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Hey, blog #7 here we go, right in the kisser! So, no running news or updates for this week.  Well, actually maybe just a little one, Hilary and Taylor are running at the commonwealth games 1500’s  in the coming days.  Good luck to them, beat up on those bastards from the rest of the commonwealth, especially Mozambique. I mean, come on Mozambique, you don’t even have a constitutional link to the British Empire, you were a Portuguese colony for crying out loud! Mozambique, get out of here…Oh wait…what the hell? Mozambique has a gun on their flag? seriously? a gun? on their flag? what  kind of gun? an AK-47!!?? with a Bayonet! Holy crap! Okay Mozambique I take it back, I take it all back, you can be in the commonwealth, please don’t hurt me.  Damn, Mozambique is hard.
Well, now that we have that all sorted out what else is up.  Hey! my friend Crink is getting married this weekend, and that scares me.  My friends are all getting married and starting real lives. We’re getting old, getting old and I don’t like it.   I have noticed a lot changing as I’m starting to get up there in age.  Tell tale signs that I’m getting old,old and lame. For example, I recently bought a new bike, and do you know what else I bought along with the bike? A Helmet, yeah I bought a friggen bike helmet.  I am certain that there is nothing more nerdy looking in the world than a dude rocking a bike helmet.  Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in my helmet 13yr old Rob laughs at me and calls me a name.  There was no way in hell young, cool Rob would wear a bike helmet. But now that I’m old and lame I wear my helmet.  I don’t wanna fall off the rocket (my bike) and crack my head, that would really hurt, and it could turn me dumb(er).
You know how else I can tell I’m getting old?  The fact that as soon as I consume my 6th beer you can officially cancel all my plans for the next day, because I am not leaving the house.  I used to be able to drink a lot of beer and then do it again, day after day after day.  In University I could party pretty hardy. Don’t even get me started on some of my Vegas trips,  But alas, those were the good old days. Now after 6beers I get a wicked hangover and spend the day moaning and feeling sorry for myself on my couch. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe this is not because I am getting old, this is more due to my lameness. Because I know lots of old guys who can throw down. Yep, this is just a personal thing. My party ability has been depleted because I am turning into a huge loser.
Hmm…Now I’m depressed because I am an old and lame.  Good news though, we have a hard 5xMile workout today and I am going to absolutely drill the shit out of those young kids on the Guelph team, that’ll make me feel better.


Oct 2010


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember the young robin bobin, he was awesome ! Legitimately laughed out loud! thanks

  2. Andrew Nixon says:

    You definitely drilled the shit outta us. Nice workout and blog post. For the record you're not old or lame…yet

  3. Save me a seat in Lametown Buddy.

  4. Rob Watson says:

    Wahl, if you and I are both in lame town maybe we can get it rocking, we can make lame cool. Bring some of your lame friends it'll be awesome.
    Thanks Nixon, but I was to lame to do six like you and blings you young bucks so full of energy.
    Anonymous, glad I could make you smile, that makes me happy.

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