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Alright, so lets have an update shall we. Where to start, well we’ll start with the obvious. After I finished my huge mileage last week my leg promptly blew up and I had to take 5 days off, that was annoying, but hardly surprising. I’ve always wanted to run a 180mile week, so I did. And now that I have done that I know that it is really, really hard and kinda unnecessary. 160 will be just fine from here on out.

I went to a physio therapist when my leg exploded. Man, those people are amazing, so smart! PT’s are a godsend. The human body is a crazy thing, and the most frustrating part for us runners is that whatever it is that we have hurting is generally not what is actually hurt. So your knee hurts? Cool, that’s because your opposite hip is tight! Huh? How does that work? I don’t know, but physios do, and that is why they are rad! It is so important to have a good physio, I’ve been working with BST in Guelph for years now and she is fantastic. But since I’m down here right now I had to go to a new dude. At first I was apprehensive with my choice because he was rocking Vibrams. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and he ended up being brilliant. Brian (the Physio) was able to pick up on such a slight little hitch, then he connected it to this, and this was causing that and so forth and so on. And after a bunch of twisting and loosening I walked out of the clinic right as rain. It was fantastic. Balanced PT down here in Carborro fixed me up good and I’m rolling again, awesome. Sometimes a little forced break is alright. I probably needed it physically, and mentally it reminded me just how much I want this. Onward to Rotterdam!
Another update. I’m no longer working with DST or the SpeedRiver Crew. Just needed a change. I am going to miss the holy hell outta my dudes in the river though. Some of the best friends a guy could ask for. Whether it be pounding out some miles on the trails, or slamming back some pints at the bar, those bastards are top notch. But ever since Kyle Boorsma grabbed my balls that one time things have just been weird, and well one of had to go! Just kidding, Kyle and I got over that ball grabbing episode a long time ago. I still believe that SpeedRiver is the best club in the country.  They have the best athletes in the country and they have some of the best coaches in the country. If anyone asked me where in Canada they should train I would not hesitate to send em’ to the river. But man, sometimes ya just gotta try new things. So that’s that. onward to Rotterdam!
During this transition it is quite convenient that I have a kick ass coach as a brother. It is also convenient that said brother spent a few years hanging around Dieter Hogan and his Kimbia crew while they were kicking ass and taking names in all the major marathons. Dude knows the Marathon. So dude is my new coach. Now I’m not saying that I’m gonna all of a sudden become a superstar, because DST sure knows the marathon also. Just saying that I trust the plan that Pete will give me and I’m excited to give something new a try, he’s also kinda a hard ass so he’ll keep me in line no doubt. Sister Kristen is gonna be my strength coach. She is damn good at all that fitness and strength stuff. We went to yoga the other night. I like yoga, but I always find it to be incredibly humbling. I am terribly inflexible, so generally just touching my toes is a chore. In yoga if I can rock a half decent Downward dog than I’ll chalk the class up as a success.
So here we are doing this class, and we’re supposed to be bending this and tucking that, all whilst keeping our auras aligned mind you. And I can’t do it. I just can’t. These bends are not natural! I am convinced that the instructor was messing with us or something. The positions she wanted us to mold into just weren’t gonna happen, it’s physically impossible! So I stop, sit down, then glance around the class…Everyone, and I mean everyone is nailing these poses! I can’t believe it. I was literally the worst Yoga-er in the whole damn class. It was a damn embarrassment. But I will keep going back. I refuse to be defeated by yoga…I also like the way those pants make girls bums look.
Yeah so Team Watson is ready to roll. Let’s hit it folks. One last shot at it. Onward to Rotterdam!


Jan 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love yoga pants on females

    -watts from pennsylvania

    • Zanderson says:

      Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to know so much aparmxioptely this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I believe that you simply could do with some percent to power the message house a bit, however other than that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed… Yoga pants on the ladies are the shit… If you went to yoga just for the workout your man card would be promptly revoked. Stay fast Rob!

  3. Tim says:

    +1 for yoga pants.

    and also, props to you for not living a boring fucking life. It was pretty obvious how big SpeedRiver was to you, and how hard it seems letting go sometimes. But if its a change you want, its a change you'll get. Stick through it, and things are gonna go way up from now on.

    Onward to Rotterdam!

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Watts from PA, yoga pants. yep!
    anon, appreciate it man. It's the simple things that keep us happy, Yoga pants are simple, simple yet amazing.
    Tim, Thanks man, dig the kind words. That's awesome. Cheers to Yoga pants!

  5. Anonymous says:

    pantyless yoga pants are even better lol:) hohohaha big Watson


  6. Anthony says:

    Big changes man! Brave shit.Onward to Rotterdam.Yoga pants rock!

  7. Anonymous says:

    yo rob, screw those fools who are blowin you up on letsrun. haters! keep doin your thing and never stop writing this blog cuz its the shit. all your hard work will pay off soon my man!


  8. PR says:

    For a bit this news made me feel sad. But then I thought, hey: I'll still bring up his blog by Googling with appropriate words. I read Coolsaet's; he's posting from Kenya. I read Wykes stuff he's in BC. I have buddies working in Fort McMurray. The internet keeps everybody close by. Leaving the nest can invigorate and permit growth. You're following your gut, good on ya. I think the common denominator in Coolsaet/Gillis/and even Milne successes have something to do with your being there to slog out the miles. You've helped pushed them along and you've learned from them too. Now is your time. Go Get It. Then get a huge contract with a Peanut Butter company and make millions! Onwardrun.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Like the silhouette runner leading the race at the top of your blog page – I give this news a big "thumbs up" !!!
    Kick Ass Team Watson

  10. Rob Watson says:

    Stallion, you are a horn dog. But yes I imagine that sort of party would be neat.
    Thanks Anthony, what is your next race? ATB?
    Matt, thanks a lot man. Not really to bothered by the letsrun crowd, it is what it is on that website.
    Hey PR. I dig the continued support man. Thanks for everything, I've got a shipment of MonkeyButter coming in, I'm pretty pumped about it. Will run for peanut butter, no doubt about that!
    Anon, Thanks so much! Yeah, lets keep this thing rolling.

  11. Anthony says:

    Yo Destroyer,this last Utd loss really pisses me off! Out of the 2 major competitions!! Arrggh!
    Sorry,running blog,yep ATB and Toronto Marathon to get a Boston qualifying time(pretty easy for an old dawg like me)!

  12. Anonymous says:

    yo rob, this blog rocks, i like your style. what you aiming for in rotterdam??

  13. Rob Watson says:

    Hey Anthony, yeah looking like it might be a bit of a down year in terms of hardware for the devils, they still have the league to win! Hope the training is going well, I'll be there to cheer ya on at ATB.
    Anon, thanks a lot man. Goals for Rotterdam? Man, I'm Gonna work hard and see how the fitness comes along before making a specific time goal…but we all know what is on the line;)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Alas, all things will run their course and nothing will stay the same -to be successful one time or for a period of time can be a fluke or accident but to be continually successful is the real test and measure but to achieve that continuity you must embrace and grow with change and learn from the experience – good or bad ( the extremely talented might even control change ) you have been recently blessed with change -take advantage of this blessing and move onto your next level … 'chance created situation – genius utilized it'

  15. Rob Watson says:

    Wow Anon! I dig that insightful and wise comment. Thanks so much for that. It is really cool having support in a time of change and relative uncertainty. Moving forward!

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