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Every so often here at blog headquarters I go and check someof the fancy stats that pertain to le blog. I check hit count, location of hits,referring sites and so forth, but my favourite thing to check is the searchwords people have used to find their way here. Usually it is simple andstraight forward like “Leblogdurob” or “Rob Watson, blog” Those people were clearly looking to get here (and congrats for finding your way!) but then thereare some results from people who obviously had no intention on coming here atall. Somehow through the mysteries of the internet though, this is where they endup.  I wanna take a second to welcome allthose random folk. To those of you who are probably slightly upset that youhave not found what you initially set out to find, welcome!  To those of you who are just blindly ridingthe internet search engine wave, welcome to leblog.  To the guy who got here by accident while searching “is boxing painful?” welcome. But let’s stop here, let’s take asecond “is boxing painful” Guy. Seriously? Did you really have to turn tothe internet to find out if boxing is painful? Do you know what boxing is? Do younot understand that literally the only goal in that sport is to hurt the otherguy? Boxing is a sport in which two guys go into a ring and then proceed to puncheach other in the face until one of them falls over due to the massive beatingthat they have just sustained. Getting punched in the face is painful, it is actually very painful.  Although I suppose the moreproficient you become in the boxing game, the less you will be punched in theface, and therefore the less pain you will feel. So I’ll answer that question for yabuddy. Yes, boxing is painful. But if you insist on trying it I advise that youbecome really good as to make it less painful, also maybe stick to only boxingreally weak, possibly blind and even old people as to further reduce the risk ofpain.
To the person who stumbled upon this site after searching “Partying in Guelph”. Welcome! Although this blog is not what you were looking for at all, I should let you know that I would be happy to party with you in Guelph. If you are between the ages of 19-24 we can go party at one of the kids bars, maybe Vinyl. Yeah, That place sucks so bad. Sloppy drunk chicks and tonnes of douchey bro dudes. We can buy cheap beer, have some jagger bombs and than throw up in an alley. If you are 25-32 we’re gonna go to the Albion, I like that place. We can pay more for our beer, do some jagger bombs and then wait till we get home to throw up. And finally if you are between 33-80 we can go party at Shakespeare’s, I’ve been there once after 7pm and it appears to be the place where all the old people hang out. We can have some reasonably priced beer, some Jagger bombs and maybe even a glass of scotch. but we’ll be smart and stop before we puke. We will however proceed to drunk drive to get home. Seriously, I went there that one time and the parking lot was full, but everyone inside was clearly hammered, then when we left everyone was gone and so were their cars! It was troubling. That was also the night when some really drunk guy challenged Milne to a race. Milne crushed him, it was hilarious.
Finally to the guy who got here by searching “Calves sucking balls”please go away and never come back. I want to give you the benefit of the doubthere and assume you meant that your calves hurt a lot and you were just ventingsome frustration in the way you phrased your search request. But we all knowwhat you really wanted to find, and that disturbs me. It’s just plain sick man! whatthe hell is wrong with you?
Alright, so after some frustration, heart ache and otherstuff I find myself in North Carolina. I was getting ready to suck it up andgrind out a Guelph winter, but the parents would have none of it. Theyabsolutely insisted that I get my ass on a plane and fly down here. So I did,because even though I may be 28 my parents are still running the show. Myparents are wicked, I love those people more than Milne loves old PatrickSwayze movies (That is a lot!).
I’m gonna be down here for 8weeks. Unfortunately BrotherPete has skipped town so it is just Sister Kristin and the two dogs here withme in the Hill. Pete had to take off to The University of Virginia to coachthere. I could tell you all exactly why he left, and exactly what happened, butI’d prefer not to. I want to continue to be amused by all the idiots on letsrunspouting out their own random theories.
So Reider is in Kenya and getting in some sick training.Gilly boy will be holding down the fort in Guelph, doing work out there on the“P” no doubt. And I’m down here doing what I can. We will all meet up back inthe Guelph in March and it will be beautiful. I’m gonna miss the dudes, but hopefullythis time around I’ll get fit enough that when I get back I’ll be able to keepthose two bastards within sight during our workouts.
Shout out to Milne, dude ran a very fast 1000m last weekend.It may be going to head though. Over the last few days before I left he wasconstantly walking around the house with shirt off and referring to himself as“Mr. 2:20”. He did the same thing after he passed his driver’s test last year(“Mr. G”) Dude is fit as hell, but it was getting kinda weird. He also madesure to send me off in style by hammering me on a pretty tough workout onMonday. Mr.2:20 is gonna have a great year I think.
Anyways, so yeah just gonna be down here. I wanna run fastin April, so I gotta put in some nasty work right now. DST is the man with theplan, I just gotta execute. It’ll be a mixture Mixture of Jedi and Rocky IVtype shit (as suggested by some comments by you folks). I’m also gonna put together some pretty inspirational videos that document my training. The first one can be seen right down there, it goes over my intense strength training regime. Another motivation isthe fact that they have NewBelgium beer down here. There is no denying thatfact that I will drink a lot of it.  So Igotta make damn sure that I earn every single drop by putting in ample time onthe roads. Sister Kristin is going to mother the hell outta me, I’m gonna walksome dogs, I’m gonna run alot and I’m gonna drink beer.  Life is good, I’m a spoiled little brat. Nomore complaining from me, I promise!
Alright, have a good one, gotta go put in some miles.



Jan 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome video — strength training – pull ups…

    What band is that?

  2. Anonymous says:

    great timing by you ..winter has arrived in Guelph, those 25 mile runs on ice and snow might be good for character but hard on the legs (and the privates)… the letsrun message board was confusing – any insight into the UNC>VU move?

  3. Anthony says:

    Too funny,that vid.Pretty sure you do more than 2 pull-ups!

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Anon #1, Thanks man, That band is Earth Crisis, song is Firestorm, some solid Syracuse Hardcore right there.
    Anon #2, Monday was a beauty day, I was wondering if leaving was even necessary, now I know I made the right decision. As for the UNC-UVA move, Pete just had to do what he had to do, sorry I can't say much more.
    Anthony, thanks man, my goal is to do at least 7in a row before I leave here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rob, you need to listen to Jamiroquai, song called Use the Force! You are one tough dude! Good luck with your marathon training!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob, Just wanted to let you know I am drunk as shit and had no luck with any ladies this evening either. Always remember tomorrow is a new day!

    To run and drunk more beer. On a Sunday. Amen.

  7. lauren says:

    From now on, to find your blog I'm just going to google crazy shit first, and see if it comes up.

  8. Rob Watson says:

    Anon #1, So I listened to the Jamiroquai song, I dig the lyrics. The Presentation, not so much, not really my style. Thanks for the support dude.
    Anon #2, Thanks for the drunken message! Those always make me smile. I like your attitude! haha.
    Lauren, Yeah, I've noticed that a few people have taken to trolling the search thing. I've had a few good ones so far, at least I hope the person who searched "Is Rob Watson a big gay fag" was joking. Have at it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I'm wondering why your blog would even show up when someone googles "calves sucking balls"

  10. Rob Watson says:

    That was confusing to me also. This is what I came up with; In one of my posts I talked about how getting a massage on your calves sucked balls. And I figure that there is probably not very much content on the internet that involves "Calves sucking balls" (I sure hope so at least!) so than LeBlog turned up on the google when that sick bastard looked for it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wonder how surprised when he was looking for "calves sucking balls" and a running blog shows up. Serves him right, though.

  12. Anthony says:

    Does a calf even have balls to suck? Thats what I wanna know!
    3 beers is good for a week as tough as yours,perhaps a Sambuca or two added to the mix?? Just to really eff things up.
    Works for me!

  13. Rob Watson says:

    This Calves sucking balls fiasco is hilarious. But now I fear every sick bastard who is looking for that kinda stuff is gonna en up here now. Leblog is a family friendly place!
    And Anthony, Sambuca makes me puke, get that shit outta here!


  14. Anonymous says:

    I also enjoy the search keywords for my blog. many include my name then…
    …is a hoe, …had sex with 10000 guys
    Etc. Seriously people? they better also be joking. but my fav, obviously from an overly confident mother running the show: my daughter ashlyn is way better than….
    Yours win though. calves sucking balls.

  15. Dave K says:

    Let's hear more about the Milne vs. drunk old guy race at Shake's story…that sounds like a gem.

  16. Serge says:

    So I had to google "calves sucking balls" just to make sure, and yeah… it's right there under "mature gay stories" (I wish I was kidding).

  17. Rob Watson says:

    haha Serge, this internet thing is a wacky/disgusting place.

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