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During the Geosyntec holiday party of 2011 I got kinda drunk, a guy I worked with, Grant, also got kinda drunk. We got to talking and he decided that he should run the Around the Bay 30km. I told him that if he signed up than I’d coach him. He signed up the next day, and this was the start of my coaching career. In his very first e-mail to me Grant stated that his goal was sub 2:30. Fast forward 4months, Grant had put in a lot of work and he lined up at Around the Bay fit and ready to tackle the 30km distance.

Grant was an awesome athlete to work with. Dude had a pretty full plate; full time job, young family, hockey league and a huge friggen dog to take care of.  Yet despite all this he stuck to the training, he was out on the roads all winter putting in the work.  He assumed that I knew what the hell I was doing and he followed the training pretty damn well. He did the easy runs, the workouts and was up to over 30km on his long runs. It was very cool to watch as he continued to get fitter and fitter, and as race day arrived he was ready to take care of business. Grant went out hard, excecuted a perfect FFTF and rolled across the line in 2:29:59. It was awesome!

That is the thing I love about road races like Around the Bay. Often times we’ll only hear about the elites or some runners with some sorta unique human interest story. But everyone toeing the line has a unique story. Everyone has put in a lot of hard work, everyone has had to sacrifice something to get there on race day. And it is awesome to see the joy and exhilaration on people’s faces as they cross the line and achieve their goals. It is rad to see others do great things, it is very motivating and inspiring.

Also wanna give a quick shout out to some other friends who rocked Around the Bay; Reider with the win. Big break through for Terrance coming is second. To my buds Darren and Anthony rocking for the Longboat runners. The IronHorse crew and all the Guelph victors, great job guys. And also to the 10or so people who gave the blog a shout out as they ran by, thanks for that!

So back to my expert coaching ability. Working with Grant and seeing him do what he did was wicked. I need a new job and maybe I’ll become one of the those internet running coaches. Those people make bank! Sure I don’t really know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to coaching. But I figure I can just read a few books, steal some training methods then slighty tweak them to create the “Watson Training System”.  When someone asks what my training philosophy is I’ll just name drop some already established coaches to sound legit ” Well it is a Lydiard style with influences of Daniels and Pfitzer mixed in” Sounds like I know what’s up right?  but what I’m actually doing is acting as a middle man between you and a book that I read. I’ll just charge ya a whole lot to pass on the info. My trademark? Well it will obviously be horrible racing tactics. But instead of “horrible” I’ll phrase it as “ambitious” racing tactics. I’ll also have amazing motivational tricks, I’m thinking a reward system based off the cookies and beer principal will keep my athletes on the ball. So That’s that, I now have “The Watson Training Method” Go big or go home! It’s gonna be huge people!

If the whole coaching thing doesn’t pan out than I have a few other plans for my future. First plan, run friggen fast in Rotterdam and go pro, that’d be the ideal set-up.

Plan #2; Take a few weeks and learn how to throw a knuckle ball then join the Toronto Blue Jays. Seriously, have you ever seen Tim Wakefield pitch? Dude just sorta lobs it in there and hopes for the best. Knuckle ball pitchers are hilarious. The best gig in the world is MLB pitcher, play 30games a year and make $10million, sweet deal. Sure, most pitchers have to be genetic freaks, workout a whole lot,  get strong as hell and have excellent technique as to make the prospect of hucking a ball 100mph even remotely possible. But not knuckleballers, nope, they just gotta learn to hold the ball funny and chew tobacco. Man, I can’t wait to win the world series, that’s going to be sweet.

If plan two doesn’t pan out then we move on to plan #3, Lottery, duh! Anyone who doesn’t play the lottery is just plain dumb. You can win $50million with a $2 ticket, that there is a  sound investment!  Man, I can’t wait to win the lottery. I’m gonna buy a really nice custom made hat. I’ve been contemplating trying out new hat styles lately, but I lack confidence in my ability to pull it off. If I had a hat that cost like $5000 then I’d have to wear it or it’d just be a huge waste of money, and that’d just be dumb.

Okay, Plan #4; Male Model. True, I’m not that good looking and I don’t photograph well, but there are a lot of goofy looking dudes who are male models. With good lighting, makeup and neat hair anyone can look good. I’m kinda hoping that this just works its self out because I have no idea how to go about becoming a male model. Also, I assume that male models do well with women, that’d be a pretty good perk to the gig. Women like male models.

Okay plan #5, I guess I could just find a real job. But what are the odds we’re gonna get this far down the list? This is a last resort option and I am not too concerned about this, nor am I taking this option very seriously. But if I become desperate and this option has to be utilized my only criteria for said real job is that this place must have a dental plan. I haven’t been to the dentist in like 6yrs, and sometimes my mouth hurts. I should get that checked out eventually.

Awesome, I now have my life planned, and boy is it looking sweet! So from now until April 14th, boring marathon hermit. April 15th Marathon. April 16th many beers and cookies in Amsterdam. April 17th back in Canada. April 18th-Dead, see above options 1-5. Feels good to have it all figured out.

Ok, Onward to Rotterdam! Have a great week everyone.






Mar 2012


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  1. bonojam2012 says:

    This was one of the best things I have read in a long time. And I read a lot!! You should add graduate school to the list. That’s the route I took, sure you have to “go to class” “learn” and “write papers” but you also get to kick it with some cool people, follow the cookies and beer plan, and bang out lots of miles. F the real world man, and call me a damn renaissance man.

    • rob says:

      Dude, I would love to go back to school! That is an awesome option. I will get back for my masters eventually. Learning, writing papers and class, I’m game.

  2. Michael says:

    Watson rocks! Keep on keeping on dude

  3. Dan Way says:

    Hey Watson. Great blog! How come ‘professional writer/blogger’ didn’t make the list of career options?! I run with Darren and Davey at Longboat and apparently you’ve agreed to pace some of us for the Goodlife Marathon. We’ll pay you handsomely in cookies and beer for the trouble. Another plan perhaps? Can’t wait to see you tear up and down the streets of Rotterdam: Go big or go home!

    • rob says:

      Hey Dan,
      I need more traffic for this blogging thing to pay off, just gonna run fast and that will help.
      Congrats on a great run at ATB! The whole longboat crew killed it!
      I am most certainly down to pace you guys. Gotta get my boy Darren his qualifier for Fukuoka, we will celebrate with many cookies and beer!
      Thanks for the support.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Become a BOYTOY like me lol:)


  5. Anthony says:

    Dude, WHEN I win the lotto,I am friggin hiring you to regurgitate all that coaching outta those books(throw in some Squiers pls) ! We’ll both be fartin’ thru silk,guy!
    I think you’ve just become Longboats favourite runner with these shout-outs! Cheers for that.
    After Darren gets done at Goodlife you gotta double back a little and bring this old dog home!

  6. PL says:

    Be careful what kind of cookie you eat in amsterdam, You don’t want them to find any surprise in your blood after your win in rotterdam!

    • rob says:

      I think it will take some pretty special cookies for me to win Rotterdam, but I love the faith there PL! But I’ll be kinda behaved after, no illegal drugs! (just lots of legal beer).

  7. AnonymousRunner says:

    You can coach me any day! If you’re up for coaching slightly overweight runners aiming for a 2:15 half, ha ha.

  8. Edgemont Dave says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. You’re an inspiration, Mr. Watson! Been using your rewards program as guidance in my own training. Nailed a tempo run at 10 sec better than goal pace, so treated myself to a beer on the train home to the wife and kids. Had I beat by 15 sec, I’d have earned cookies too.

    Best of luck in Rotterdam. Hope you kill it! If you run into a British guy named Kevin there, tell him I said hi. Dude’s 51 and did 2:48 at New York last year. May we all age so gracefully. KICK ASS!

    • rob says:

      Hey Dave, happy I can help in anyway and glad ya rolled your tempo run, the prospect of beer and cookies is enough to get ya through any tough workout. What are you training for?
      If see a fast, older Brit gent I will certainly send him your regards.
      Take care my man.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Rob! Training for the New Jersey Marathon in 5 weeks, trying to qualify for Boston. Just ran the NYC Half just 23 minutes slower than you did, so I think I have a shot. Run like the wind!

        • rob says:

          Hey man, That NYC half was an awesome event eh? Sounds like you are fit. Couple more solid weeks of training and you should be ready to rock it man. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You’re pacing Goodlife? What pace? I can double the cookies and beer they’ve got you promised for…

    • rob says:

      Haha, hey Anon, I’m gonna be helping some friends. They’re looking for 2:42 to get a qualifier for Fukuoka.

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