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I had a weird dream last night, it was scary and freaky and I didn’t like it one bit. I dreamed that my grandmother was trying to murder me. Yeah my sweet little grandmother was chasing me with a knife trying to kill me, it was absolutely terrifying. Luckily it was just a dream and now that it’s morning I’m okay.  I am no longer afraid that my grandmother will murder me. I have to admit though, I am ashamed with the way dream Rob dealt with this whole situation. Dream Rob did not handle the murderous Grandmother scenario well at all.

This is how the dream went down, some of the details are fuzzy, I’ll stick to the gist of it; It starts with me being at  my parents house. Pretty much my whole family is there, there’s like 8 of us. Out of nowhere Grandma comes in with a knife! Everyone then freaks the hell out and scatters. I am particularly frightened so I run into the back yard, I’m so scared at this point that I don’t really know what to do, so I hide in a shed. Dream Rob is terrified! He gets in the shed and hides under something, then he just sits there shaking with fear. Dream Rob is crying like a baby and praying that Grandma doesn’t open the shed door and kill him. Okay, so at this point I am so freaked out that I wake myself up. That was the dream, it sucked.

Let’s break it down; So obviously dream Rob is a huge coward.  My first problem is with Dream Rob’s actions when Grandma first enters the room with a knife and murderous intentions.  He didn’t do anything about it, nobody did! Grandma should have been immediately neutralized!  There are 6men in my family and nobody had the balls to tackle grandma, or punch her in the head, anything would have been better than just running away! Hell, we didn’t even have to get within stabbing distance, we could have just started throwing pots and pans at her, surely a hail of miscellaneous kitchen supplies would be enough to take down an 87yr old.  Nope. Instead everyone just panicked and ran. My whole dream family is a bunch of cowards

My next problem is the fact that after dream Rob fled screaming like a little girl he decided to hide in a shed. Come on dream Rob! Grandma is 87 yrs old, you don’t hide from an 87yr old, you run the hell away! Arguably the most exploitable weaknesses of an 87 yr old is their lack of speed and agility. It is a scientific fact that old people are slow as hell. Unless it’s Ed Whitlock, running is a pretty solid escape plan.  This horrible dream would have lasted like 2seconds if I just ran; “Oh no Grandma wants to stab me!” *Dream Rob then proceeds to run away* Done. But instead dream Rob hid in a friggen shed like a damn fool. It was really scary. I Kinda think dream Rob deserved to get murdered for his cowardice and stupidity. Dreams are weird.

Ok, now don’t any of you folks try to play Freud and analyze this dream. People who try to analyze dreams to find meaning are lame.  People just love to play psychologist, happens all the time.  So you meet a person who is kinda socially awkward, well hell he must have Aspergers! excellent diagnosis, you must have taken PSYCH101 at some point!   If yer not a real psychologist/psychiatrist it is probably best to keep it to yourself because odds are yer probably just spewing gibberish. It would be like a person watching a marathon on TV picking up a few words and phrases all of a sudden thinking they are a running coach.  Fake psychologists/psychiatrists bug me.

So let’s get to reality here now. I have been told that the blog got a mention in this months issue of Canadian Running. Damn fine publication that CR is, unfortunately being down here in the states I don’t have access to CR, I have to make due with Guns and Ammo instead.  Apparently the blog has been recommended, and for that I am appreciative.  But I also heard it was given an ‘R’ rating, “for adults only”. That is bullshit! Come on LeFranco! This is the internet, you gotta do a lot more than use a few curse words to earn an ‘R’ rating on the internet. Just the fact that there has never been a picture of a penis on this blog automatically makes it no worse than a PG-13. The internet is a filthy, filthy place. When I am a parent I am not letting my kids anywhere near this cesspool. You can google search pretty much anything and you are certain to end up no more than 3clicks away from a penis. The internet is perverted as hell. Anyways, thanks for the shout out LeFranco, good man!

Training update; Things are going well, just finished up a pretty solid little block and now I am resting up a bit. I think things are going well. I have nothing to compare it with as this training is so different from what I am used to. I’ve been pretty solid on my shorter interval stuff, but I have not rocked the longer stuff too hard yet. I gotta get on that. Overall I’m working hard and doing what I can, so I’m gonna just assume I’m getting nice and fit.

I am currently in a 4day easy stretch. Usually taking easy stretches messes with my head, but I need this one so bad. This training approach is a little more intense than my previous cycles and therefore I am much more beat up and tired on a day to day basis. On Thursday I had a long progression workout, I didn’t run particularly fast, but it was my 6th workout in 11days and man did I feel it! As soon as I tried to go fast there was just an accumulation of crap in the legs, it was a good workout, but it was a grind for sure.

So I’m starting to realize that rest is good. In the past I have been terrible with allowing myself to relax and take it easy every so often. I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of good rest and recovery. I really liked this article;, some really good insight from some brilliant folks. I am a huge Ryan Hall fan, that guy is ballsy as hell.  So yeah, I’m racing the NYC half in 3weeks, so we’ll see how things are coming along there in the big apple.

Hey hope you guys have a great week. If you could go here and vote for Mary and Sean one more time that would help, because they are getting destroyed!


Feb 2012


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  1. fellar says:

    How long are you training in NC?

  2. […] his own for quite some time and his writing is as good as his running. His most recent post is up here. He does have a tendency to venture into some more mature topics, so don’t say I didn’t […]

  3. jacob says:

    Nice post. Keep em coming. Do you do time trials? I’d like to know your current 10K time.

    • rob says:

      Thanks Jacob, I haven’t done any sort of time trials recently. I’m kinda curious myself as to what I could roll a 10k in right now. I came through 6miles of my 9miler today in 28:55. Gonna race a half marathon in a few weeks, that should be fun.

  4. Mary says:

    What’s up with the firearm training institute ad? Good luck in NYC!!

    • rob says:

      Hey Mary, Sorry about that ad, I have no idea how all that jazz works. It’s random and crazy. Thanks for the support! Have a good one.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahah so funny……if the whole running thing doesn’t work out you might consider stand up ;)

    • rob says:

      Hey, you know being a stand up comedian is my secret lifelong goal, but unfortunately I am a horrible public speaker and I lack confidence or any sort of material. Therefore it will remain a fantasy. Damn.

  6. bh says:


    Maybe you should pretend Granny is chasing you through the streets of Rotterdam. Go get that 2:11!

    • rob says:

      oh man, that would probably result in a 29min 1st 10km, then by 25km I’d be passed out on the side of the road and she could just come and finish me off too easily. I lack pace control on a good day. With psycho granny chasing me I’d be outta control!

  7. connor says:

    Hey man great blog. I just wanted to say congrats on getting Randy Carlyle, maybe things will turn around for you guys. Also i know you think the hurricanes dont have any fans, but they actually do, if you went to a game you’d be able to see for yourself. Tickets are like $10, you should try to hit one up in your last few days here

    • rob says:

      Hey Connor,
      glad ya like the blog, I have no Idea why I have not gone to a canes game. Probably because I’m from leafs land where ya gotta drop at least $200 for tickets. $10! Damn! Next time for sure.

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