeah” and then they look at me, and with a mixture of sympathy and pity in their eyes they say “well I’m sure you’ll do great, third times a charm!” I don’t like that saying, it is just something you say to someone who has sucked at something twice already and is to stupid to just move on. I’m pretty sure at this point I don’t even like this event. I’m not even running it because I want to. I want to run a fast marathon just for spite. I am going to run a fast marathon just to show that bastard that it does not completely own me. Because as of now, the marathon certainly does own me. It has bent me over pretty severely twice now.  My goal is to finish my next marathon in a solid time, give that event the finger, then become a miler. The mile is sexy, chicks dig the mile.
Seriously though, I am off my 6weeks of dick around time and ready to roll again. And I certainly am looking forward to cranking out the work and attacking this marathon game again. That was the best downtime that I have ever had. I partied a lot, had a lot of fun and I met some awesome new friends, now I am refreshed both mentally and physically. Time to get at it. We have a tentative plan right now and it’s all systems go. Gotta get the mileage back up here for a few weeks, gonna loose a few pounds and shed this little beer gut I grew, then the marathon grind is back on. Sweet man, at it!
So that was a little running update. I figure that I’ll probably give a  little write up each week talking about my training and such. I generally don’t talk to much about running because I find it boring, but  I really like conversing with all you fine folks about the trials and tribulations that we all go through as runners. It is a cool sport because pretty much everyone can relate to each other on one level or another. We all basically go through the same stuff, both the highs and lows. Also I am about to become a very boring person and I’ll probably have nothing else to write about!
Hmm…Do I actually have any non-running stuff to talk about? Oh man, so it has already begun, boring training Rob is here. Crap. umm…well, sonofabitch. back to work I guess.


Dec 2011


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Third time won't be a charm, it will be amazing. And first two times didn't suck, they were just warm-ups for the rockin' third time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never boring to hear about your running training. Inspirational more like.

    Keep at it!

    Out of curiosity do you do the myrtl and cannonball routines — or do you just tailor-make one for yourself?

    Hey, how about that Kawauchi?

  3. d-wal says:

    Talk about girls more

  4. runperryrun says:

    Have you read Once a Runner, Again to Carthage? (Parker) great reads about the mile and the marathon. Hope you hammer the boxing day 10 miler again…keep at it rock the roads

  5. Anonymous says:

    Give it one more kick at the can and if it doesn't go like you expect it to fuck it once and for all lol:)


  6. Jane says:

    The marathon is long and hard, but when executed correctly, can escalate to the most glorious, body-shaking, mind-blowing high ever imagineable. Kind of like something else I am not going to get into here. Who wants to run a race that is, comparatively speaking, premature?It is the damned sexiest event there is. Nail it and you will never go back.

    p.s. you mispelled rigor. It's bothering me.

  7. Cody says:

    Jane, we live in Canada. it's spelled 'rigour'. aren't you supposed to be smart?

    Rob, Reid did on his third try and so did Gilly. I'm pretty sure that means you can just show up and run 2:11. no need to train. work on that beer gut.

  8. Anthony says:

    Great friggin attitude man!Love it!Show that marathon who's boss!
    See you at the 10 miler,hope the regime means we cant have a pint at Slainte?? Its across the friggin street!!Who could resist?

  9. Jane says:

    Actually, it can be spelled 'rigour' if it's used in the context of describing something harsh or severe ("rigourous" or "rigorous"). 'Rigor mortis' is a different use of the word, meaning muscular stiffness of an animal after it has died. No alternative spelling there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    you know whats not lame…DC. get your beer belly down here and ill whoop your fat ass into shape, you whiny son of a bitch

  11. Rob Watson says:

    Cool, good comments here let's get at it.
    Anon#1, Thanks so much, I dig the positivity there. Hope I can prove ya right!
    Anon#2 Thanks! I do a routine that incorporates exercises that are used in the myrtl and cannonball routines. It's one of those small things that I gotta keep on! And Kawauchi is my favourite runner, that guy can suffer like a champ. That is something I really have to work on. I have no problem making it hurt, that's the easy part. It's riding out the suffering that really makes him amazing. Reider is good at suffering, he's like a Canadian Kawauchi.
    D-Wal; I will do that, I hear American ladies love NZ accents, any truth to that?
    RunPerry: I have read OAR, love that book. Havn't read ATC yet, heard good things though. Sadly I have to miss the boxing day run, headed west with the lady. but maybe I should stay now that she's trolling my grammar!
    Thanks Stallion, gonna get this one. I have a good feeling.
    Jane, Your comment pretty much gave me a boner, thanks for that. Very motivating.
    Cody, Dave has a plan man and Reid and Gilly have excecuted perfectly, so as lonf as I don't eff it up I should be good to go! Also, Jane is correct on that spelling thing, we lose. ps. We should play some mini sticks in suite 11.
    Anthony; good to hear from ya buddy, unfortunately I have to miss the boxing day race this year, headed out of the province for a little bit. But I would certainly love to grab a pint with ya one of these times.
    Jane! We talked about this last night and I conceded, but now ya come on here and ya just have to show everyone how smart you are. Well then lady, you better hope to hell you have no spelling mistakes in your next ShoelessCoolis adventure, because if you do I am gonna jump all over it! and I encourage everyon else to do the same!
    Andres: I miss ya buddy, gotta get my ass down to DC soon, they have new belgium there now!

  12. Tim says:

    Good luck Rob. Get that 2:10 man.

    Tough it out through this strengthening shit. It'll help a ton in the mile.

  13. Robert says:

    Hey Rob, I know that feeling. I have done 11 marathons (I think). The marathon owns me too! I have sucked at pretty much all of them. Thinking that next year, I may do a final, last attempt at a decent time. 12th time is a charm, eh? Ha.

    Seriously, you've got the right attitude, and I am sure you can give the marathon the finger next year! Rock on.

  14. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Tim and Robert,
    Hope ya smash your next one Robert. Good luck with the training!

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