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Hey, this is going to be primarily about running today. So I apologize to all you non-running folks out there, this post is probably going to be highly uninteresting to you.  But I encourage you to keep reading, because at the very least it will likely kill a few minutes of time, and that’s probably what you are looking to accomplish by reading this blog in the first place. I’ll even throw in a non-running related story at the end.
Okay so yesterday was the Toronto Scotia Bank Marathon, and it was an amazing day.  Reid and Gilly absolutely killed it!  I was acting as a pacer for my buddy Reid, on a scale of 1-10. 1 being Gillis’ rabbit and 10 being…umm…10 being a really good rabbit, I think I scored a 6ish.  I was able to hold a decent pace while trying to keep our other pacer, Simon from dropping us. I think he wanted Reid to run 2:09, Simon really believed in Reid’s ability apparently.  Dylan Wykes also helped quite a bit. Anyways, I felt great through 15km holding 3:04-3:05kms pretty well, then by 18km it started to hurt. We came through the half at 65:03. At this point Simon vanished, he was sorely missed. Not only was he Reid’s rabbit, but I was planning on tucking in on him also because I was hurting pretty good at this point. So he was gone and about 30sec later Reid asked if I was okay, I could only grunt… and it was a negative grunt. I started to flail and run like an idiot, Reid pulled away as my hamstrings tightened into little balls of fire. I kept jogging for about 30secs, grunted a sad little grunt and started walking, my pacing job was complete.  I only made it 21.9km, I was supposed to do 25. I was pretty pissed that I had to stop, but it was physically impossible to keep going at that pace. Next time I’ll be more prepared.  Now Reider was going to be all alone…for 20km! Our group went from 4 guys down to one in the span of 2minutes.  But luckily Reid has huge balls and the determination of a sonofabitch, he hammered home to a 2:11:23, hitting the Olympic A standard!  friggen eh! it was so cool to see him pull that off.  Then Gilly comes scooting on in only a few seconds later in 2:12:08, almost a 2min PB. Huge day for the boys. Yesterday was so inspiring and uplifting, to see these guys absolutely smash it like that after all the shit that they’ve been through was awesome. My love for this sport has been re-ignited after that twitterish crapper of a track season.
Big ups to the whole Guelph crew, there was quite an impressive posse of cyclists out there supporting the boys. It is very cool to have such a high quality event so close to home. Alan Brookes has done a great job putting on a world class event in Toronto.
My legs are dead today, I was woken up twice last night via violent cramping in my hammies and calves.  I can only imagine how Reid and Gillis feel. But At least they have shiny new PB’s to comfort them.  Okay, so that was my Sunday. 
Now here’s a little tale about young Rob, my best bud Eric turned 27 a few weeks ago. At his 6th or 7th birthday party we had pizza. I threw a piece of Pizza on his roof for fun. His dad got mad at me because that piece of pizza on the roof was going to attract raccoons. I promptly threw another piece on the roof just because I was a dick.  Mr. Spence then kicked me out of the birthday party, I had to walk home with no goodie bag. I only added this story because I thought it was quite funny.
Have a great week world wide webbers.


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