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Hey, so you may have noticed that the blog has had a bit of a make over. My buddies at runnersfeed helped with this. Let me know what ya think. If there is something that you think sucks, let me know and I’ll fix it. If there is something that is awesome, also let me know, as it is nice to get compliments.

I have started to post my training log on this here site. I get a lot of people asking about my training and such, so I figured I’d just put it up and ya’ll can check out how I get down. Feel free to comment away on this stuff. If ya have any questions, comments or concerns just let me know. I’ll answer any inquiry to the best of my ability.

Speaking of training, it  has been going quite well as of late. I’m pretty happy and excited about the way things are going. I’m really digging this set up down here in NC. Since I’ve gotten here I’ve become a gluten free vegetarian. Sister Kristin is a GFV, and since she buys the food, and she cooks the food, I have kinda adopted that style also. I just eats what I gets my hands on folks. I like it so far (I’m not entirely GF, I need my beer, and GF beer is lame as hell).  Also as long as I can have peanut butter I’m a happy kid.  Shout out to the fine folks at Monkey Butter for hooking me up with some amazing PB. Seriously, that stuff was the best peanut butter I’ve ever had, they have bacon flavoured peanut butter! If you have a chance I would highly recommend trying it out.

Also since being down here, through certain changes my support team has been significantly scaled down. It now consists of Coach Pete playing the role of Coach. Mom and Dad are playing the roll of sponsor. Foam roller and Advil have taken on the part of physio and doctor, and Sister Kristin doing everything else. She is in charge of my strength and conditioning programs, she is my personal nutritionist and chef, she also gave me a satisfactory haircut and she keeps trying to find single ladies to hook me up with. Sister Kristin is essentially my lifestyle coordinator.  I dig that.  You guys reading this blog have also been great with your continued support and encouragement, thanks for that!

I’ve got three more weeks of this before I head back up north and back to reality. Man, I don’t wanna get back into the real world. Gah, but before that happens I have the NYC half on March 18th, then Rotterdam April 15th. Gotta make the most outta these next few weeks, because after April 15…well shit man, I have no idea! I suppose I gotta find some new city to move to and some new job to do. I’ll worry about all that non-sense later. Right now I’m digging this running life. Maybe I’ll just run really fast in Rotterdam and I can put off the real life a little bit longer. Yeah, that would be wicked.

So apparently today is Valentines day, this is such a lame holiday. I’m sure that ya’ll have heard plenty of belly aching and complaining about V-day. So I’ll be brief here, and all though I really don’t care, I can see where the V-Day haters are coming from. I’m thinking that maybe 20% of the population actually likes/cares about this holiday (well 20% of the population that matters, people under the age of 18 are useless and therefore they don’t count in this statistical analysis). I have yet to meet a man who gives a shit about V-Day, if you’re a single man it’s simply just Tuesday. If you are a dude in a relationship you are basically forced to dump a bunch of cash in an attempt to make yer lady feel special in hopes of getting some action. So that right there is 50% of the population who don’t dig V-Day. Then ya take all the single ladies out there. What percentage of females do you think are single?…Google just told me that about 50% of people are single. So that’s another 25% who are non V-Day fans, in fact single women are probably the most anti V-Day portion of the population. Single men are generally indifferent (maybe this post is proving otherwise) but single women are funny come valentines day. Just go check out facebook, you can tell which ones are single because their status on valentine’s day will either be 1. A statement proclaiming how awesome it is to be single and that they don’t need no man (or woman)! or 2. A link to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video. They generally come off as quite defensive. So now we’re at 75% of the population not caring about valentines day; all men and single women. The final 5% of those who don’t care for valentine’s day is made up of married women over 40yrs old. These women have probably been married for several years, they have jobs, kids and other stuff to deal with, they could care less about all this valentines day BS.

So there ya have it. Valentines day is a useless day; ya don’t get off work and a majority of people agree that it sucks. Lets just stick to the real holidays. Real holidays like Halloween, yeah Halloween is awesome, and it is awesome for everyone, every year! (except for maybe really religious people, but they fall into the same category as under 18yr olds from above). Check it; When you are a kid for Halloween you get to dress up, act silly, then random strangers just give you a whole bunch of candy. That is pretty much the raddest effing thing ever! Eventually you get too old to go begging for candy. So for a few years Halloween becomes a day when you just cause trouble, ya drink, ya smash pumpkins and ya participate in general tomfoolery it’s quite fun. But the best is yet to come! When ya turn 18  Halloween gets sexy.  Girls suddenly realize that Halloween is a perfect day to have an excuse to just get hot as hell, and smart dudes should wear costume that requires a mask or dark glasses so they can hide the fact that they are looking at boobs all day. So from age 1-30ish Halloween is clearly awesome as hell. Maybe you’d think Halloween’s awesomeness would taper off after this point. While it is true that it has peaked (the peak is generally the year that you manage to pick up one of the super hot girls at the Halloween party). But  Halloween continues to be pretty decent. At this point you may have your own kid to dress up with. Halloween is a perfect time to bond with yer kid, ya dress up together and then ya go trick or treating together. You also get to steal all their candy while they are at school, that sounds fun! And if you are over 30 with no kids or sexy parties to go to then…umm…well you have an excuse to buy giant bags of candy an gorge yourself while pondering where it all went wrong. Halloween owns Valentines Day…but don’t get me started on the wonders of St. Patrick’s Day!

Okay, gonna go for a nice easy jog. Have a great one guys and gals.



Feb 2012


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob get on that team. I know you can run 2:11 on the day on a flat course and very little wind. Just use a few solid runners in the race in rottendam for pacing.


  2. Kanye East says:

    suddenly becoming a vegetarian is worrisome. keep the iron levels up

    give ‘er hell in rotterdamn. london ontario represent.

  3. PR says:

    That pic of the NASCAR tract looked cool (or maybe it was the absence of snow that made it look so). Any hazards out in those NC trails like coyotes, bobcats, snakes, Freeman of the Land?

  4. rob says:

    Thanks Stal, I’m gonna give it my best shot man, we’ll see what happens.
    Kanye East, I pretty much eat iron pills like they are m&m’s so hopefully I’ll be fine, my biggest concern is growing a vagina due to the wussiness of some of this food. Go London indeed!
    PR, yeah man, that NASCAR track in gnarly, I was rocking shorts and t-shirt out there also. Winter is lame. The trails are pretty safe, saw a deer with only one antler yesterday, poor guy looked so off balance. and luckily the snakes are hibernating, I hate snakes!
    Cheers dudes.

  5. Frank da Tank says:

    My one recommendation for the site is to capitalize your name on the side.

  6. leo says:


    I really like your blog – the running log is cool, too.
    You wrote:
    I’ve got three more weeks of this before I head back up north and back to reality. Man, I don’t wanna get back into the real world. Gah, but before that happens I have the NYC half on March 18th, then Rotterdam April 15th. Gotta make the most outta these next few weeks, because after April 15…
    Did you mean three months? March 18th is not “before that happens” if “that” = three weeks from now. I’m not trying to nitpick on your grammar or anything – it just isn’t clear what your schedule is. Of course, you have no idea who I am and there is no reason to clear up your schedule for me – but, you know, you’ve been talking about your life on this blog – and since I like to run and don’t like to work, I’ve been reading about it.
    Good luck – it sounds like you’ve put in the work to succeed so hopefully everything will fall into place in the next couple of races and you’ll be running in London.
    Another thing (sorry – my comments could be there own blog) – I have a couple of friends that have become gf (out of celiac-necessity) and I don’t understand how you get a healthy, balanced diet that way (for an active person).

    • rob says:

      Hey Leo,
      Sorry about the confusion. It’s 3 weeks before I head back up north to Canada, I love Canada, but I’m not super pumped to be heading back just yet. So I guess that is when I consider this little training/vacation awesomeness to end. Back home I’ll still only be training and focusing on running fast, but I’m gonna have some more responsibility and life stuff going on. Still pretty chill though until after Rotterdam, then I really gotta get down to business! Ah well, it’s going to be all good. I hope that makes some kinda sense.
      As for the GF thing. I’ve been looking into it a lot. GF has become quite popular recently and there are a whole bunch of great resources on this here internet to help guide a rookie GF’r and keep em’ healthy. There are lots of alternatives available to replace the gluten. It just takes a little more work, but it’s not terrible. I also take a supplement for anything I fear I may be lacking, mainly iron and b-12 due to lack of meat.
      Really appreciate the comment/questions and thanks for the encouragement! Take care dude.


  7. Anthony says:

    Forgot to say I like the new blog,different but cool.
    Re:Valentines Day,I have one of those over 40 wives,but she gives half a crap about V-Day,but she just wants a card.Too easy.And as for Halloween,my 3yr old was born Oct 30,so she gonna have some sugar loaded B’days for the foreseeable future.Lucky kid. And hailing from the Emerald Isle,dont you get ME started on Paddys Day!! Cheers.
    Good luck in NYC.

    • rob says:

      Hey Man,
      Your kid is gonna be outta control around Halloween/Birthday time, that is just too much awesomeness and excitement to control, good luck with that!
      Glad ya like the blog, and hope training is going well, cheers!


  8. Webmaster says:

    I am sorry Rob but the new website sucks balls. I liked the old one better. You can’t even scroll the page. Also, I don’t know about this GF business. Remember. Chuck Norris aint no GF free mofo and he is bad as hell.


    • rob says:

      haha, dig the honesty there. Thanks man. Apparently we’re having problems with internet explorer, I have my man looking into in, he’s wicked smart.
      GF is working alright, Chuck Norris is a bible thumping, conservative douche bag.


      • Webmaster says:

        I meant Movie Chuck Norris… Not the real Chuck Norris

        • rob says:

          Movie Chuck Norris is pretty gnarly. thanks for clarifying. About the scrolling problem see the comment below,hope that helps.

          • Webmaster says:

            You are so frickin funny. I love it. The help on the scrolling problem. works good.

            I love the blog. Don’t ever change man. Stay Gold and Run fast. We will be rooting for you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you click on the Tools tab and select compatibility view that should fix the problem

  10. craig mcmahon says:

    Rob- the blog is great stuff. I hope you run real fast for 2 reasons- 1) running fast is sweet, and I don’t have to tell you that. 2) If you get famous, maybe more runners won’t feel the need to be so f***ing boring.

    Never thought it’d take one of you polite, mild-mannered Canadians to show American distance runners how to swear and be manly, but shit, if the shoe fits. . .

    • rob says:

      Yeah buddy! Thanks Craig. I agree, running fast is sweet, and most running blogs are pretty friggen boring!
      Let’s keep er’ going man.

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