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Hey, blog #62 coming at ya. So Last week I was lucky enough to have an entire thread on the LetsRun message board dedicated to me! If you are unaware of letsrun than you should know that I am being incredibly sarcastic here.  As soon as I saw my name in the thread headline I was just like “oh crap, this can’t be good” I was right, it wasn’t. I was thoroughly and mercilessly torn apart. I had a few brave souls stick up for me, that was nice. But the general theme of the thread was less than positive. I was called crazy, slow, ugly, stupid and impotent even, well not impotent but I wouldn’t put it past those slimy trolls. Luke S. started this thread. Luke is a good kid and he started the thread with good intentions, but Luke clearly doesn’t know how the LetsRun MB works, if I ever see Luke in public I am punching him in the dick. That message board is scary man, nobody is safe, nobody! They will find a way to talk shit about anybody, no matter how fast you are, no matter how much you’ve accomplished, you are never safe from those losers. People really can be mean when they are anonymous and there is no chance of facing repercussion for their statements, bunch of jerks. Yeah, so that actually didn’t bother me at all, it was pretty funny stuff and it sent a whole lotta people over here to the blog. I’m still gonna punch Luke in the dick though.
Last weekend I went to one of the coolest things ever. This was something that I didn’t even know existed before last weekend, probably something that most dudes have never heard of, but holy balls man, it was awesome! What was it? A Bridal Showcase, yeah you read that right, a motherfricken Bridal Showcase! Sister Kristen works for a bridal shop so she was working at this thing as a wedding dress model and she grabbed me a ticket. I had nothing else going on so I figured I’d might as well check it out and make fun of Kristin in her dress. Man am I ever happy I decided to go, it was money man, so friggen money! If you are a single dude I would highly recommend that you check out one of the these things ASAP.
So I walked into this place and the first thing I notice is that there are just tonnes of super cute girls, girls everywhere! of course many of them were the brides to be, but for each BTB there were like 4 giddy friends accompanying her. Chicks love weddings and they flocked to this thing in droves. Oh yeah, and these were southern girls too, southern girls love to dress up and they have really cute accents. Southern girls are hot. So yeah, just a tonne of hot southern belles frolicking all over the damn place. It was rad, if there were any other random solo dudes there we totally would have high fived, but I’m pretty certain I was the only dude who made a solo mission to this thing. All the other guys were either working or they had been dragged there by their BTB, it was clear that the soon to be married guys were having vastly different experiences at this bridal show than I was, they all pretty much looked like they wanted to kill themselves. Poor bastards.
After I spent a few minutes being creepy as hell checking out girls (I am a coward and I clearly wasn’t going to actually talk to any girls!), I wandered around to see what this show was all about. Here is something I quickly figured out; the wedding industry is friggen competitive. There were so many different wedding specialty businesses at this thing. And these folks were all fighting for the same clientele, so they had to stand out, they had to figure out a way to lure people to their booths. So what is the best way to persuade people to come talk to you? Free stuff! just offer free shit and people will flock. That is a scientific fact! And the free stuff of choice at bridal shows is food. there was so much amazing food. I’m talking cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolates…everything. I just kept eating, it was too good, I couldn’t stop. I was actually kinda disgusted by the level of gluttony that I was achieving. Not really though. I even scored a glass of champagne, and it had a raspberry in it! why was there a raspberry in this champagne? I don’t know why, but it was delicious and goddamn was it ever classy!
So here I was just blindly going from cake station to cookie lady to ice cream dude and so forth when I got kinda disoriented and ended up wandering outside. Well hot damn, what do you suppose was going on out there? Yeah,more food! There was an entire giant friggen buffet of normal food out there. But not just normal normal food, Amazing normal food! There was shrimp and grits, some sorta lobster quiche thing, some dumplings and stuff like that, I ate duck! I’ve never had duck before, but there it was. They killed a duck, took off its feathers, disposed of its beak, cooked it up, then put it on a cracker, it was simple and it was divine. I definitely gotta eat more duck. I love bridal shows. Sister Kristin came and hung out with me after she was done work and it gave me all the more reason to visit all the best booths again, it was great, I had so much fun.
Okay, gonna go get on some training, 10weeks, nice.
Hey! before ya go checkout this quick little chat I did with mt buddies at
Good dudes over there at RunnersFeed, they’re gonna help me out a bit and give this here blog a bit of a face lift. Okay, out!
Have a great week.


Kristin and I killing the Bridal Showcase


Feb 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What's tatto'd on your arm?

  2. Johnson says:

    You've got trolls?! Congratulations! That's when you know you've made it on the interwebs. Haters gonna hate, as the saying goes.

    One thing though.

    Rob, dude, you're clearly killing it over here with your blog. You've got a massive following (I know because you're one of the top referrers to my site), your content is funny and topical, but I've got just one word for you, Fella: Paragraphs.

    Just hit the goddamn "Enter" key once in a while, would ya? That way so we're not confronted by this wall of text every time you blog.

    Anyway, keep on keepin' on. The hat looks great, btw.

  3. Rob Watson says:

    Anon, I have the word "endurance" written down my arm. Got it freshman year of University. WVU gave me money to buy textbooks, I got tattoo's instead.
    Johnson, You are the pro man. I will most certainly look into adding some paragraphs. Thanks for the constructive criticism, very untroll like.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Man, you're like the Brendan Kelly of running.

    I hope you listen to this while you're punching Luke in the dick.

    • Nemam says:

      - Thanks, Skye!I want to say more but the raging envy indise me about you being in Japan right now won’t let me. I hope you have a wonderful time, though! :)September 14, 2011 12:09 pm

  5. Rob Watson says:

    Oh my god anon, that video was so relevant and so friggen funny. Thank you so much for that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Definitely don't take them seriously. You're a hard working, fast runner. They just love trolling and shit talking.

    I found your blog from it too!

  7. Rob Watson says:

    Thanks Anon, yeah some people are just negative Nancy's I guess.
    Super pumped ya came and checked out the blog though! welcome new internet friend!

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