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Holy shitshow batman! Sorry for the break folks. The last few weeks has been just silly, straight up wonky! So I went to Vancouver with the lady, that was an awesome trip I had so much fun, her family were a bunch of friggen saints. Honestly and truly, just good people. I’m pretty sure that they thought I was an alright dude also. The nanny even hooked me up with a bunch of socks and delicious cookies for xmas. That nanny, she was rad, I loved her. It was all good in Vancouver, top notch indeed! I spent actual Christmas up in the mountains with brother Mike. We drank a whole lotta beer, listened to music and had a frozen pizza for Christmas dinner (sorry mom). Mike is an amazing artist, and I hope to hell one day he has the chance to show off his stuff, he blew me away with his talents up there in those mountains. That was awesome.
I also got in some very, very good training on the west coast. Lots of miles on some of the nicest trails that North America has to offer. Basically, the Vancouver/Pemberton part of my break was been rad.
I even got an old buddy from high school so drunk that he threw up all over his own coat at the bar. Good on him for not wanting to throw up all over the bar, he aimed for his own jacket instead. What a gentleman!

Brother Mike and I doing Christmas right!

But then I came back to Ontario. Oh, crap folks. Here is where I start to feel sorry for myself, and here is where this blog post gets pretty damn emo (sorry)  So we get back on the 31st and first thing to happen is that I get dumped. Seriously who gets dumped on New Years Eve? Come on Lady! I mean sure, it is good to start the new year with a clean slate, but how about a little buffer? I was really looking forward to partying and having a good time to celebrate the New Year. Kinda hard when ya just got dumped! Actually, it wasn’t that bad at all, the now ex and I still partied and still had fun. She is a hell of a girl and we’ll still be buds, I just don’t get to see her naked anymore, so lame!  We even went and saw HappyFeet2 the next day, what a cute little movie.  Seriously though, this is a call to every other woman in my life; I need some back up here! I should not be turning to Jane to get advice and support on how to get over…Jane! that makes absolutely no sense, no sense at all! But this is what is happening, she is helping me, to get over her. It’s friggen confusing.

Me: “you are a bitch, you broke my heart”
Her: “I know I am, it’s okay, you’re such a good dude, you’re gonna be fine”
Me: “What the hell is going on here?”
That was annoying, but that shit happens all the time, poor me. So then I get back to Guelph and I’m just not feeling right, I feel like I may need a change. Feel like I gotta get outta here for a while. Remember a few blogs ago when I talked about how awesome my job was, and how much I loved everyone I work with? Yeah, well I quit that job. The grind was getting to me. I think I want a job in the area of my expertise (running) I’m looking into that as we speak. Anyone got any suggestions?
So I will admit, at this point my head is not quite right. I have a sad heart, I have caught some sorta sickness and I just hate the cold and snow. Needless to say I’m game for anything that will make me feel even the slightest bit better. And then I get a phone call;
Brother Pete: “Hey Robbie, heard yer in a funk”
Me: “Yep”
Brother Pete: “Come to North Carolina”
Me: “Okay”
So here I am, I’m single and unemployed. I have three months until my next Marathon (Rotterdam, April 15th) and I have nothing really holding me in Guelph, why the hell not just get the hell outta town for a while? Give it all I got for one last shot at it. Yep, that is totally what I am going to do. I’m outta here, I am headed down to North Carolina for a few months. Gonna just train, relax and try to wrap my head around life, I am really looking forward to it. I feel good. Wait! Hold the phone there Watson;
Canadian Tire: “Hello, we switched out you tires, but we noticed some very serious problems with your vehicle”
Rob: “alright, what do we got?”
Canadian Tire: “Well, where to begin…blah, blah, blah…”
Rob: “Oh Shit, that doesn’t sound good. How much we looking”
Canadian Tire: “More than you can afford”
Rob: “Oh shit, that is more than I can afford”
Oh no, my car, my beloved Dieter is very sick. Looks like I’m grounded folks. Looks like I may be sticking around the Guelph for a little while. What to do? I know! I am going to friggen run. I am going to train my balls off and run myself ragged. Three months folks. The next three months are dedicated to operation “run yer balls off“. I love running and right now that is all I wanna do. My head is cloudy and I’m not too sure where this is all headed. Just gonna try to control what I can and let the chips fall as they may.
I like that plan, I feel at peace with that plan. Maybe I can’t just jump ship and just run away from my problems. I guess Sometimes ya gotta hang around and gut it out. Sometimes ya gotta stop being a little bitch and man the eff up! Life is hard sometimes, and life can be very frustrating. Things don’t always work out the way ya want it to. But in time I’m sure I can make it all work out. I have good friends, great family and possibly the nicest ex-girlfriend in the world to get me through all this non sense. I’m not happy today, but  I know I will be soon. In the words of a great man I know. “Sometimes to have a rainbow ya need a little rain”
Good god that was a cheesy post. Give me a week to get back on the training and I’ll be back with some good shit to talk about.

Jan 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good thing you didn't get down to UNC only to have bro tell you to pack up and head to UVA!

  2. Dan says:

    Shitty to hear that Rob. Life had plenty of lemons for you recently huh. Buy hey, things could be worse… you could "run yer balls off" for months and only ever hope to break 2:40 or so in the main events like we mortals.

  3. Gillian says:

    Hi again Rob,
    I wrote you on Facebook and I wasn't sure if you didn't get it or if you got it and you were avoiding me ;) I wanna get you some MB.
    Looking forward to seeing you at your best!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I told you go for the cougar's that are grounded and have money and yes nice bodies lol:)You need to find one that understands your athletic talent and won't drop you because you don't make enough money and all the other bullshit in life, Likes you for what you are a talented stallion #2:)

    stallion #1

  5. Anonymous says:

    It's debatable whether "it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" but don't let the experience get in the way of doing it all again! (next time it will be even more fun!) Probably not the best time to be making life changing decisions when emotionally out of sorts … it's always better to be any dealing/deciding based on strength rather than at a time of uncertainty or weakness

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob,
    I've heard that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Something tells me you are about to start onto something big.. and uncomfortable?
    All the best!

  7. Jane says:

    I may be a gold digger and a bitch, but I am a gold-digging bitch that will always care about ya Rob! I haven't broken the news to Tessy yet, it would break her heart (and she's probably sending you a package of cookies as I write this, don't want to give that up just yet!).
    You will always make me laugh harder than anyone, RobbieD, and I will always think you are one hell of an awesome dude. Time to rock it until Rotterdam!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob – been reading your blog for a while – and to my surprise, and contrary to my typically self-absorbed nature, actually find myself caring about ya…so please don't get discouraged or do anything rash…and remember…Mickey loves ya !!!

  9. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Ya'll Thanks for the comments.
    One of the reasons of my trip down to UNC was to help out with the family during the transition, hopefully I can still get down there, if only for a couple weeks. I miss Pete and Sister Kristin.
    Dan, thanks man. It's not all that bad, I'm just a big suck.
    Gillian, are you sure you had the correct RW on facebook? I was sad our PB hookup never happened!
    Stallion, Jane was worth everything man, she is a hell of a woman, I regret nothing! Thanks for the words though man.
    Anon;"Probably not the best time to be making life changing decisions when emotionally out of sorts" Haha, so true, you sound like DST. Pretty much every conversation we have starts with something along the lines of "Rob, you are making this decision based of emotion, not reason!…" It's kinda something I do.
    Anon 2, sure hope you are right buddy.
    Jane, If you were a gold digger our relationship would have lasted about 2min, and if you were a bitch it would have been even shorter. I think the world of you. You rock.
    Thanks a lot Mickey, I really appreciate the support, gonna keep on keepin' on!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Watson, keep your head in the game man. I've been reading this blog for a while now and what you need is to sit in the grass and have one of those shared-beers-with-your-old-man type of things, get yourself together, and then get after it for the next 12 weeks. You gotta Luke Skywalker jedi-knight that shit. If you think you can get it done in NC then pack yer stuff and thumb a lift down there and make a statement in Rotterdam. Word.

  11. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Anon, I apologize for the downerness of this blog recently. I am about to get down to some serious training, gonna Skywalker that shit outta it! Hopefully I get entertaining and awesome again. Appreciate the support man.

  12. Anthony says:

    You know,this breakup may just be the thing to spur you on to greatness! Been there,dude! My long time motto…'That which does not defeat you,shall make you stronger!" Git after it,man.Marking the date in my calendar.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob,

    I think Anon. is right with his, "You gotta Luke Skywalker jedi-knight that shit" comment. I read once that Buddhists believe when everything appears to fall apart and go awry, it's because the universe is trying to get something amazing and beautiful born for you and it has to distract you with stuff like bad girlfriends and car issues.(Please do not go to Cdn. Tire again for car repair – they are brutal! They will always find something wrong-grrrrr!) Dude, look up, not down. Feel sorry for yourself but then get over it. You are living a very good life you are just too immersed in it to see it. Decide where you want to be and then head over there. Do not let anyone derail you. YOU decide what the outcome of the next few months will be. Get mentally strong while you're getting even physically stronger. Ignore women for a while (seriously, that annoys us, so do that – ha ha -insider info.) and just have fun going after these goals you've set. GO MAKE IT HAPPEN ROB.

  14. Pops says:

    Man… you're the coolest

  15. Jonas says:

    Forget Skywalker, you gotta Rocky IV this shit man. Start filming the training montage.

    Good luck w getting it back together. I believe you'll kick ass hardcore in the next race!

  16. Anonymous says:

    In the words of Rick Ross, "Pussy's don't get pussy" also "Eat more fried chicken."

    I will just assume these apply here. Words to live by.

  17. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks a lot Anthony, hope all is well man. Hope to see ya on the roads this spring.
    Anon, Really appreciate the advice, good insight right there. Definitely gonna ignore the ladies for a while!
    Pops, I totally thought you were actually my dad. but you're not. Appreciate the comments anyways.
    Jonas, Think I'll combine some Jedi with the Rocky, then I'll be unstoppable! all my training will be done in montage form.
    Anon, this Rick Ross you speak of sounds like quite the poet. On my way to KFC as we speak.

  18. Three Cheeks says:

    haha what a great blog, and the fact you still have a sense of humor about it all says alot, good outlook you have duder. there's always opportunity in pain! (fist bump)

  19. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Three Cheeks, *fist bump*

  20. Anonymous says:

    What's with chicks and dumping guys on news years eve?? It's happened to be twice before, wtf?

  21. grinder says:

    A guy I know once said "Less complaining more grinding."

    So far, that advice has gotten me through exams and training during exams, as well as trying to train at home while my family stuffs me with food and beer.

    Follow your own advice and only good things can happen come Rotterdam.

  22. grinder says:

    *trying to train at home during the holidays

  23. Rob Watson says:

    Anon, what's with chicks? I'll tell ya. They're weird man, ya can never tell what the hell is going on in their heads or why they do anything. But they are pretty and smell good, so we'll keep going back.
    Grinder, I will most certainly focus more on grinding, the grind is good.

  24. That is great video clip.

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