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When I was in high school sometimes my friends and I would drink a bunch of beer, soak a hat in flammable liquid, put the hat on our heads, light the hat on fire and then run around with our heads engulfed in flames, all the whilst giggling and having a ball. It was great fun.

Luckily I have grown and matured, now for fun I just ignore my friends, wake up super early and then hit the roads and run until I am physically incapacitated. There is no booze, fire or giggling involved in this process… Being old sucks. After Rotterdam I am getting drunk and lighting my head on fire, gonna kick it old school.

Anyways, speaking of Rotterdam, hot damn folks! 10 friggen days until I gotta drag my body around that place. I am pumped. I have finished up all the hard work and now I am just focusing on resting up, recovering and being 100% ready to thrash on the 15th.

I want to take a quick second to say thanks to my boy John W. Mason. John is a great dude and last weekend he ventured up to Guelph to be my bottle man for my last big workout. For a brief moment in internet time John had a brilliant blog ( But then he lost interest and the blog died. I think that he should get that sucker back up and going!

So, as I was saying, Johnny boy came up to aid me with my workout. With the help of  his expert bottle delivery method I was able to roll the best work out I have ever done, it was a 30km progression and it was glorious.  I am confident that I am going into Rotterdam as fit as I’ve ever been. I’m gonna go out there and just see how many 31:00 10k’s in a row I can do. I’m pretty confident that I can do 3 pretty solidly. It’s that last 12km that is gonna be a bastard. Marathons get effed in that last 12k, weird shit can happen man. It’s gonna be fun.

I really have nothing to talk about, my life has been pretty much consumed by this impending race. Hmm…I wish I had a funny story or anecdote to share, but I ran outta those at around blog #17…Hey, went to Toronto the other night and saw Chuck Ragan in concert, it was a great way to escape the mental torture that is known as tapering. Went with a few friends and it was a great time…That story sucked…umm…what else is going on?

I had to go get a new license today. Ok, bear with me folks. Usually when someone starts a story with the line “I had to get a new license today” the story is bound to suck. And come to think of it, this story is probably going down this path also. But having to get a new license is a sad event for myself. Over the past couple years I have always looked forward to the opportunity of showing off my license. I love whipping that sucker out for any reason necessary. Because unlike most people out there I have a license photo that I am incredibly proud of. Every time I take that thing out I get pretty solid positive feedback on the photo. Just today the one lady at the DMV said I looked like a movie star, a movie star! Movie stars are generally pretty attractive people. I had a lady at the liqour store once tell me that it was the best license photo she had ever seen! This lady checks ID’s all damn day, she literally see’s hundred’s of  license photo’s a week! It makes me feel good about myself. I am going to miss that jolt of self assurance once I get my new crappy photo’d ID. Yeah, so like I said about any DMV related stories sucking, just proved my point.

Rad License Photo.

Well here’s the deal folks. I’m gonna go to Holland here in a few days, I’m gonna hopefully smash my race and then I am going to party my balls off in Amsterdam. So hopefully my next blog will have an awesome race report followed by a hilarious tale about some sort of silly Amsterdam themed shenanigans.

You guys are awesome.



Apr 2012


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  1. Tomas says:

    let’s get it Rob.

  2. Pops says:

    You’ll get it Son

  3. ODYASON says:

    Giving you the incentive of cookies n beer to run sub 60 mins had you run a decent race in NYC, so let’s see if it works here. A whole box of effin GF cake-ies (that’s cookies so thick they’re downright little cakes) and a twelver of some good ol Canadian microbrew for a sub 2:11.

    Go get em, dad.

    • rob says:

      Sounds great, I will earn me some cake-ies for sure, some cakies and a 12er of Amsterdam 416 Urban Wheat! Thanks man.

  4. Anthony says:

    I am friggin stoked for YOUR race dude! Gotta find out if its on the interweb and get my ass up and follow along.Any idea if its being webcast?
    You rock buddy! Go git it!!

    • rob says:

      Hey Anthony, it will be broadcast live on Universal, but they’ll only show the leaders. But the leaders are going for the world record, and that will be amazing to watch.

  5. Heather says:

    Total. Rock. Star. Photo.

  6. Dan says:

    Was that really your dad? He’s as funny as you are. Go rock Rotterdam.

  7. PR says:

    Go go nail that sucker! Any idea if Rotterdam be broadcast online?

    • rob says:

      Thanks PR. It’ll be on Universal, but just the leaders. They’ll be flying though, so you should check that out.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Will be channelling all my positive energy your way for next Sunday

    No fear & no regrets

    Buena suerte el Toro

  9. Steve says:

    Well, it sounds like your’re healthy, fit, and have a real shot at the standard. If you don’t panic when things start to get tough around 35k, my sense is that it’s gonna happen. And you certainly deserve to make it. You’ve been through a lot since the Waterfront, but have really sucked it up. No matter what happens on race day, you should be very proud.

    By the way, you write a terrific blog. And it’s giving me chills to think of living the Olympics vicariously through Internet Rob, and competing by proxy in what promises to be an absolutely epic marathon.

    But hey, are you going to shave the dome before Sunday? Because that really is a sick time you’re chasing. And you’d hate to run 2:11:40 and think, man, if I’d just been a tiny bit cooler, maybe I could have held it together a bit longer.

    Anyhow, here’s hoping the day is good to you, and those Dutch girls even better.

    • rob says:

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. The support I get from all the amazing people on this blog is amazing.
      Going in for a high performance haircut tomorrow, gonna chop the flow nice and short. have to combine high efficiency for racing, yet stylish enough that that ladies will dig it. It’s a fine balance!
      Thanks again Steve, Have a good one my man.


  10. Pops says:

    Thanks for the love Son … and remember that the love is reciprocated no matter how you do… that’s unconditional love Son

    • rob says:

      You’re not my dad, I was just at dinner with my dad, it wasn’t you. You’re an interesting fake internet dad, thanks for the encouragement though fake internet dad.

  11. Pops says:

    Listen Son … I very concerned about your love of cookies …. and that they might just be … amped … in Amsterdam..
    This is why I’m suggesting that you find some of those cookies and let Pops deal with them. Sometimes even Pops likes to go back to his old school.. and it will keep you on the clean and narrow …

    • rob says:

      Sounds good fake internet Dad, I will not be smuggling marijuana laced cookies back to Canada though, could be more trouble than eating the actual cookies.

  12. Tim says:

    Yeah budday!

    Can’t wait for your race, you’re gonna kick some ass. Glad to know your training has been going well. Also, love the addition of you posting your runs (even though you’ve been doing that for a while).

    Good stuff man. Keep it up.

    PS – lookin sexy in that pic. no homo

    • rob says:

      Hey Tim, friggen dig the support and happy ya like the blog my man. Also pumped you approve of the photo, it’s good for the confidence heading into Rotterdam.
      Cheers man.


  13. Jeff says:

    Will there be anywhere online where we can get a feed of splits? There should be. Your following in this race is huge.

    • rob says:

      Hey Jeff, I think they do live tracking from the race website…I hope…if not I’ll take my phone and be providing live twittering as I go.
      I love all the amazing support that I have gotten from all the great folks out there in the community. It’s very inspiring.


  14. F.I. Pops says:

    Look … Son … you can call me anything you want … although… F.U. Pops would be a little tough to take …. but …
    please… don’t call me late for supper … especially after my afternoon run … or…. after I’ve visited my old school.

  15. watts says:



  16. Blind Runner says:

    Kick Rotterdam’s ASS!

    • rob says:

      Thanks BR, I’ll let Mosop kick Rotterdam’s ass, then I’ll roll through and finish it off. Let’s do this!

  17. Andy says:

    Hey Rob, you have a killer blog. It makes me laugh. And makes me want to go running. And drink beer. That’s three of the best things.

    So, first time poster and just wanted to say have a great race in Rotterdam. Super excited to follow along. Keep that awesome momentum going from NYC! (Were you the top finisher without a sponsor? Amazing! They should be lining up!).

    Go smash that race! Then enjoy some tasty brews!

    • rob says:

      Hey Andy, if my blog gets ya laugh, run and then drink, well than it has all been worth it!
      Thanks for the support man, I really appreciate it.
      Take care.


  18. […] big news of the day is that two of Canada’s top male marathoners, Dylan Wykes and Rob Watson, will both be in the field in Rotterdam on Sunday. On the ladies side, Lanni Marchant and Krista […]

  19. F.I. Pops says:

    …about those cookies…. Son you’re right … Pops must have had a junior moment… let’s keep the ampster-cookies in Amsterdam

  20. Hester Groenevelt says:

    Rob, kick it on Sunday. I will be nearby in Amsterdam visiting relatives, so will send you good thoughts starting at 10:30 am. But only for 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 29 seconds, so bring it home.

    • rob says:

      Thanks Hester! Here’s the deal, in exchange for your positive thoughts I will compensate you with beer and cake…if I run well of course. gotta make sure the positive thoughts help first!
      I’ll be in Amsterdam on Monday,gonna drink 100beers, maybe I’ll see ya, have a great trip!

  21. Scott says:

    Time to earn all you eat and drink cookies and beer! Run smart, un hard.

    • rob says:

      Thanks Scott! Cookies and beer will be earned, but I think that I’ll go hard tomorrow, un-hard seems counter productive ;)

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