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Hey, sorry it’s been a while eh?  This always seems to happen once the training really gets going. The more I am running and working out the dumber and less creative I get, thus the blog suffers. It is a damn shame folks, and for that I am sorry! But I just finished up a gnarly couple weeks on the roads and I get to rest up a bit now. I’m back in the Guelph just chilling, so I figure I should get back on this blogging thing.

Going to NYC for a Half Marathon this weekend. I am super pumped about it. The fine folks at NYRR have assembled a sick field, it is really ridiculously stacked. I’m quite excited to be entering a race fit and confident, it has been a long time since that has been the case. My little training stint down there in North Carolina was pretty rad. I think I have gotten quite fit and I have gotten my confidence back. So looking to have fun out there this weekend, just gonna stick my nose in it and hopefully roll a good one.

I’ll just briefly touch on another aspect of the runnin’. People keep asking if I’m going to be chasing the 2:11:29 Olympic time in Rotterdam. Well here’s the thing, 2:11:29 is a sick, sick time. I am a 2:16 guy, that is a huge difference!.. Having said that, Yes, I am absolutely going to be chasing the Olympic time in Rotterdam. Coming into this training cycle I tried to convince myself that a 2:13-2:14 would be a good result, that would certainly be a time that I’d be proud of. Yet despite all my efforts in trying to be mature and reasonable that damn 2:11:29 time would keep sneaking back into my head. I couldn’t let it go, couldn’t fight those thoughts. So finally I just said “eff it, let’s give it a go!” Some people are going to criticize and call me stupid and delusional. And I agree, I am stupid and somewhat delusional, but shit man, I’ve always been told to dream big, and it doesn’t get any bigger that the Olympics. So that’s the deal, Rotterdam, out at 2:11 pace and holding that flow as long as I possibly can. Simple plan, and a plan that will either result in it being the best day of my life, or quite possibly the most painful day in my life. Either way, what do I have to lose?

So in non-running news, it’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, March Madness! Love it! The the NCAA basketball tournament is one of the best things in sports, (along with Soccer World Cup, Olympics, NHL playoffs and this; And this year the tournament is going to be extra wicked because the mighty Colorado State Rams have made it! This blows my mind, all I can remember about CSU basketball from my 4years in Fort Collins was that they were absolutely terrible! I went to half of one game once, and it was horrible and sad.

I blame the old coach for the brutalness of Colorado State basket ball circa 2002-2007, I just don’t think he knew anything about basketball. I’m petty sure he was an electrician by trade. His brother-in-law was the athletic director at CSU and gave this guy the job as part of a dowry or something, there was no way he was a legit coach. This “coach” knew two things about basketball; he knew that being tall helped, and he knew that if you shot at the basket from far enough away you got three points instead of two. As a result of this vast understanding of the sport he recruited a whole bunch of 7footers and told them to shoot three pointers all day. The results were a whole bunch of 5-25 seasons and a campus full of gangly, uncoordinated ogres.

In all honesty CSU is not really a very good athletic school at all. I would go to the football games because tailgating was fun as hell, I once filled a watermelon with vodka and took it to the game, that was a fun day…probably…I don’t remember. But really when it comes to NCAA sports I am a West Virginia Mountaineers fan.

I probably should not cheer for the Mountaineers, they did after all just straight up cancel my sport and make me transfer.  Their athletic department is as inept as they come. But man, it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement and passion that the folks in West Virginia show for their ‘Neers. They live and die by these teams. When I was a freshman the Mountaineers won a big football game. Sure, it was an away game and all, but an army of students still broke into the stadium and tore down the goal posts. They then proceeded to parade the goal posts through downtown as everyone else lit their couches on fire and general chaos ensued, the National guard had to be called!  Seriously though, at WVU it is a tradition to light your damn furniture on fire to celebrate a big win. That is just way too rational/awesome, Go ‘Neers!

Okay, Folks have a great week, Hope everyone’s training is going well. Spring racing season is fast approaching! I’ll hit ya up with a race report after NYC, Cheers!




Mar 2012


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  1. josh says:

    Admirable choice. You have the rest of your life to be a 2:13 guy… you have until mid-April to shoot for 2:11. Keep rollin’.

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  3. says:

    Fade From The Front (FFTF)!!!.. if you are mentally focused and physically at your peak wouldn’t it make perfect sense to go for the Olympic standard NOW? … 2016 is a long way away!

    a bit surprised you haven’t taken on a GA at Colorado State or West Virginia (or somewhere in between) …. when the ‘neers’ move to the Big 12 (13? 14? or whatever) will they be reviving their men’s XC & TF program? …. you act like a kid and think like a kid so shouldn’t you be motivating and coaching kids? – and recruiting would be a natural (runs in the family?)

    • rob says:

      I would love to be a GA at CSU! I don’t think they do that though. I hope WVU brings back men’s XC and Track, Cleary deserves a program.
      Think and Act like a kid eh? Makes me sound like a dumbass, you call me a dumbass?
      Anyways, the FFTF is on! Thanks man.

  4. Jacob Aliet says:

    All the best Rob. I am eagerly waiting for the race report.

  5. Dennis M says:

    Rob, long time reader/first time poster on “le blog”. I’m rooting hard for you in this homestretch towards Rotterdam for two reasons:

    1) We had shots at a Nationals AP one time in Guelph (Rocky Mountain Bearfuckers, I think).
    2) This here post/blog is some inspirational stuff, and always a hilarious study break.

    I feel like the least I could do is leave ya some encouragement in return for the laughs. Hope ya pop a good one in NYC, best of luck!

    • rob says:

      Hey Dennis. Man if we had RMBF shots there is a good chance I threw up later in the night, thanks for that ya jerk!
      I really appreciate the support dude, glad ya like the blog. Alright, back to studying, peace!


      • Oz says:

        Thank friggin hell you are blogging less. Gives me more time to do useful stuff like actually running or stretching.

        Do you know how much time I spent running or stretching the day I discovered you blog? Not much. I bunkered down and Read from Blog #1 to Blog #38 all in one go. Then needed a nap.

        • rob says:

          Haha dude, that is wicked. I love it!
          I don’t wanna mess with your running though my man. That’s it, the blog is cancelled!

  6. anonymous says:

    alright, there’s the blogging we’re used to! thanks for holding up that promise, i obviously wasn’t the only one in need of some study breaks. good luck this weekend. and on the pb, just go for it, you’ve been putting in the work!

  7. Obi Wan says:

    There’s no fading in Rotterdam – Rotterdam is a fade-free zone! When Subconscious-Mind tries to convince you that’s it’s hard and to ease up – tell it to “EFF OFF” – that YOU choose the pace – and that 3:06 is the effing pace!!!

    NY is a good opportunity to remind Subconscious-Mind of who’s the boss – a few pre-Rotterdam sparring rounds

    Roll on Young Jedi

    & training looks spot on – you’re a freakin’ stud!!!

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  9. Bob says:

    Read your tweet: “5km at 14:19, that resulted in a long ride on the pain train! 63:29, Pacing coulda been better, but
    effort and stimulus was spot on. Happy.”

    Happy for you. Great effort and fantastic result in stacked field. Keep ‘er going!


  10. Bomb J says:


    Being a long timer (running not prison sentence) ie before the arrival of the Nike Waffle trainer into Canada even, I would marvel at the exploits of Drayton,Rodgers,Shorter,Bedford et al in 70s…having said that, your training log looks curiously like Bedford’s…high mileage and when racing, starting unusually fast (see 1972 Oly 5000m) like today’s half…

    IMHO 15:30s 5kms should feel like a jog in ‘Dam…keep at ‘er…PR for sure pending weather/stomach/injury issues…it’s those last 8kms…wish you all the luck in the world…put it all out there dude…

    Bomb J

    • rob says:

      Hey Bomb J, it’s awesome to have an wily vet checking out the blog! Bedford was a bad ass, I dig that comparison, hope I can make it work, yeah last 8-10km will be a grind, gotta keep my mind and body strong! I appreciate the support man.

  11. says:

    Couple of thoughts on your great NY 1/2 – TOP CANADIAN – always good in a big race! ….not much sign of New Balance sponsored Runners? (one Australian) … you obviously went with the right pack early because only 1 guy (Mellor) who wasn’t in that initial 2nd pack at 5K moved back up inside the top 26 and in that group nobody finished outside the top 26 … but you must have been hurting at the end- that was a strong field and you fit right in… congratulations young Canadian!

    • rob says:

      Hey Palgoroad, Thanks a lot!
      I think that Ben St. Lawrence was the only NB guy in the race, lots of Nike out there in the lead pack.
      As for the pacing, yeah I wanted to get that racing and pack running feeling back after doing so much solo work recently, it just happened to be an amazingly talented and fast pack, dudes were rolling! You are correct, I was hurting quite a lot! It is good to get that race hurt feeling every so often.
      I dig the kind words man, thanks so much.

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