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Sometime during my 4th mile interval yesterday…
Left Leg: “Oh shit, do you feel that?”
Right Leg: “Yeah, man it’s coming”
Left Leg: “Wow, I have not felt this in a while, I forgot how much this sucks”
Right Leg: “Yeah, this is brutal. Dude, it’s really flooding in over here!”
Left Leg: “Yeah, it’s coming in pretty quick, let me ask Brain what to do. Hey Brain!”
Brain: “Yeah Legs, what’s up?”
Left Leg: “umm…we’re getting some pretty good lactic buildup down here, what should we do?”
Brain: “Yeah, umm…just try to keep going, it’ll be alright”
Left Leg: “Huh? really? That’s the plan? Come on man we need some help, I don’t think it’s gonna be alright at all. It’s really burning.”
Brain: “Yeah sorry guys, I made this kid go out way to hard. Gonna be straight with ya here- he’s in a whole heap of trouble”
Left Leg: “Are you serious? why did you do that?”
Brain: “I dunno, you guys just felt so fresh and frisky at the start, figured we’d give it a go.”
Left Leg: “Dude! how many times do we have to have this talk? Save some friggen energy for the end! Geez!…well we can make it through this one, can’t promise much more after that. How many more after this one?”
Brain: “Four.”
Left Leg: “Four! oh sweet Jesus! what the hell Brain!? You’ve done it this time man, you’ve really screwed up here. You are a real bastard you know that? this kid man, this kid just wants to run fast, but ya just keep making him do dumb shit! Ya keep screwing him over. what the hell were you thinking? There is no way we can handle this for four more!”
Brain: “Yeah sorry…I…I umm…I screwed up pretty good here this time, you guys are pretty effed, this kid is effed. I promise though guys, I promise this is the last time.”
Left Leg: “Bullshit man, that is such bullshit! You seriously do this to us all the time!”
Brain: “yeah, yeah I do. Sorry guys, I’m not a very good brain, I have some issues I really need to work on, I’m sorry I’ve let ya down, I feel terrible, maybe we should just go home…”
Left Leg: “Eff that man, no way. You got us into this mess now you gotta get us out of it. You can’t just puss out because it is getting hard. That’s not the way we roll. Here’s the deal, me and Righty down here are straight effed’, so now it’s up to you to get us through this. Dig in man, suck it up we gotta finish this sucker!”
Brain: “Alright, I’ll see what I can do…”
So my workout yesterday was difficult and my lack of pacing and self control made it that much harder. I ran my first few intervals to fast and then suffered greatly for the rest of the workout. Ended up averaging 4:38 for 8xmile, I’m happy with it. But, it is kinda frustrating when you start hurting 200m into your 4th interval, and you know that you have no one to blame but yourself. I am seriously so dumb sometimes. Overall though I got some really good stimulus and had to focus pretty good to get it done properly, great day of training overall.
Yeah so Here I am, still down in the NC. I think I need a hobby, or a job or maybe even just a nice southern girl to hang out with. But whatever it is, I need something folks, I need a distraction! When my days revolve solely around running, well than that is all I’m gonna do. Sure, you may be wondering what the problem is with that, isn’t that why I quit my job and headed south in the first place? Didn’t I wanna just focus on my training? well, technically yeah. But I tend to go a little bit overboard sometimes. For example; my last 7days  I have run 182miles, 182miles! That is 292kms! That just isn’t smart, not smart at all! (oh man, sorry coach, I am totally getting an e-mail over this!) I was hoping to eventually get in some 160+mile weeks, but 182 right off the bat!? Not cool man. And if ya know me than you know what I’m thinking right? Yeah, 292km is nice, but a 300km week would be cool, and than hell 300km is pretty damn close to 200miles, so why the hell not!? I’ll tell ya why the hell not! Because that nonsense is a slippery slope man, and much like a literal slippery slope, if I go down it there is a hell of a good chance that I’m breaking my friggen leg in the process. So like I said before, I need a distraction. Back when I was working I would always do a morning run, but I’d only go like 7-9miles because I had to get to work on time(ish). But now what do I have to do all day? Nothing! The weather is beautiful and the trails are wicked, so why not go for a nice little 90min morning run just for the hell of it. Then I get home and I just eat a bunch of food and watch TV all day. Eventually it is time for run number 2, and I am full of energy because I haven’t done anything all day. So then I put in another 90 just to burn some energy. It is stupid. I’m stupid. And what makes things worse sometimes is that the one activity that I may actually do consists of me walking to a coffee shop and just drinking coffee for a few hours. Yeah, just load upon caffeine, great idea! That is when the 30mile days start happening…But whatever, eventually my legs will rebel and I’ll have to chill out a bit. But until then go big or go home right?

So I may not be the brightest, but as a somewhat seasoned runner I do know that recovery is important. Recovery and rest folks, we spend so much time breaking it down, it needs a little time to build back up. So for the next video in my NC Diaries I present to you the art of recovery, this is science, don’t question it!
Thanks fer stopping by! cheers.


Jan 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    182 miles is unbelievable. Your a running machine Mr Watson. Take advantage of the weather because it is a biotch in Canada. Blowing wind and snow perfect training weather, not lol:)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Watson – you magnificent bastard – nice intervals
    Go forth and conquer, young Jedi

  3. Anonymous says:

    You're really showing Cam Levins and his pathetic 155-mile weeks who's boss!

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Hey dudes,
    Stallion, I miss my training partners in Guelph for sure, but I most certainly do not miss the weather, I don't do winter well.
    Thanks Anon #1 I will go forth and conquer, that is a fantastic idea, thanks!
    Anon #2, I think Levins showed me who was boss last year at XC nats, that guy is good, and he is gonna be great very soon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yo, southerner! Glad to hear you went down south to give it a go. Y'all been rackin up the miles ( I picked up the y'all on our recent drive to and from Florida). So, I' m trying to come up with pastimes for you: volunteer. Just a few hours. Get involved with a school or youth group/to tag along. Inspire some young minds like you inspire your readers. But leave the peanut butter treats at home y'all don't want some poor kid going into anaphalaxis.

  6. Tim says:

    What's your pace for the runs? (Or is that a secret xD)

  7. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Anon, that is a hell of an idea, gonna go wonder into town and check that scene out. Thanks dude.
    Tim, Usually just go by feel. Could be anything! 6:00-6:40miles any given day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Almost as good as our boy Terry…you'll be famous soon too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does your dog join you on your runs?

    Glad you realise that kinda mileage is too high. I occasionally pop out a week that's too high – when on holiday from work, then I'll get all excited an run over a hundred on trails. But then get back to what I can handle (averaging 70-80's). But those 180 weeks would eventually break you down. Glad to hear you've got a coach.

    BTW… funny post. Thanks.

  10. Rob Watson says:

    Anon #1, Thanks, I hope that's not THE Terry you speak of. I don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as him.
    Anon #2, I do not run with the dogs. Yeah, that was a bit much. Just got excited and figured I'd throw a really big one in there for fun. I have run several 160+ mile weeks, so I didn't think it would be to crazy, but maybe it was…

  11. Anonymous says:

    When will you be back in Guelph?

  12. electron1661 says:

    your lifestyle sounds like fun! if I was a full time runner I'd be doing the same exact thing. 90 mins twice a day doesn't sound bad at all, especially if that's the only thing you have to be doing and if you enjoy it.

  13. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Anon, back in Guelph March 8th.
    Electron1661, Thanks a lot man, I dig it that you can understand and appreciate the system I have here. 90min rest all day 90min, is a lot easier than 45min work 5 hrs, 90min. At least I think it is.

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